Spirits And Politics

Is spirits really into politics? I think so, and I’m gonna do my best to explain why I think so.

Working with spirits for nearly 6 years, have given me some insights of their societal structure and their hierarchical system, which might explain the reason for effective or ineffective magical results for us magicians. To explain this thoroughly, I have to put up a hierarchical ladder and political decisions that’s taken from each ladder, starting from the top.

Kings And Queens


It’s not, necessarily, the highest position on the ladder but certainly amongst the top. The Goetic Kings and independent Kings and Queens of different pantheons have great knowledge of several or specific areas which they can aid us magicians within our paths to ascendance. They are less into politics than we might think, because the closer the target is, the more into politics it becomes. But the closer the relationship is with these Kings and Queens, the more involved they become in making decisions.

Prince’s, Dukes and Marquis – The Nobles

I prefer to call these kind of spirits for The Nobles in the hierarchical ladder, because of their closeness to the Kings and Queens. Their knowledge span several areas, and like the top ladder, the better relationship you have with them, the more into politics they are.


Ancestors, Guardians, Guides and Spirit Spouses – The Diplomatists and Negotiators

Why is curses sometimes unsuccessful? Why did the demon doing your bidding, failed? Because of politics within the hierarchical ranks, and negotiations on the behalf of the targets own spirits, guardians, guides or spirit spouses. As I see it, and experienced, spirits doesn’t always win their wars, and doesn’t always reach their targets.

Just like a hostage situation, a negotiator steps in to set a “deal” with the bad guys, and our own spirits can interrupt other spirits with a similar method. They could make a deal that’s beneficial on both sides, making the threat disappear.

Within a hierarchical system, politics is inevitable. That doesn’t mean it’s similar to human politics in the way they use it, but it’s there nonetheless. That’s how I see this.


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