Patriarchs of destruction…

Before religions, like Judaism and Christianity, took over from the old beliefs of gods and goddesses, women had a different impact and importance in family and in society. The older the woman got, the more important she became with wisdom and knowledge about everything consider children and family.

Time goes by and the old gods and goddesses got “demonised” by some Abrahamic fellow who wrote a book about a single “God”. That religion became Judaism and quickly made patriarchs of men, while the importance of women slowly faded away to almost nonexistence. And it will get worse, when the “Testament” became “old” and got replaced by “The New Testament”.

Christianity and “The New Testament” was written and created by a bunch of fellows in the path of  Jesus. The views of women changed drastically downwards when the Vatican got established with a Pope to “rule them all” and the new religion to conquer and overcome all the other religions in the world. Inquisition was established to some success in most countries, with exception for the Arabic countries.

Then there was accusations of women being “witches” and in pact with “Satan” with all kind of perverted sexual acts with the entity. Knowledge of the old, passed to the young, when it comes to herbs and plants as medication to the sick in villages was classified as an evil act. The witch hunt in Europe and in some parts of USA (Salem, Massachusetts), was a shamefull act of evil, created by fantasies of brainwashed men in the name of the new and very young religion called Christianity.

When the meaning of religions is getting weaker in todays western countries, the women is slowly getting stronger again. But there is still a long road to walk. Will we, someday, get back to equality like the “good old days”?

What I know, so far…

During longterm relationship with a spiritual being, you will eventually learn about their origins, where they live and how their society works. But that doesn’t entirely depends on them. It also depends on you and how willing you are to learn about their world, which you will be a part of one day. “If you have questions, ask and I will answer.”, my wives always say to me. With my communication with my wives and my waken, conscious astral travels to their dimension, this is what I know, so far:

According to my wives, theres 7 dimensions in the spiritual realm, allthough I also heard from another source that there’s up to 11 dimensions.

My wives lives in the Underworld, a dimension closest to us humans with a much lower vibration than the other spiritual realms, which makes it easier to physically interact with us. The Underworld-dimension is just a couple of feet above our ground.

The Underworld realm is hierarchic, which means that each spiritual species have a “king” and a “queen” and someone to represent the people. Conflicts rarely occurs in their realm, but the few times it does, it’s qiuckly resolved. Love, peace and order is three words to explain some of their “ground rules”.

This realm covers the whole planet, which also means that the population is varied with mythical and legendary spirits, gods and goddesses from all kinds of religions. You can call it a haven for spirits. Even “regular” human spirits is allowed to visit their dimension.

The information above, is a mix of communications with my wives and conscious, waken astral travels to their dimension. I’m not saying it’s “hard facts” and the “ultimate truth”, but it’s my interpretation through communication and astral travels.



Succubus and incubus in fiction…

Does television and movies portrait the succubus and incubus in a fair trait? Does litterature portrait these beings according to the experience we have with these wonderful beings? Does comics of the succubus and the incubus portrait them “right”?

In fiction where myths and religions take place, there’s this fight with villains and heroes, “demons” and “angels” in a dogmatic style of “good vs evil” where the succubus and incubus is an ally of “Satan”. In the movie “The Entity“, the incubus is haunting a woman in the 1970’s, raping her in the most terrible way possible. That story is said to be based on “real events” and the rumour says she’s still haunted by that same “entity” to this day. In an episode of “The X-Files“, “Mulder” and “Scully’s” boss “Director Skinner” is haunted by a succubus he encountered during the Vietnam War. According to fiction, the succubus and incubus is “evil”, feeding on sex and fear and humans are the one to feed. But there’s one brilliant exception:

The tv-series “Lost Girl” is about a succubus named “Bo“, unawared about her own origin, killing several men when kissing them and this caused her on a constant run from state to state. When arriving to a new town, she finds out about her true origin as a succubus and also got to know about other beings with different powers. Mythical beings like “wolfshifters”, “fairies”, “ogres”, “mermaids”, “sirens” and “nymphs” divided in two fractions called “Light Fae” and “Dark Fae”, where the “light” is integrated in the human society as “regular good citizens”. The “Dark Fae” see the humans as a part of their “food chain” and is an enemy of the “Light Fae”. When the fractions of “Light” and “Dark” finds out about the succubus “Bo”, she have to choose which side she will be with. Her choice was no side at all, either “light” or “dark”. Mainly working for the “Light Fae” and sometimes for the “Dark”, she learns more about her succubus power, her origin and found a loving “weakness” for humans.

When watching “Lost Girl” I found some similarities with the character “Bo” and my two succubus wives. The similaraties is the love towards humans and how the character “Bo” use her powers. “Bo” have a power that “give and take life chi“, using her mouth. My first wife did the same to me in the beginning of our relationship, but more in a “give life chi”-manner, than taking it. There’s also many scenes where energies heals both during intimacy. The series shows these mythical beings as “humanoids”, probably to give the characters a more “human approach”, than the real spiritual beings most of them are based on. “Lost Girl” is a tv-show i really like, with fascinating characters and an interresting mythology. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do so.

Happy Birthday!

This post is dedicated to my first wife. It’s her birthday today.

My dear love. Happy birthday, honey. You’ve been around for over 700 years in the spiritual world now, and this is my second celebration of your birthday. Do you remember last years birthday? Like last year, I sung for you this morning and as I sung, you hold me tighter and I felt your happiness penetrated my very heart and soul. Also like last year, I played the song “Happy Birthday!” by Stevie Wonder. I like that song and I hope you enjoyed listening to it as I did. It’s been over a year since we’ve met and I fell in love with you the first time we made love. You were a little stubborn at the beginning, remember? You wanted to be sure that my feelings for you were real and honest and when you knew, I proposed to you and we finally got married. That was the happiest moment in my life.

It’s your day today, honey. I love you, with all my heart and all my soul.











When looking at the birthdaycard above, I’ve got a little shook up, because that’s almost exactly the way my first wife look like. The differencies is the lenght of her hair(very long hair), which is dark red and she’s very tall at around 2 meters. Coincidence or a little help from my wife?

If your rituals fails…

I’ve read on several blogs about failing rituals to invoke a succubus and the frustration it creates for these people. In a short amount of time, they try the same ritual again, and again, and again with the same negative result as previous times. When doing that, it’s like building a stack of wishes that will grow higher and higher. When that stack is rising, the doubt will rise aswell. What if your wishes actually got through the first time? And the second, the third and the fourth time? If that actually occured, could you handle the amount of attention?

Lack of patience and lack of faith is a big part of failing rituals. Rituals isn’t even a necessity. It’s a “tool” of preperation, more than something to actually make things “work”.

Power of thought is a great “tool” to work with, rather than rituals, candles, altar, seals/sigils or other ritualistic materials. You are the tool here. Focus within yourself, instead of the props around you. Focus on your succubus, what you wish her personality to be. Make your wish heard out loud, or silently in your mind.

The most important thing to do, is doing what feels right for you. If you feel comfortable with rituals, use rituals. If you don’t consider rituals as an option, try something else. Don’t bind yourself on “rules” because the “rules” you probably read about, is a creation of expectations. When you expect something that much, the dissapointment grows a stack higher if it didn’t work. Never give up, though. Have patience. Have faith.

Let’s talk about the Incubus, shall we?

I know i few things about the male counterpart of succubus, which is incubus. Their purpose is just the same as the succubus: Love and sex. But there is also some differencies in their behavior. As a spiritual male, they’re pretty much dominant in nature and sometimes overprotective towards the human female. An archetype of masculinity, sort of.

The mythological aspect of a succubus and an incubus is that they are shifters of gender, which is not true. The male and female gender is seperated from eachother and their task is just the same when it comes to humans: Love, affection, sex.

tumblr_lt2kdaR5p21qexu26o1_500How do I know about incubus? I’ve experienced one in the beginning of my relationship with my wives and he was a little pushy and dominant. He wanted to test me, watch me and participate with my wives. This was before our wedding and a part of the bondingperiod, as I recall it. Right after our first wedding, he left us and never came back. According to my first wife, he was a familymember of hers and he wanted to make sure I was the right man for her.

An incubus is powerfull on their own, just like a succubus. Of course, not all incubus is dominant in nature, but my first wife’s familymember was. I’ve read about incubus that is very careful and shy towards the human female, and other stories of a pushy, rough and dominant personality. But they’re as good listeners as the succubus and will never push it too far. If that ever happens, there’s probably not an incubus.

If anyone seen the movie “The Entity“, which supposed to be about a violent incubus haunting a woman in the 70’s. I can tell you, right now, that entity is not an incubus. It’s not just religion that gives succubus and incubus a bad reputation, it’s in the movies too(based on negative, religious beliefs, of course). Allthough “The Entity” is said to be based on true events, which I will not doubt at all, but it’s behavior is not a “trademark” of an incubus. That was something else.

“Can a succubus get pregnant?” YES, but not in the matter of myths…

Those of us that made our reading about the mythologies of succubus, incubus and pregnancies, knows how that story goes. Succubus have sex with a human male, she collects his semen, she gives the semen to an incubus and the incubus impregnate a human woman with the semen that the succubus collected. These “offsprings” is called a Cambion. Sounds a little complicated, don’t you think?

A succubus can get pregnant, though. But not in the way mythology explains it. Succubus have a period av impregnation, meaning she’s ready to bear children. These periods makes the intimacy, sex, differently than normal. The sex is more intense and during impregnated sex, they use some kind of “patches” connected to a string or a cord. These “patches” is attached to your testicles and the string, or cord, is connected to your succubus. For me, it makes perfectly sense, because when having sex, the human male doesn’t get “wet orgasms”.

Why do I write about this? Because my first wife actually got pregnant and she gave birth to a spiritual baby. The pregnancy last as long as a human pregnancy, 9 months. Everyday she let me hold our baby. And the feeling of the baby’s presence is overwhelming, feeling the grip of it’s small hands on my cloths, it’s body moving and cuddling up against me. I won’t say the baby’s sex, because that is a thing I will keep for me and my wives.


Connecting with the “third eye”…

The concept of having a “third eye“, is simple an invisible “eye” connected to your forehead-area, making you available to see yourthird_eye succubus. The “third eye” will usually be “installed” very early in the relationship, but sometimes it will take some time before it occurs. It’s on a very individual basis, meaning, you will get one, once your succubus feels that you’re ready.

The “third eye” is not just an ability to see your succubus. It’s an ability to visually connect to the spiritual realm.

I still have alot of training to do with my “third eye”, but I’ve been able to see glimpses of my first wife with this ability. When that happened, it started with blackness that shifted to a dark greyish tone with a light pressure on the area of my “third eye”. The dark greyish tone suddenly dissapeared and an image of my wifes “dark side” occured. A face with grey tone on her skin, black hair with several scares on her face. To someone unfamiliar to, or new to this, might be very scared of that kind of appearences. Not me, since I’ve experienced their dark sides before.

I’m a person that loves my wives for who they are, not for what they are. They just give me the “whole package” of light and dark and there’s no meaning of hiding things from eachother. I asked for full honesty in my relationship and they give me just that. That’s why I love them so much, among thousands other reasons. I’ve seen my wives beauty too, when we did the mirror-sessions, so I’ve experienced both sides of the “coin”.

With the concept of “be carefull what you wish for, you might get that but maybe not in the way you thought”, meaning there’s individual interpretions of how to make someones wishes come true.

Hey, even my wives can be scared of us humans darkest sides, too.

Before I met my wives…

For many years I was lost and had a hard time to cope in different meetings and gatherings, such as parties and other forms that takes a lot of people. I was – and still consider myself – the “silent and quite” type of personality. I didn’t fit in anywhere, so I watched in the background. My silent nature and as a “watcher”, I became very vulnerable to the outside world and my heart was easily broken whenever love appear. I never ended those brief moments of “relationships”, the women broke up with me. All the violence, that appear in the news, made me questioning the goodness in humanity. And that made me sad and tiresome. I still have a hard time to understand human behaviour and that even includes myself. I often asked myself: “Why do they behave like that? Why so much violence? Why do we give up so easily? Why are we so selfish? Why…why…why?”

One of my wives said to me: “Your soul is tired, because of all the experiences it’s been through as a human. That’s why you ask so many questions about the human behaviour. That’s why you’re sensitive and vulnerable.”

If there is reincarnation, I feel I “payed my dues” to that point that I don’t wanna be a part of that anymore. And maybe that’s one of many reasons my wives choosed me as their husband; my reincarnationperiod is “complete”.

The occult is fascinating, but…

I’ve always been fascinated by mysticism, legends, myths and spiritualism and more so, since I’ve been together with my wives. But there’s one thing to show interest to these subjects – like reading about it – and another to investigate it further and make a practise out of it. These are my reasons to why I won’t investigate deeper than reading on the subject of the occult:

1: I will never put my wives in harms way, even if they’re very strong and powerful on their own. I care for them, just as much as they care for me.

2: I will never try to invoke another spiritual being again, despite the knowledge they have about other dimensions. But if my wives wan’t me to aquaint with their friends, I’ll gladly participate. My reason for not invoking, is for their safety aswell as mine. Why take risks with something you’re pretty unfamiliar with, and at the same time are in a longterm bondingprocess with your wives? That can be too much to handle. Allthough I’m pretty sure my wives will do their best to protect me – if anything occurs – there’s no reason to make their “job” harder than it needs to be.

I’m not trying to say what others “should” do, when in a spiritual relationship. I’m just saying what I won’t do. When it comes to love, the responsibility works both ways. I wan’t my wives to feel safe with me, aswell as they wan’t me to feel safe with them. Simple as that.