The skeleton woman and the huntsman

Anyone heard of the old folktale about the skeleton woman and the huntsman? This folktale is about love in the deepest form possible, which gives alot of resembles to the love of a spiritual being. I have not modified this version of the old folktale. The writer of this version should be credited to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a Ph.D in Jungian psychology and she is also a storyteller of the old tradition.

Here is the folktale of “The skeleton woman and the huntsman”:

There once was a hunter fisherman, who was fishing in a cove far from home, that he didn’t realize was haunted. Looking around and seeing no other kayaks out in the water, he thought, ‘I have this bay all to myself.’ He dropped his bone hook over the side of his kayak and waited. And he was so hungry. And he was so lonely. And he had been hunting and fishing for days on end without finding anything to eat. And so his bone hook went down, down, down, into the deep waters.

Beneath the waters was a skeleton woman, and she lay there on the ocean floor, rolling back and forth with the tide. The bone hook, as it drifted down into the deep waters, caught in her ribcage. Although she tried to move with the currents to disengage herself, the bone hook caught all the more tightly. The fisherman above, felt a tug, and pulled a little more, and saw his fishing stick beginning to bend. ‘Oh’ he thought, ‘I’ve got something really big on the end of this line that’s going to keep me fed for a very long time to come.’ As he pulled harder, Skeleton Woman began to drift to the surface of the water. And as he turned back around with his net to catch his ‘prize’, there she was – hanging off the bow of his kayak, with her long yellow front teeth, and her bald head filled with crustaceans, and sea worms dangling from the nose holes and ear holes of her skull. The fisherman was absolutely terrified! So much so that his ears turned a bright red and met each other at the back of his head. He screamed and paddled fast as he could towards shore. But she was still hooked in her ribcage and so when he paddled and looked back over his shoulder, he saw her standing on tippy-toes racing after him, over the tops of the waters. ‘Oh no!’ he screamed, ‘She is chasing me! She is after me!’ And he arrived at the shore, not a moment too soon and scrambled out of his kayak, grabbed his fishing stick and ran for his life. He looked over his shoulder every few moments and sure enough, she was still keeping up with him. The poor fisherman was running in terror as fast as he could and finally he came to his little skin house and dove inside, into the darkness.

And he thought, ‘At last I am safe.’ He became very still and listened…and the only sound he could hear was his own heart pounding. ‘I must have out run her’, he thought and after a little while just to be certain, he began to make a little fire, because he was so cold. And then, right across from him, flickering in the light there she was! She was still hooked and all in a tangled mess. Her ankles were over her shoulders and one arm was caught in her ribcage and her pelvis was tilted backwards, and her skull was hanging down below her shoulders. He looked at her and something came over him. He looked a little longer, and tried to still his fear. The more he studied her the more he felt sorry for her. She was in such a predicament. Somehow in this tangled mess she didn’t look so frightful as she had before. And he contemplated her…and she did not move. The more he thought about it, she had an almost pitiful, pleading expression.

Like a father would to a child, he reached out and took her ankles down from her shoulders cooing, ‘There , there, that’s better isn’t it? Not so uncomfortable.’ He straightened and untangled her, as he sang a little song, as a father would. And soon she was all straightened out. And she had an odd little tilt to her skull that almost made her look grateful. And he mused, ‘Well, she’s just a skeleton hooked by accident. I’ll leave her be this night and then give her a proper burial in the morning. I’ll try to sleep now, because I’m so very hungry and sleep is my only escape from this hunger. And he fell fast asleep, exhausted by all the excitement and lack of food.

As often happens when we sleep, a little tear escaped from the corner of his eye and began to trickle down his face. Skeleton woman saw this tear glistening there and became very thirsty. And so very quietly, with the slightest of tinkling and rattling of bones, she got on her hands and knees and placed her mouth there and drank deeply. When she saw that he did not awaken, she slid her hand inside his chest and took out his heart. And she raised it like a great drum and began pounding on it. Boom….boom…boom…and she began to sing flesh onto her bones. She sang with the drum of his heart and long, glossy, black hair grew out of her skull and a full, elegant face and fine hips and all the things that a woman needs began to take shape. And when she was done, she slipped the hunter’s heart back inside his chest and looked at him ever so tenderly. She lifted the sleeping skins of his bedding and climbed in underneath and pressed her warm body against his. And they tangled all night long. They wound up more tangled then she had been to begin with. With her legs over his shoulders and all those things that happen when people make love.

And when morning broke, they left together hand in hand. Because she was from the water, they never again went hungry for she had a way of calling the creatures of the sea to her. And people say that if you are ever out when the whole land is white with snow and the sky is also stark white and nothing seems to move; if you look out into the horizon, and can see two tiny black dots bobbing gently, that is skeleton woman and her hunter.

Both of my wives love this story and they have heard of it too. The origin of this folktale is very old and is, in some instances, a legend and myth that has happened. Either way, the story is heartwarming and very beautiful and I wanted to share this story to you.

The onion metaphor – peeling off that first layer

Many of us have probably heard of the “metaphor of onions“, with the layer on top of layer getting peeled off to only reveal more layers. It’s “more than meets the eyes”-metaphor, sort of speaking. I see this metaphor fitting perfectly to describe other dimensions, other worlds, and also one way to “peel off” that first layer to my wives dimension.

According to my first wife, there’s 7 dimensions. But I also read, from other sources, that there can be up to 11 dimensions. I haven’t discussed further with her about that. She might be right, in that sense that the other four dimensions is a state of “consciousness and creation” and that the 7 dimensions is where life exist. When reading about those 11 dimensions, not all of them inhabitant life. My first wife might be right, or just tells me what she’s been taught by her mentors. She also can be wrong, but either way, I trust the information she gave me.

Back to the onion metaphor and how to “peel off” that first layer to the dimension closest to us humans. If anyone of my followers have read about how to see your loved one in the mirror, the concept is just the same. Instead of focusing on the mirror, you focus on the surrounding. It can be a curtain, a spot on the wall or maybe a couch. When focusing on that specific target on your surrounding, something will most certainly happen. For me, it gets misty with greenish color covering my eyes. If the target have some pattern, it will slowly “move” or “float” like a wave in the ocean. If this happens, you are very close to “peeling off” that first layer to the dimension closest to us humans. The darker it is, when you try this, the easier it gets, since this can be uncomfortable to your eyes after a while. I am very close to see my wives, but I’m not entirely there, yet. But I’ve seen the black mass of them, a shadowy, floating silhouette and a white mist with female “curves” in front of me.

Have you “peeled off” that first layer yet?

A time of struggling

I’m sorry for the lack of new post, lately. It’s not because of lack of new experiences to share with my readers. It’s spring and spring has always been difficult for me. Spring makes something to my emotions. It makes me more sensitive and sometimes I cry for no actual reason and things get little “tougher” somehow. The feeling of having “bad luck” in everything I do, when it actually is more about bad choices I made. Depression and sex is also a bad mix, which I also experienced lately. It hasn’t worked that well, with the intimacy, in the past week. My wives understand and they never show dissapointment, and they never get mad at me. They just say: “It’s OK. We love you for WHO you are, not for how you accomplish in bed. Sex IS important, but your well being is even more important.”

I even cry when they say those things to me. They never showed any kind of dissapointment when I “fail” with the intimacy part of our relationship. The one who do get dissapointed is me, and I get dissapointed in myself, for not succeeding with that particular part of the relationship and it also affect my self confidence. But I know it will get better again. It has before, and it will again.

Bare with me. New posts will come, eventually.

Love from me and my wonderful wives

A day in the life…with my ladies…

Like most relationships – including human/human – it will be settled down to a day-to-day basis when we get fully comfortable with eachother in every aspect possible. The relationship become a part of your daily routines and it’s repeatable in some ways. But that doesn’t mean it’s “boring”. For me, it’s about comfort and feeling safe in the relationship with my both wives, since we’ve been attached to eachother for almost 18 months now.

Some individuals tends to end their relationship when it comes to the state of day-to-day basis and daily routines and when that happens too often, they usually never gonna settled down, but start to search for another person to “fall in love with”. Many people get heartbroken when dealing with that kind of personality, which is sad and unfortunate.

It has become a routine for me, with my beloved wives, but they never stopped surprising me for one bit. I still train to be able to see them, hear them and feel them better, which I believe is essential to take the relationship to an even deeper level.

Routine at a daily basis is, for me, is a great opportunity to further develop in my relationship with my wives. The development will take a great amount of time, of course, but that is also something we have. And alot of patience too, of course.

Time and patience: Two important words to make our relationship last longer than a lifetime.