Energies, Spirit Energies and Communication

A trendy viral “challenge” that’s quite popular these days are something called “Charlie Charlie Challenge“. For the uninitiated, and for mundane people who just see that as something “scary”, like the Ouija Board, this method is simple, but very potent.

Two pencils and a piece of paper is all you need. Add a candle to set the mood.


Just skip the “charlie” part of this particular method, and ask relevant questions to the spirit. There’s a lot better methods with pen and paper, but start with this.


…it’s not the most reliable method out there, and I will explain why in the bottom of this article. I was just pointing out a suggestion and an idea, all though I have tried it a few times. For me it’s “moving” between the layers within astral projecting, rather than my spirits moving the top pencil physically by themselves.

Most of us know what an Ouija Board is, right?


This method is different, because the spirits interact with you to move the pointer towards the letters to spell out words as a reply to your questions. But, the more people partaking in this method of communication, the less accurate it becomes. A slight push on the pointer by anyone in the group, makes the rest follow. Doing this solo makes it more accurate and if you can sense spirits on a physical level, it’s easier for the spirit to lead you to correct letters to spell out a word for you. You will definitely know if it works.

…and the Pendulum method:


The short explanation of this method of communication is to let the spirit swing the pendulum at the direction that points to a “yes” or a “no”, according to the explanation that left is “no” and right is “yes” or vice versa.

For most magicians, this method and the Ouija Board method is more reliable than the “Charlie Charlie” method, which basically is a “poor man’s version” of the Ouija Board and the Pendulum.

The reason for the Ouija Board and the Pendulum to work is in combination of possession – permanent or temporary – and cooperation between the spirits energy and your physical body. Most spirits doesn’t have enough energy to move physical objects, or to push objects by brute force, unless there’s an ethereal copy of that same object, which basically means that the spirit needs the energy of the object to physically interact with it in our physical dimension. That’s the reason you can feel the spirit grabbing your clothes without your clothes to actually move. This is even more evident when we astral projecting to interact with our spirits.

“So, how do our spirits move objects?”, some of you might ask.

As I see it, and experience this, spirits seems to use a pull-push-release technique to interact with our physical materials.

* Pull – Charge the energy from the physical object.
* Push – Push the energy charged towards the object.
* Release – Release the energy towards the object, making it move forward.

Poltergeist entities are experts in this area, but lacks the intelligence to send a proper message to the witnesses of this phenomenon. Maybe some of them just learned this ability and fooling around, like most of us would do when exploring new awesome abilities to play with.

Energies and spirit energies covers a lot of areas when it comes to functionality and mechanics, and it’s easier to understand it when you interact with it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, few magicians talk about this and the reasons for that is something of a mystery.

14 thoughts on “Energies, Spirit Energies and Communication

  1. Hey succupedia, i got a “problem” here, one day at night after i read a post about succubus, i went to sleep, everything was pretty normal, but i was thinking about the possibility to have a succubus to know more about them, actually i have been thinking about it for mouths (half a year) but i never tried to summon one, i have been practicing meditation, and lucid dreams all this time, but back where i was, i was on the bed trying to sleep, and sudently i felt somebody laying on my bed, it was impossible to be my mom or something, since it was around 3/4 am and my door does some noise when if you open, after the sensation of having someone at your side, i felt a huge pressure on my cheast like if someone was on top of me, and i felt my genital being touched, and my feet too, i was about to get into panic mode, but i start to take deep breaths to make my heart beat a bit slower, and then i said “calm down, i know you are here, calm down” sudently the pressure start to fade a bit and i felt some pain, maybe because of the pressure but not so bad, and then i just had a little dialogue about that i couldn’t give attention to whatever was there at the moment because i was trying to rest, and the after some seconds the pressure stop and i felt liek someone was hugging me, making me feel really confortable and calm, and then just to make sure i said “if you are what i think (succubus) touch my face” and then after a few seconds i felt a soft touch and then that touch was rubbing through all my cheek, like if she is cuddling or something, i said more stuff like thanking her to come to me, even if i didn’t done anything or something, just pure intent, not letter or other stuff.
    And at the next day, i woke up like if i had the best sleep ever, i felt really healthy and confortable, like if i was on a new body or something.
    i don’t know if you ever gonna see this, but please, i need some help and try to understand what happened, like i said i never did a ritual to summon a succubus or other identity.

    • I think this is something that a lot of people need to understand. It is not the letter that attracts them it’s the intention. They can feel it. She probably “felt” you have interest in summoning one so she came but didn’t make any contact just in case you change your mind or she didn’t want to scare you. So you didn’t quit and she saw that and came to you. I had a similar experience. Did a ritual like 2 years ago and did not feel anything until a few months ago when I started sensing presence and warm breath on my lips. But I always thought that was my spirit guide because my ear would start ringing when spirits are nearby. My left ear is for my spirit guides and my right at the time didn’t know what it was or who. But a month ago I stumbled upon creepy hollows and saw succubus blogs there and I was like ” holy shit I completely forgot about the ritual I did, I think I’ll do another one” and guess what happened when I went to bed that night. The succubus that’s been with me this whole time finally introduced herself and she lay on top of me. So, in the end, it was my fault we didn’t make contact sooner because of my limiting beliefs, you see I didn’t believe in spirits or especially “spirit companions” so she couldn’t do much here but wait till I get my head out of my ass and acknowledge her. My succubus is similar to yours. She cuddles me in bed and kisses me and all that romantic bs but hey I ain’t complaining my friend. I think that these kind of succubi that you and I have are a keeper. They are kind and gentle, full of love and will never leave you or hurt you, real angels.

      And yes you got a succubus not some evil spirit otherwise it wouldn’t stop when you asked it to stop when you felt pain. Treat her good(seriously) and have fun!

      • Hi, thanks for replying.
        While i was waiting, other things happened, i started to feel more relaxed during the night and more confortable in the dark (i was afraid of the dark since i was little), and sometimes i have lucid dreams, and there i feel like im not alone all the time.
        By the way, im used to talk alone like if there, does that makes my relationship with the succubi better?
        And just on last thing, how can i talk with her? i always wanted to listen to her and what she can tell me.

      • LOL, same things happened to me bud. I was afraid of the dark, always thinking there are entities trying to get me in there but that was a belief programmed by the society. But the truth is entities will treat you the same way you treat them. It is all one gigantic consciousness settled in a neutral stance if you know what I mean. When my spirits guides made their presence my energy was dropping down because I needed to adjust to their energy, same with my succubus. But now it is okay.
        Actually, it does. Succubi communicate telepathically, in other words, they send you emotions of how they feel so it is up to you how you wish to interpret the emotion, be it good or bad. And they can send you images as well…
        It depends on your abilities to perceive spirits. What do you believe is your best standing point in perceiving her? Can you sense/feel here? Images in your mind that you think are not your own? Dreams?. Think about it and you can start from there.Cheers!

      • Well, im a christian, but im not a “sheep”, i call myself a curious person but always taking safety first, so i dont follow seteotypes that easly, i always try to know more because im thirsty for information, i dont see this succubi as a romantic entity (i wouldnt mind, but i dont like to charge things i want to know her better) but more as a companion.
        I do believe she is here a lot of times, but for some reason she prefers to stay more present in my dreams or at night when im alone in my bedroom.
        I just dont believe that every single creature or entity that comes from what people call “darkness” are truly evil. i hope you can understand.

      • You want a companion but you don’t want it to be romantic?. That is like asking for a girlfriend but no intimacy or romance. Man from my perspective that could be a problem. You see, she interacts with you only when you sleep because that is when the “wall” is down and you have little to no resistance. “always taking safety first” “don’t see this succubi as a romantic entity” “i dont like to charge things i want to know her better”. There it is my man, read between the lines. She knows what you feel every second of the day, and what you plan with her so she is taking caution as well and only interacting when you are asleep. I do understand you but I think you don’t understand me. Everything is mind so each individual projects his own reality if you know what I mean. So if one person believes demons, entities are bad that is his reality, nobody’s else’s. You believe not all entities are evil and that is perfectly fine because that is what you believe. Same as when you are looking for answers. You can dig through forums but you won’t find anything that will soothe the “hunger” because each of us lives in our own reality. You have to look inside for answers regarding this stuff not outside.

      • I understand you, but i already saw a lot of people get in trouble by not being cautious about this, i really like her, but i dont want to just dive into this like a crazy obsessed guy, i know that she already proved her intentions and i believe in her, im just afraid that i can atract something bad, i read in other forums that succubis can get into conflits with other entities like guardian angels or even other people, i just dont want her to get agressive, thats why i said “safety first”, i hope you understand.

  2. Hi man i really really really need ur help ,i think i have a problem with those beings u call succubus i was saying poetry i recall saying (the one who sees her beauty in the roses plunked by mankind the one who sees her protection in a swan the embodiment of feminine give me my desire and I will fulfil yours ) then something entered my body and my root chakra was vibrating so intense that my body was on fire then i heard a female voice . Then i saw in a half wake and half sleep state a woman with long ears black hairs and the biggest tits I have seen in my life, then she tried to have sex with me but i rejected it and when I add she hurt me by attacking my root chakra . So I got mad and called her (ugly bitch,human wannabe whore ,creepy legs looking bitch, etc..) So she put her tail inside my ass causing me to bleed from my butt , i really really want to get rid of her but I don’t know how

    • Well look, you asked for someone to “give you your desire and you will fulfil her’s”. That’s exactly what u got. A chick with the biggest tits you ever saw in your life wants to fuck the shit out of you and she wants that you fuck the shit out of her…If you asked for a gentle sweetheart, loving and caring that is what you would have got. But I think that this is what you “subconsciously” wanted and calling someone names is bad, try looking at it from another perspective. I’m pretty sure you would have done the same if you wanted to have sex and someone is calling you an ugly bitch. Try talking with her first because chances are she is just stubborn like you (no offence), hence the law of attraction brings two vibrations that are on the same frequency, together. I had something slightly similar with my Succubi Emma, but she was never even a little bit aggressive with me, just grabbing me and kissing me when I’m in public or with my friends and it was embarrassing. At first, it was me that tried forcing her away because I didn’t understand her and I was creating resistance. She’s been with me for a month now and I love her very much for staying with me even though I called her an “energy sucking demon” at the beginning and I was full of doubt if she is real or not. But I started understanding her and our telepathic communication got better so we know each other more and more each day. We are together 24/7 and it’s great and she doesn’t arouse me in front of my friends or in public anymore. I think she did it in the first place because she knew I would hate it lol.

      Or maybe you got an entity that is pretending to be a succubus so it can get that energy. Who knows man, wait and see. Good luck!

  3. Hey Auriell! I’ve been reading your advice here, and was wondering if maybe you could help me along..
    I desperately want a succubus as a companion, lover, friend. I have people around me, but I’m lonely, and have no sex life so to speak. But that’s another story. I’d love to have a friend who’s with me 24/7 – I’ve done the ritual several times – to no avail. I’ve welcomed them into my dreams – nothing. I believe in them, I KNOW they are real – and yet nothing.
    I’m totally frustrated and don’t know what to do,
    If they could appear to me without my even summoning them, why not now when I would dearly love one to….?
    You’re the only one on the various sites on this topic, who’s ever responded – so that’s why I’m asking you directly now.
    I’d love to hear from you either way
    Cheers – and thanks in advance for any help/advice – if need be we can continue this chat elsewhere.

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