Why setting boundaries is important when sharing experiences

When sharing experiences, some people feel the need to explore and find validation to others experiences. Maybe out of curiosity, or as a remark of their own abilities. Personally, I find validation of the experience as something comfortable and relaxing, as long as it’s within peripherals of an allowance to do so.

The problems can occur when someone take the freedom of exploring others experiences without agreement or permission to do so, because the boundaries of privacy is broken. And when the information is a little more than you know yourself, or haven’t found out yet, for reasons the spirits you work with might find it irrelevant or that you’re not ready to attain, it could be devastating.

The result of a non-agreement exploration of others experience, can create:

* Doubts
* Depression
* Conflicts
* Low self-esteem

In contrast, a permitted exploration have the benefit of strengthen your experiences with positive emotional results, because you will get:

* Validation
* Understanding
* Clarity
* Confidence

Even if the intentions is not to make any harm by exploring others experiences, the result of it can be devastating if it’s done without asking for permission to do so.

I have an example where the permission was partially there, but the person took liberty of digging too deep and used dogmatic views and at the same time used the result of doubts to her advantage. The result took over a year to repair, and luckily the guy have re-established his connection to his spirit again.

To get your experiences validated by others is, sometimes, strengthening. But always, always ask for permission of doing so first. Even if the intention is good and for validation only, the result of it can be devastating.

Letter Of Intent – How To Summon A Succubus/Incubus

I’ve been given some thought about doing a post about this for some time now, and here it is. Spirits and entities under the influence of Lilith, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat or Eisheth Zenunim can be in the darker aspect within their appearance. Reading about others experiences of these entities it seems like an uncommon manifestation, but it should be considered a noticed “warning” in case that happens. The “warning” is more of a consideration to be prepared, rather than abort the event and flee with fear. The darker aspect of these spirits is, as I see it, a trial of enduring and actually have a purpose to it with a possible outcome of bonding with these kind of entities. Of those four Queens, Lilith is the attention of your letter.

Before you grabbing your pen and paper, read the section below.

Conflicts And Disturbance

Working with other spirits or entities while summoning a “succubus”/”incubus” or of similar type, isn’t always a good idea. Depending on what you wrote on the letter – your own choices and intentions – and the personality of the spirit and it’s own choice of starting a relationship with you, a conflict may rise against your other spirits. Some people might call that “jealousy”, but I disagree.

Intimate spirits, like “succubus”/”incubus” is often deeply dedicated towards their partner, and that means they can aid you on your own spiritual growth. When other spirits are in their way, the energetic disturbance make ascended workings very hard to do. Rivalry can grow and the summoner becomes an “attention territory” between the spirits, just like a ragdoll tug-of-war between children. That often ends bad for the ragdoll, with limbs and cotton all over the place. That’s why you really have to be certain of your choice and banish other spirits before summoning a “succubus”/”incubus”. Like always, there’s exceptions were it works well between all spirits involved, too.

Preparation Of Your Letter

This part of the preparation is of importance. The purpose of writing a letter is to make your intent known to Lilith. It has to been thorough and well thought of, for the matchmaking of a succubus/incubus to work to your liking. You better ask yourself:

* What personality should she/he have? For example: Loving, protective, sensitive, honest, loyal etc.
* Do you want a short term sexual experience?
* Do you want a serious romantic relationship? (It is as serious as it ever could be, and shouldn’t been taken lightly. You have to be certain before making these kind of commitments.)

When you are certain of what you want, you start writing your letter by signing the words “To Lilith” at the top. Then write your wishes of how you want one of her daughters/sons personality to be, for better matchmaking. Again, you have to be certain of your wishes. Done? Let’s continue!

The Ritual

The optimal time to do the ritual is at 3.am. You need a candle of any choice to be next to your Letter Of Intent. Before you burn the letter you speak to Lilith, either out loud or by thought. You always have to pay your highest RESPECT to her, when you speak:

Lilith, please receive this offering. I give this truthfully and willingly.

After you said these words, burn the letter with your candle, without folding it. When the paper still burns, you say:

May the light of this candle burn brightly and guide your daughter/son to me.

Let the candle burn for 30 minutes. Relax and clear your mind for a while.

The Aftermath

Focus and paying attention is important at this stage, as I see it. Usually it begins with some touches and a sexual arousal. For some people it works shortly after the ritual is completed, but for others it can take days before something happening. The first time you notice the touches and a possible arousal, it is important to acknowledge the presence by respectfully give a “thank you” to her/him, and ask any curious visitors to leave in peace. After your acknowledgement, BLOW OUT THE CANDLE and go to bed.

You have to keep in mind that these entities and spirits have dualism behavior, just like us. There is both light and darkness in their energies and sometimes their darker spectrum is present. I see that presence as a part of an initiation, just before the bonding occurs.

Since reading this far, are you still fascinated? Have you made a choice? Are you certain of this? If you are, then your in for a fascinating adventure.

Here is a video, based on my version of the Letter Evocation Ritual. I think it is a good idea with another perspective and an auditory explanation of this ritual.

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Communication – The importance of physical energies

Bodylanguage, in the human world, takes around 70% of how we communicate with eachother. When we communicate with our spirits, the most common way to go, isn’t the physical energies. Instead we’re talk about the visual and the audible. To see and to hear. In my world, that’s very limiting. You use either 15-30% of your actual capabilities when just using those abilities. I’m not saying that it’s a bad ability to hear or to see the spirits, but to rely on it entirely does not improve the communicative aspect in any form of relationship. In the long run, visual and audible communication have the fallacy of getting shallow over time. But if these two common ways of communications co-operate with the physical energies, it will give a more solid ground to interpret the messages we receive from the spirits.

With the ability to feel and sense energies and it’s different manifestations, you can learn much more from it, than with the ability to hear and see. And it is just a valid source for communication like the other two, with the biggest difference that it has much more layers to it.

With the physical energy, you can learn how to:

* Physically interact with a spirit

* Interpret the bodylanguage of a spirit

* Shared consciousness, emotional communication

* Astral travel with physical awareness while being fully conscious and awake

* Experience “visual imprints” of the physical energy/manifestation

* Feel and sense gifts from the spirits

* Be connected to any form of manifestation from the spirits, including dark and divine currents of their energies

* Understand the mechanics and functionality of energies

If you are connected to their energies, you are a more active part of the spirit world, much more than if you just are able to hear or see them.


A year of “spreading the word”

Time really flies by. I haven’t written in here for over a year now. I’ve just been busy last year, getting to know other people with experiences of spirits, entities and demons. Despite these highly experienced people, few if any, knows about “succubus” spirits and just as few knows about physical energies. Either that, or they just don’t share it as openly as I try to do.

This basically means that I’ve been busy over a year now, trying to spread the positive words about “succubus” out there. The interest of “succubus” and “incubus” spirits have been very positive, and quite a lot of the practitioners of magic have asked questions about these spirits. Spreading the word have been a positive experience for me, because these people are just as openminded as we are in our little community here on WordPress.

My relationship with my two ladies is just as strong as it’s always been. It’s been quite challenging in my job over the past year, but I was never alone with these struggles. It’s comforting that way, having two wonderful, loving and caring wives by my side.

It’s been over 5 years now. Time really flies.