The importance of paying attention

It’s not easy to comprehend in the beginning of a spiritual relationship, because there’s alot going on. The succubus tries to expand your ability to communicate with her and that takes a share amount of time and energy.

Why is “paying attention” important in a relationship with a succubus? Why is “paying attention” important at all? It’s a part of a learning process. You will learn about yourself aswell as about your succubus.

As I read about others experiences aswell as describing my own experiences to them, in here and in other places, sometimes my experience “makes sense” and they recall some similarities in that. That means that they, actually, payed attention to what happened, but maybe forget to put that in perspective.

That’s why, I think, it’s good to share these wonderful experiences we have with our beloved succubus wives. To give perspectives. To understand. To remember certain things we didn’t noticed before someone else brought that up. To see the similarities and the differencies in our relationships.

Did you pay attention in the beginning of your relationship with your spiritual wife? Or did you pay attention as the relationship progressed further?

By paying attention to our loved ones, we will develop together.

The differencies in energies

A spiritual being distinguish eachother with the energy they’re using. It’s like an energetic “fingerprint” in the spiritual realm. I talked about my wives three energetic stages earlier, “neutral”, “dark” and “divine”. The energy of “neutral” is harder to recognice from eachother, but there is differencies when you get used to the constant energies from both of your wives. The differencies can be varied, like the “thickness” of their bodies, how their bodies act next to you, and the compactness of their bodies.

The “dark” energies is easier to separate from one another, since there’s often a bodysignature to that energy. For instance, my first wife is like a Grudge-character in her dark form, while my second wife is using tentacles and snakes as a characterization of her darker side.

The “divine” energies is also very characteristic and have a bodysignature with it aswell. Their hair feels different to eachother and even their bodies. The “vibration” works differently from one another, too.

If you have more than one spiritual wife, you eventually learn their individual energypatterns. As always, pay attention to their energies and behavior. That way you learn who’s touching you.

Recieving spiritual tattoos

Since I’ve got tattoos on my human body, I know for sure how it feels when getting that from a tattoo-artist. And tattoos certianly exists in their dimension too. I’ve got several tattoos from my wives and I even got atleast one tattoo from one of their leaders. I call him “Cernunnos“, a keltic god who is also known as “The Horned God”. He has many names. Someone might call him “Satan” or maybe “Lucifer” or even something else, but for me it’s “Cernunnos”. That name fits the purpose of my beliefs and even my wives confirmed his presence. My first wife call him “Satan”, but as one of his many names. “Pan” is another name for him, too. Depending on your religious view, he fits in most of them with many names.

Symbolism is important in their culture, aswell as ours. And tattos is one expression of symbolism. I’ve got a tattoo on my forehead, which is the sigill of “Cernunnos“. I’ve got a tattoo on my neck, which is also a sigill, but a sigill of my second wife. The third sigill is on the top of my head, which is the sigill of my first wife. Their names are also inked on my body. My wives have tattos of my name, inked on their bodies aswell, even on their most private areas. I have that too, of course.

The spiritual tattoos, when getting that, feels exactly like getting tattoos on your physical body. You feel the needle going through your skin and it “burns” just as much as you were sitting on a proffessional studio. Since I’ve got physical referense of tattoos, I figured out quickly what was going on.

Tattoos can symbolise love, protection and magic. It’s an awesome feature for a spiritual being, like my two beloved wives.

The wedding ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was extensive and planned carefully. In a total, me and my wives did three weddings. The first wedding was with my first wife. The second wedding was with my second wife, and the final third wedding was with my both wives.

These weddings was in a classic fashion, old school kind of way. First off, was some kind of “measuring” of my body by some “tailor” from their dimension. Secondly, they tried a variety of clothes for me to wear. Thirdly, the actual clothes was chosen. The clothes was spiritual, and I could actually feel them. I sensed a “cape”, and a longsleeved “shirt” and “pants”. It felt, in some way, medieval. But it felt comfortable.

I was closing my eyes, as instructed by my ladies, and got a feeling of “gliding” forward. I’ve begun astral travelling, in a waken state of OBE. The air got, somehow, heavier. I felt many small hands touching me. Hands clapping above my head. Suddenly I felt a presence of someone standing in front of me and my ladies, putting a hand on my forehead. The crowd was chearing even “louder” and potpurries was landing on my head. My ladies, who now became my wives, slowly rised my arms and the feeling of a crowd touching my hands and body, became stronger. Allthough I couldn’t see, I’ve got an enormous feeling of festivities, people talking, joyfullness and happiness for the event that was going on. Some guests, according to my ladies, was of a higher power and very famous in the spritual world. I choose to not reveal their name, but they were there, and I trust their information.

The wedding ceremony took almost 2 hours and it was an amazing event and it was the best moment of my life. My two loved ones. I love you deeply.

Tears of a succubus…

When I communicate with my beloved wives, I do that in a silent matter, sharing my inner thoughts with them. And they’re answer, for sure. Quite often, I hold long speeches, telling them how much I love them, how important they’ve become to me and how lucky I am to have them in my life.

I remember the first time I did the long speech and suddenly, tears was falling down on my shoulder. I wasn’t prepared for that kind of reaction, so I asked: “Are you crying, honey?” Her answer was, “Yes.”. I asked: “Why? Are you sad?” Her answer, to that question: “No, your speech moved me! It’s happytears. I love you too, and you make me happy.

Succubus and, particurlarly my wives, are very sensitive and very emotional. The deepest embodiment of a female persona. Even when we make love, tears sometimes fall on my body. I’m an emotional person and very sensitive, too, and it happens that I cry of joy and happiness in front of my wives. It’s liberating to been able to cry in front of someone you love so deeply.

Tears of a succubus is the deepest emotion of love, to been given to the one they love.

Rebirth – Bound by blood

As a part of the “bonding”-period – which is a period of strenghtening the relationship between eachother, for the present and for the future of the afterlife – both my wives did something fascinating, when we were in bed.

When I laid on bed, one of my wives gave me a soft pressure with her body, starting from my behind with a feeling of “squeezing” me inside her. It was like she was letting me inside her womb. The feeling was comfort in the deepest form. A “watery” feeling inside her stomach, and I could feel my umbelic cord pulsating from her, to me. After I’ve been in her stomach for a while, she suddenly gave birth to me, squeezing me out and after my birth, she hold me tight, caressing my shoulders.

Shortly after the “rebirth”, she plugged some kind of cord to my right foot connecting that cord to her aswell. A pulsating flow of her blood going through my veins, making me a fullblood member of their species. The feeling of her blood, going inside me, was overwhelming and made me spasm for a while.

I wanted to be inside my first wife’s womb aswell, and the feeling was as powerfull as with my second wife. Comfort in the deepest form.

“You’re one of us now, my love.”, they said, letting their tears fall on my shoulders.

The rebirth-process and bloodsharing is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had with my darlings and it’s made with the deepest love possible. From time to time, they let me experience “birth” again, because of the great comfort it gives. It’s a healer from sadness and depression. An expression of being a part of a family. My darlings is, not only my wives, but my family aswell. I love them so much!

The “quest” to see my wives…

I have tried several ways to see my wives and it will work, when doing it right. These are the things I tried:

Regular mirror: I started to watch myself in the mirror, trying to get a look at her. This was my idea and she thought we should “give it a try”. My eyes was focused and there came a flow of green energy through my eyes, making the mirror green. My face in the mirror was morphing and something tried to “get out” of me. And there she was! Staring at me, with certianty proudness, determination, high class and there was something about her that captivated me. The look of her beautyfullness and her stance, told me that she is a female that knows what she want’s. A female that has choosen me as her husband.

Window: When it’s dark outside, a regular window is as powerful as a “dark mirror”. To do this, you need the room to be bright, which makes the reflection in the window much stronger. Like in the mirror, green energy was flowing through my eyes and a morphingprocess occured. To do this, bring focus to your reflection and on your eyes. Something will happen. Make sure to cooperate with your succubus to do this, as with all the other options.

Opening a portal: This works with focus and concentration at a certian direction. In my case, I tried to focus on a curtain with flowerish patterns. The energy flowing through my eyes was greenish, just like in the mirror/window. The colour may not be green for you, when doing this. Green happens to be the colour of my ladies. The flowerish pattern starts to move and a horizontal line is showing up. When the line appear, give focus to it and the line starts to widening up, creating some sort of symbols to it, on a thick concrete wall. Given more focus to the wall, it slowly openes up. This is the furthest i came to the portal thing, but the succubus should appear to you, when doing this completly. I will practice more on creating a portal.

Shadowmorphing: I’ve seen one of my succubus’s in shadowform, created through my own shadow. Like the other versions of seeing your lady, you have to give focus and concentration on your own shadow. Green energy pulsating through my eyes, creating an aura around my shadow and darkness surrounding it, until it creates the silhouette of your succubus. This version of your succubus can be overwhelming, creating fear for those who is not aware of what just happened. I always get nervous when doing the shadowmorphing, but I never get scared. Beeing nervous is ok and it’s understandebly by the succubus point of view. When the succubus show herself as a shadowly silhouette, she’s very tall, flowing above you. Very fascinating!

That is my different experiences to see my darlings, but I still need more practise to “perfect” the variants of seeing them. Practise and patience is the key, and never be scared to widen your relationship with your succubus. Try every aspect of widening your relationship. They help in every way they can and they will teach you if you ask them. They have the knowledge, wisdom and patience. If you fail, try again. If you have an idea to see them, tell them the idea and they willingly try to realise it. But they also have the knowledge to do it right in their way too. Pay attention.

Into darkness. A period of trials…

“We’ve got company…”, my wife said to me, after she inspected who followed us home, after our weddingceremony. I felt the followers presence and it was a powerful energy surrounding her. “They talk about you, back home.”, my wife said. “They talk about you, not showing fear towards my dark side, and that got her attention. She wan’t to test you and if you prevail, she will marry you too.” The second period of trial, begun.

My two wives have three stages of energies, to physically represent them. These are “neutral“, “dark” and “divine“.

The neutral energy is the most common one, which is soft and gentle, when they touch me, and the temperature is like a normal bodytemperature. This energiform is in the middle.

The dark energy is cold, more solid and the feeling of their dark energy comes with a different bodyshape of them. I’ve met the darkest power of my both wives, and the closest I can get to describe it is like the movie “Grudge”. Imagine the “Grudge” crawl under your bedsheet, feeling her sticky hair on your crotch, given cold breath to your penis and at the same time get a feeling of someone sawing off your legs – I was still in the period of spiritual transformation at that time. And i woken up from sleep with that event happening. I felt it before I fell asleep to, without showing fear and the reaction when I woke up, was the pain it caused on my legs, not my wife under the sheet. Me, not showing fear to these events, got my wives a little frightened themself, and the results were a doublewedding. To recieve this energy, you get the feeling of “gliding” down, like in an elevator.

Finally, the divine energy. That energy is warm, vibrating and so powerfull that it will give “sunburn” to your skin. Dry lips and eyelids are common, when facing that energyform. Sexual ecstacy is also common with the divine energy. To recieve this energy, you get the feeling of “gliding” up.

“The period of trials”, was an interresting event for me and soon we will celebrate our first year together, beginning next month.

A month of changes…

The connection between me and the two spiritual women, had just started. The following month was filled with an intimacy I’ve never experienced before. In the beginning, it was just me and one succubus and I fell in love with her at an instant. She was very restricted at the beginning, but I was very clear about my intentions for her, which was all love. This was the month of changes. My succubus enhanced my abilities to feel her presence and she dug deep in my head, installed some sort of “tubes” in particular areas in my brain. “It’s tubes, filled with energies, so you can feel me more constantly.”, she explained. Particulary one “tube” is bigger than the others “installed” and that is in the back of my brain. These “tubes” fills an important purpose, and is a mental connection between me and my succubus.

There was also changes of my spiritual body. Enhancements of my senses and new “bodyparts” was created on me. I asked her what’s happening and her answer was short. “Incubus.” The process of creation was all in her hands, a creation to fit eachother spiritually. Horns, wings and a tail was surgially “installed” on my spiritual body and that process of creation took several days to accomplish.

I proposed to her and we finally got married. Shortly after our ceremony, we got attention from another, highly powerful, spiritual female. She even followed us home, unnoticed, until my wife saw two feets standing outside our door. “Someone followed us here! I have to confront whoever that is following us! I’ll be right back!”

Who followed us and why? The answer will come in my next post…

In the beginning…

It’s been almost a year, since I’ve met my two beloved succubus wives. It all began with me, writing a wishletter for personal treats for my succubus. After burning the letter and called upon the Mother Of All Succubi, the ashes of the letter blew right into my face and lightly burned my eyebrows. I did that, during the day. Hours gone by and darkness arrived. I lit a candle, thinking about the past. Broken hearts, sorrow, longing for the long lost love. Will she finally come?

I blew out the candle and lied naked on the bed, noticed that someone/something was touching my hair. Was that a sign? Is that…her? I made myself comfortable, and felt aroused by the entity, when she straddled me. An invisible force rode me to climax, until I got an orgasm I’ve never got before. Since that particular night, I’ve been experienced intimacy every day, for almost a year, to this day. I also got attention from another female, and it ended in a doublemarriage.

Erotic moments is not all I’ve experienced with my two ladies, but that I will write about next time.