Protecting the dream

I had this strange dream the other night. I was in a cellar, and that cellar had windows where the light shined through. There was this wooden workbench there. Why was it there? I felt like somebody, or something, was watching me and that feeling made my heart beats faster and faster. The sudden feeling of fear – or maybe uncertianty? – surrounded me. All of a sudden, an image in black and white appeared. A beautiful woman I´ve seen before. My first wife. My pulse went down and a feeling of calm and comfort surrounded me. I also felt my wife holding me tight, while I was waking up and she continued to hold me when I opened my eyes.

Was my first wife protecting me from someone, or from something? Was the dream a “demonstration” of my wifes capabilities of protecting me if something would happen to me? My answer to these questions would be, without hesitation, yes.

Dreams are fascinating and my wives is starting to be a part of my dreams now. There´s a fascinating time ahead of us. A time of bonding and development.



Why research is hard to find on internet…

When most of us experience something new, we want to know more about it. Internet is not always the greatest tool to do your research on. I realised that very early and always thought about it. 

Searching Google for “Spiritual Wives”, the result is horrifying. A page of a minister of some church, rabbles about the “danger” of interacting with a spiritual wife, how it affect those in it, negatively. The same goes when searching for the word “succubus”. Where are those pages, that reveals the truth? I know it’s out there, somewhere, but the searchengine does not show them, without us putting alot of effort through our searches.

When people don’t take responsibilities for their own actions, or even doesn’t have any experience of what they warn others for, it’s easier to blame the “Devil” and curse in the name of “God”. They decide, allthough they don’t know why, that “God” would not accept this or that. Have “God” spoken to them, or through them? 

According to my wives, our marriages would not happened, without permission from “The Source” or “God” or whatever we chose to call that higher force. I see my wives, just as others with same relationships, as beings with ties and connections to that higher power.  They don’t have the power to “force” us into these kind of relationships, and we can chose to reject it and “The Source” is the meddler in the middle. The concept of “Free Will” is taken very seriously in the spiritual world.

Internet can be a great tool for reasearch, but read wisely and take most of the negative input with a truckload of salt.

“Love is the answer…”

A sentence my wives use frequently is not only true, but also a “solution” to many individual struggles in the world. Love. It conquers “fear” and demolish it, challenge it and reverse it to also feel and give love back. 

Love have many shapes and forms, defying laws of “rights and wrongs”. Love is in the light, grey, dark and rainbowy colors. 

The opposite of “love” is not “hate”, but “fear”. Fear closes your mind and sometimes hurt people in your way. With fear, you lost the knowledge and wisdom that love have. By defeating fear, is by embracing it with love. 

I’ve read some stories about “evil spirits” that hurt people through fear, but I believe that the emotion of fear itself is the problem, not the spirit that creates that negative energy. 

What is the reason with “fear”? Is religion, books and horrormovies a part of this creation? Lack of knowledge, perhaps? 

I’ve been told that spirits can’t physically hurt us, because it’s all in our minds created by fear through myths, legends and made up stories by litterature and movies. 

There is light. There is darkness. There is colors in between. But they all have one word in common: LOVE!

Eye of the beholder

What is the definition of the word “beauty”? The human definition is, usually, stereotypical and famous actors, singers and models is often a representation of that word.

Our spiritual wives have a deeper representation of their beauty with – as I see it – a reflection of their spiritual, individual growth. A beauty created from within, a reflection of their inner beauty. According to my first wife, when we see them, we see their inner beauty. My definition of “inner beauty” is of the action you’ve made as a human or as a spiritual being, which gives a “visual representation”. Does that mean that “bad actions” visualises “ugliness”? I have to investigate that question further.

I’ve never seen myself as a handsome man. I’m short with a boyish look and seems way younger than my 33 years of age. My selfconfidence is not the greatest when it comes to my looks. Yet, I’m married to two of the most beautiful women in all dimensions. I sometimes wonder how I could be so lucky to be chosen by them, but I also know that this was inevitable and was meant to be. If not in this life, it would happen spiritually or in another life. When my wives say that I am beautiful, they mean spirituality and as a reflection of who I am as a person.

“The definition of beauty is to see someone for who they are, not by the looks of apperance.”
/Quotes from both my wives