How we perceive the spirits

How do we perceive and interact with our beloved spirits? It’s a common question that few practitioners explain to the beginners. Generally speaking, there’s a huge lack of explanations within the path of magic and spirits on a daily basis. It has become a trial and error in learning things by experience, and most of us do share the experience to others but rarely get to the point of sharing the functionality of the abilities we’ve learned over the years. Isn’t that unfortunate? It’s pretty simple to explain things in our own little ways, without it being stated as “facts”. We can call it Alternative Facts and get away with it, because it’s nothing political about it. It’s a personal interpretation of things, which have a possibility to be verified by others. To know how to perceive spirits, you have to know of the different abilities to do so. These abilities are within the Clear Sensory Perception, and it’s six different abilities connected to our regular perceptions.

The Clear Sensory Perception have these six abilities:

Clairvoyance – The ability to see.

Clairaudience – The ability to hear.

Clairsentience – The ability to touch and feel vibrations and energies.

Claircognizance – The ability to understand and knowing of information, but without knowing of how and why.

Clairsalience – The ability to smell what others can’t smell.

Clairgustance – The ability of tasting without eating.

Some of these abilities are better connected in advantage of another ability, and the most flexible one is, as I see it, Clairsentience. That ability is aligned to the smell, taste and vision with much easier and faster access than any other ability to use as a starting point for accessing your other abilities.

If you can touch and feel vibrations of energies, you can also see energies. And if you can see the shape of energies, the spirit can easily show it’s visual representation before your eyes.

When all the senses are connected to each other, it’s easier to use the strongest sense to your advantage to learn to use a “weaker” sense.

So, what chakra is connected to the Clairsentience ability? The head chakra. I even made a drawing to explain how my ladies opened up my ability to physically sense and feel them, as well as sensing energies and seeing it.


It’s a pretty basic drawing, but it shows the flexibility of the Clairsentience ability, and it does much more than the other five senses. And when we deal with entities such as the succubus and the incubus, it’s an essential ability to have. I mean, what’s the point to try to interact with a spirit or an entity that is dependent on physical interaction, without a recipient to verify it? It wouldn’t make sense, would it?

The more you practice, the less is the effort to progression, and the less you practice, the more effort it takes to make changes. Does it makes sense to you? For me, it makes totally sense.

The emotional current is a powerful tool, and the more you’re into it, the more charged up it becomes. When you are caught up in the current of Lust, by charging it up with sex, the energy from that will go back and forth from the succubus to yourself. It’s very similar to the electrical current of AC where it changes it’s polarities back and forth:


…but the charged up energy from the sexual activity can’t be stored for too long within you and the succubus, so it has to go elsewhere. It fills up the area around you, starting with the bed, the floor and the walls until the entire room is stacked up with the currents of Lust. If someone else were in that same room, they might get caught into the current.

At this moment, you are so charged up that it makes it easier for you to do a conscious awaken form of astral travel, just by the energies itself.

There’s so much to learn, when it comes to the Clear Sensory Perception, and once you learnt one ability, you will discover the layers behind it.