Why feminism isn’t their “thing”

There’s been a lot of discussions about feminism, lately, and it was very interesting to be a part of it. Why doesn’t feminism apply to the women of spiritual or entity nature?

According to the two ladies in my life, there seems to be some kind of hierarchical order in their dimension. There is rules, and some entities and spirits have unique pattern in their energy that “defines” who they are, what they know and can achieve with their presence with us humans. What gender you have is not a matter of significance. There is very powerful males, and very powerful females. The older the spirit/entity, the more knowledge it has obtained and more knowledge makes their energies stronger. Knowledge is power, not gender. But the power of knowledge is useless if it doesn’t pass on to others. It needs balance to work at full potential. That’s why it seems to work much better there, in their dimension, than here with humans. We tend to hide knowledge and truth about worldly matters. For us, hidden knowledge is power, keeping secrets from the public. That’s corruption.

The Lilith Archetype is something many feminists look up too. By not being submissive to Adam, she claimed equality. When he disagreed about being equal, she got banned from Eden. That story is about patriarchy defeating equality. If Lilith was behaving like Adam, it would be a feminist claim of today’s standard. Lilith is an entity that is independent. She doesn’t need to depend on others than herself. For me, I see her as a Goddess of Equality. Raising the ladder a few steps, or lower it, would make her a tougher challenge. But that’s my opinion.

Knowledge is a power that’s on an individual level. Knowledge doesn’t depend on males or females exclusively, and knowledge can be taught to anyone that obtains it, and willingly pass it on to others. Our ladies are well aware of that, in my interpretation of it. When will our world be aware?

Rules of attraction

Have you ever heard the phrases: “There’s someone for everyone“? or “You are not alone“? That phrases is, as I’ve experienced, a common thing to say to those who feel lonely or are tired of being stood up by the opposite sex, again and again.

To find comfort and understanding from other people, when sharing a broken heart or feelings of being alone, hasn’t worked out that good for me. It didn’t work, because I questioned the “normal” rules of attraction. People – or regular humans – have set their own rules to find someone attractive, putting deeper values aside. Shallowness, were looks and money is more important than how you are as a person. The comfort and understanding, turns into blaming. “Maybe there is something wrong with you, and not her?” or the classic where the family becomes the reason to break up with someone. When the same thing happens to them, how will they feel when nobody give them comfort and understanding when getting dumped or feeling lonely?

Most of the mammals on this planets have been categorized as “alphas” or “betas”. Humans, too, obviously. Alpha males is were females falls for. Especially when it comes to sex. The stronger you are, or the more dangerous you are, the easier it is to get laid. And the easier it is to have sex, the bigger chance to spread the genes to the next generation. Being an “alpha” have pro’s and cons. The obvious is the easy way to get laid, right? That’s the pro. The con? The offsprings of alphas might be a reason for lack of intelligence, bad results in school and the general knowledge of the outside world gets pretty low results aswell. It might sound far streched and generalized, and maybe it is. But when looks and bad behaviour is the rule of attraction, instead of who you are as a person, it just makes me bend the rules with thoughts like these.

Does the rules of attraction, as we know it, applies to spirits and entities like our wives/companions? It doesn’t seems like that. They value something much deeper than our skins, and they see us as an individual. They value our thoughts, our questions of “why’s” when we don’t like the rules of human society. They value and sherish openness of feeling joy and sadness, without hiding it in the darkness. When they fall in love with us, they don’t just penetrate our hearts, but our soul aswell. Their love is as serious as it could ever be, and when they find their true love, they hold on to it. Forever.