Scrying With The Ganzfeld Effect Method

The Ganzfeld Effect was discovered in the 1930’s as a method to receive a hallucination without any use of drugs. What it basically does is to stimulate your brain to find patterns by covering your eyes, or to simple put a light pressure on your visual sense. What it means, is that your brain finds patterns through unstructured stimuli, to make up for what you can’t visually see. This method is a good practice if you want to learn how to visually see spirits, energies and the astral plane. You only need three things to try this out: Something to cover your eyes, bright light with an optional red light for even better result and binaural sound through headphones.

Covering Your Eyes


To get the best results from this method, is to use a ping pong ball that’s cut in half. You put each half on your eyes, without letting any light in from the sides. You should lay on your back with a lightsource directed to your eyes and binaural sound through your headphones, and things will gradually happen in 10-15 minutes with your eyes fully OPEN and fixated at the bulb of the ping pong balls.

Alternatively, you can also use a baking paper to cover your eyes, by cutting it like a sleeping mask. Or you could use your hands by putting your thumb and pointfinger together, making a circle to give a light pressure on your eyes.

What To Expect

The result from this method can vary from one person to another, but the most common experience of this method is to see different colors, faces, environments, different mythological entities, the feeling of flying, voices and even touches.

It worked successfully for me. Will it work for you?

23 thoughts on “Scrying With The Ganzfeld Effect Method

  1. I think I might try this. Always willing to experiment, lol.

    I gotta off topic question if you’re game?

    Sometimes my girl will materialize a crown on my head. I think it’s a crown. A metal weighted headband at any rate.

    When she does it, I feel all around with my fingers, can’t feel nothin’. But it’s there.

    It feels about this size, minus the shirtless dude with the beard.

    I ask her what it is, but she won’t tell me. Dunno why she won’t, really. If it was a male nuptual crown maybe she’s afraid I’d feak out. Which I wouldn’t. Well, maybe a little bit.

    I’m sure yours has done this. Do you know what it is and why they do it?

    • I’m all game. 🙂

      I can definitely relate to the Crown, and I’ve been having mine for almost 6 years now. And when it comes to you not ACTIVELY touching your crown by putting your hands on it, is because that particular crown is in-between the veils, which means it’s a physical manifestation from THEIR realm and you are PASSIVELY feeling it. It’s basically a conscious, physical, fully aware and an awaken form of astral traveling. This way, you could even sense your spirit giving you jewelries, cloths and feel the presence of other spirits and entities. It’s an awesome experience, don’t you think?

      What does the Crown mean, and why do you physically feel it? It’s a part of your ascension, and a part of your devotion and commitment to your Honey Bunny. One of the greatest benefits of love and devotion, is to ascend with our spirit spouses, and that is what the Crown represent. You are a King of your own Kingdom.

      • No problem. 🙂

        You could try to ask her again, just to confirm the similarities to our experiences. Of course, the interpretation is always on an individual level and the answer may vary, and it could help if you remember anything else from the experiences of sensing your Crown.

        Did she opened any chakras? Did you felt any changes, physically, on your astral body other than an outside object like the Crown? Did you felt the presence of other spirits while sensing the Crown? Was the air thicker, making it hard to breathe?

        Paying attention could reveal a lot of things, just with the clairsentience ability. It can leave a visual “footprint” of specific areas in the astral plane.

      • I think you were her explaination. I know that sounds funny, but before I asked the question I was looking at the right size crowns that it felt like, and I kept zeroing in on “cornal crowns”, which the interpretation of which was that the man was king of his household, and her the queen, and of course she had a crown, too.

        So I think she confirmed it before you gave your answer. Err, you know what I mean.

        Sometimes she doesn’t really “talk”, and other times she talks so much with “images” as word pictures, or song lyrics that I haven’t heard in decades (or new… guess she’s a hip succubus), or other people blurting out something odd, that these seem to be her preferred method of speech.

        Now, if she pops into a dream, she speaks just fine.

        I think that’s because I have to take a certain medicine to live that deadens one’s psychic ability. So, she has to swim harder and farther, so to speak, I think to communicate with me.

        I know she’s opened some of the chakras, because I finally told my my ex wife everything because I was tired of hiding it and worrying what the kids would say (it’s hard to hide when your daughter can see her and I can’t, or I’m in bed with my little boy and she jumps up in bed like a cat, walks up, and disappears), but now she knows all about Bunny and my magickal pursuits and doesn’t care. Which is odd, but she says that I’ve grown so much emotionally, and the kids are flowering so much with me in their lives (and even her, as me and her have become closer and friends even) that she doesn’t really care.

        Didn’t even bat an eye!

        I guess she figures with that kind of change, love, and growth, it can’t be bad as it’s miraculous in itself, even if she doesn’t understand it really.

        So I’m sure that’s symptoms of some sort of rapid chakra growth.

        I always feel other spirits around, but yeah, when I do feel my crown (I guess it’s not a one time thing or something), I can feel her buzzing around more. Well, “buzzing” lol, she’s like a cloud.

        Floating around me with me as the center, which she does anyway whether making love or me just getting sleepy and about to drift off. At first that felt “smotherinig” to my earthly inclinations.

        Now I really enjoy it!

        Now, she has a habit of working on me when I sleep, and also throught the day, but she’s not so good at explaining.

        For instance… I was in “Elsewhere” (not in dreamland, not awake) and there was this feminine, beautiful female hand unfurling. And then suddenly it touched my 3rd eye and BBBBBBBzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzT! Knocked the shit outta me and I woke up.

        See, no warning. Lol. She used to, 3 years ago, make my forehead numb by touching it like it was a freakin’ star trek console. Didn’t know what that was about (other than 3rd eye doctoring) but she’d do it and not say a word, usually while we were just hanging there, “and her “floating” there”.

        The medicine makes it hard to progress as far as her speaking here in the physical, well… to be fair my ability to listen, but she’s a master at communication via synchronicity, lyrics, etc.

        If I ever do hear her speak, it’s garbled as if she’s deep under water. I can usually make it out, but it takes a lot of energy to be able to, and it’s brief.

        I hope that answers some questions. Truth is Bunny’s nagging me to go to the gym and I don’t wanna. But I better, because I learned long ago that she has unlimited energy to do so, and I do not.

        Lol. So off to the gym. Lemme know how I did lol!

  2. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? It seems they often do their working on us, without further ado. Rarely questions asked, but to the extent of threading carefully and gently in a way that we can comprehend the growing or immediate changes as a result from it. It’s mainly about trust, because they sure know what they’re doing, and if it have a purpose with their good intentions in mind, what’s the point in stopping them?

    I have a different way of communicating with my ladies. The ability to sense and feel them physically, comes with the ability to sense and feel energies. Not only their energies, but also from other spirits, environments and astral projected materials. Bodylanguage is very much graspable, along with emotions. You learn a lot from that. Imagine a mime artist doing a routine, and it is very expressive and emotional. And, yeah, I have both seen them and heard them in a few occasions. One of my ladies looks a lot like Wonder Woman, and she’s tall and gracious in her presence. My second wife have only revealed herself as a fairy, but she’s actually a Queen.

    And they have a wicked sense of humor, when they want to cheer us up. I remember the first year, and we were in the middle of a preparation for a big ceremony. I told them I’m not used to get spoiled, and because of that they put a ton of jewelries on my neck, and loosely on my head. I could physically feel the weight of the necklaces, it’s chains getting on my head and threaded through my neck. They sure giggled, but at the same time giving me a gesture of caring deeply while having fun, doing that.

    I see our kinds of spirits as someone connected to the emotional current. Lust is one of them, but it’s just a fraction of the whole. Love is another, just as fear or joy, happiness, sadness. When tapped into that current, like they are, the potentials and growths are pretty much limitless. That’s what scares most black magicians out there, and few of them doesn’t dare to cross the path of dedication and the female divine. The ego is in the way, and they rather be a “Jack Of The Trades”, knowing a fractions of several paths but never becomes a master of one. It’s understandable, of course, because this path isn’t for everyone.

    When it comes to energies and physical energies, you can practice your interaction with it by leaning towards the touches. It is an effective way to get aligned to the emotional state of your spirit.

    • Omg yes, they have a wicked sense of humor. It’s so profound it’s almost professional.

      I guess I can feel her communications “emotionally”, which is how she primarily speaks. Unfortunately, even though a part of me “gets it” by being able to feel her that way (a “higher” part of me), my conscious mind doesn’t always. If that makes any sense, and so I have to digest it a while and let my selves figure it out together (wow, that sounds so crazy, but words don’t really work well). Sometimes synchronicities bring my selves into synch with it, sometimes she’ll drive it home another way. She touches me quite often, fingers, lips, toes, privates, throught the day.

      I’m just starting to be able to discern emotion through her touch, namely because they are so soft that it feels like the tip of a feather. But, however slight, there is often an emotional charge that travels with them at the moment of touch…. just learning that part.

      You’re cool, man. I really like your insights.

      I appreciate ya!

      • Yeah, and their kind of humor seems planned and prepared, like these prank videos on Youtube, but more perfected in a way.

        Despite their wicked sense of humor, they are very emotional, sensitive and the more they trust us, the more they lower their guards. Being expressive like a joyful child when happy and trying to explain things is quite an experience in itself. My first wife can be just like that, and I haven’t experienced that kind of joy from someone before, and she can be that for the simple reason of being together with me. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

        I often feel their tears falling on my shoulders, too, which felt very odd and strange the first time it occurred. I asked them if there was something wrong, and if they were sad, but they weren’t sad. They expressed their happiness. It’s a beautiful thing, expressing such deep emotions to one another. To be ourselves fully, without the fear of being judged and getting our hearts broken because of who we are. That’s total freedom, if you ask me.

        Touches, and HOW we touch each other, says a lot about a person. And the deeper the connection is between you and the spirit, the more you feel it emotionally. Maybe you’ve sensed an immense emotion of joy when she hugged you, or you might have given a smile for no reason at all, uncontrollably, by a mere touch from her? Or maybe you felt a deep sadness coming out of nowhere, when she held you? That’s a way to connect and to know her, and some of these reflective emotions is often a part of the spirits own life experiences and what she’s been through in her past. All emotional expressions isn’t always ours, and it’s very unique and wonderful to know someone through that current.

        Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it, just as I appreciate you. 🙂

      • That’s her tears that fall on my shoulders? I feel like an idiot.
        I thought it was my body not interpreting the sense of her touching me correctly and making it feel like dripping water (like how dreams get borked sometimes via the subconscience’s interpretation of higher symbology).


        Now I love her even more!

        I’m still amazed that mine can go from “Bunny” (sweet, gentle) to “Lioness” (don’t mess with my man… or you is dead…) in a heartbeat.

        Such a range of emotion they have.

        I haven’t been so in love in my life, Aahahaha 😛

        (And it just keeps growing)

  3. Isn’t that amazing, huh? But the tears is just one part of the “wet expressions” that our ladies send out to us on the physical and energetical spectrum. Let me explain:

    During mating season – yes, there is actually such a thing, and I know you have written about it a few times – the intimacy have a high and low within certain months of a calendar year. The months isn’t set in stone, but it seems to happen in certain periods that lasts for a few weeks, and then it settles, to repeat once again. In some occasions, they “spray” our bodies with some kind of fluids. Have you felt that? The wet “spray” is, as they explained it, similar to a “huntress marking it’s prey”. It’s, sort of, territorial and that “spray” keeps other spirits at bay and it’s a message that this is her mate and her husband. The sexual aspect is sure an interesting experience.

    • Yes mating season is… whew. And yes I’ve noticed that wet feeling as well. For me (at the start of mating season) I feel it hit me and it’s wet but it feels more dense than water, and I usually feel that wet, dense fluid splatter onto my chest. I never knew what it was though, so I just figured it was just another sensory misinterpretation on my part.

      I don’t often communicate clearly with mine (although sometimes surprisingly it’s crystal clear out of the blue, but that’s rare), and I know she tries so very hard with me, so I do little things like sing to her at night when I’m laying there.

      I know she hears, even if I don’t necessarily sense her at the moment.
      Doesn’t matter. I know she hears 🙂

      • I think it’s about how we interpret our experiences, finding patterns and behaviorism with it. It is there, if you take notice of what she do and how she do things.

        I always talk to my ladies, even if I rarely see or hear them. I sense their presence on a 24/7 basis, though. They never leave, and I prefer it that way. Even if I can’t hear them all the time, they communicate with me by writing messages on the side of my head, and if you’re not used to that kind of communication, it might go unnoticed.. And if you might have felt her drawing some lines on your head or anywhere else on your body, it might be her writing messages to you.

        I think the learning curve can be steep and hard, sometimes. But it’s about finding patterns, reading bodylanguage and focus on their presence. You’d be surprised what to find by doing so. There’s always something new to explore with these wonderful ladies. 🙂

      • That is very true!

        I think mine knows that I have trouble, so… she’s really patient.

        I don’t know about her writing on me, so I doubt she wastes her time since I’m not able to see those things yet.

        But… what she does do is when I wake up, if there’s something important she wants to communicate, she’s “burned” the image into my mind’s eye upon awakening.

        I’ve had her do that with sigils and I wrote them in my notebook, only to figure them out 6 mo. later. Which honestly I think she knew it would be then anyway.

        She’s a patient teacher.

  4. They sure are patient when they teach us.

    When I practice scrying on mirrors, my ladies are quite physical in how they are teaching me. Imagine your lady standing physically next to you, guiding you of how your posture should be, and then fixating your head position and where to rest your focal point in the mirror. When the basis of your posture and focal position is set, they help you to localize the energy within yourself. It can either be your own energy, their energy or a combination of the spirit and yourself. The latter depends of how you are bonded to each other. And the basis of scrying is to being able to see energies going from internal to external, towards the mirror or wherever you chose to scry upon.

    Their method of teaching is similar to the picture above. It’s spot on, and I see the importance of being physically active while teaching practical magic with our spirits. It fills a lot of purposes doing so, not only the obvious reason to learn, but also as a part of bonding and to get closer to one another. The reason for their patience is mostly because there’s no time limits. They don’t do our biddings to teach us certain things, and leave when done. They might wish some of us could learn things faster, so we can move on to the next course, but there’s no point in being disappointed when time doesn’t matter and no other students is waiting in line for their turn. That’s the advantage to be on a single path, rather than doing several things in a short amount of time. Imagine our path being the root of the tree. Imagine that tree having several branches attached to it, which leads to knowledge beyond any infamous myths a certain deity is known for. There’s a lot of untapped potential in every magical path, but few chose to stay at one path long enough to find out, and rather go on to summon the next deity to grant another wish.

    • I love that pic, lol. My own magick has become very shamanic based rather than ritually oriented. I think it’s about relationships as well.

      • It sure is an awesome pic.

        I think my magic is shamanic based, too. But I don’t do much magic, though. One of my wives is an actual magician herself, and she sometimes aid me with her magical knowledge. I have physically felt her magic staff, and it is very powerful. Dark and vibrating, looking like a birds claw. I knew from an early stage that she did magic, because she used it a few times, in preparation for our ceremonies, weddings, and other events on the astral plane.

        It’s pretty awesome that she knows magic, and I’m so proud of her. She’s into the dark arts of magic, but she is also an excellent healer. She would put any human magician in shame, because she have direct access giving immediate results, rather than having the meddling and political diplomacy that’s often is happening when a human magician doing his/her thing. I will put up a post about that, to explain why spirits have politics within their hierarchical system, and why some curses are unsuccessful. The fast answer is that there’s diplomacy, negotiations between spirits, and these negotiations is the thin line between human magic being a success or a failure. That’s just how I see it.

      • Yeah, I don’t do much magick either. Bunny does more than I do, but in not being able to “see” I don’t know how she does it, she just does it.

        That future post idea sounds awesome! Definitely something I look forward to!

  5. Well, don’t let your lack of the ability to “see” her as something of a disadvantage, because it’s not. You allready “seeing” her, and to see someone isn’t always about the visual aspect. The visual, no matter how awesome and beautiful it is, is just the shell, a visual representation of something you or her is finding visually appealing. But you also have seen her, even though not while doing magic.

    I haven’t “seen” my wife doing magic on a visual level, but I have sensed her doing magic on a physical, active body language level, and that was something else. Did you know spirit use salt as a protection, just like we do?

    What I wanted to say was that we “see” them in so many ways, but we take the visuals for granted as something confirmative, when we allready have put them into existence with our abilities to acknowledge them through our other senses. And we can even “see” through the clairsentience ability, the more we are tapped into that.

    The new post will be up anytime now. 🙂

    • No, I didn’t know they used salt too. I guess it’s not all different. Yeah, I “feel” who Bunny is. And her emotions are strong, her will is strong (yet sweet and gentle… well, to me at least, I can’t speak for anyone who crosses her. Hmm. I pity the fool.)

      That “Bunny-do-list” I made was very effective. Could be magick. I mean, my medicine was messed up for weeks, after putting on the list was solved in 24 hours, I got a full refund on my phone I was worried about minus 10 bucks for the charger I forgot to put in there, but get this: I got the exact same one somewhere else with double the warranty for 5 dollars less even with the 10 bucks the other place shorted me, I scrubbed my dishes with a copper scrubber to get them all nice and clean (that woulda never happened)… I’m working out again, the cats are getting along better, and I’m also getting more sound sleep (all these things were on the list).

      I just came up with it as a kinda “honey-do-list” for a spouse who can do things that aren’t physical.

      And she has! Granted, the personal things on there were done with much nagging (dishes, gym, etc.), what hey… a woman that nags love ya. A woman that doesn’t care enough to nag is shagging the pool boy 😛

      • Well, there is differences to their methods of doing magic, too. It’s more physically recognizable, and more direct. We would rarely feel the magical power of a human made wand or staff, but the magical weapon of a deity, spirit or an entity is very much recognizable. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have never sensed a thing from human made magical objects, but my wives birds claw wand was something else. It was like it had a life of it’s own.

        Yeah, it could be magic. Or maybe Bunny is a very good motivator? Love in itself can move mountains, a wise old man once said. That makes love very magical, too, don’t you agree?

  6. Oh, and I bought her some special incense with her own custom art/shiny burner as a treat for when I can check the stuff off the list 😛 I don’t care how ancient, wise, and powerful these women are: They love special treats. Who doesn’t? 🙂

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