Scrying With The Ganzfeld Effect Method

The Ganzfeld Effect was discovered in the 1930’s as a method to receive a hallucination without any use of drugs. What it basically does is to stimulate your brain to find patterns by covering your eyes, or to simple put a light pressure on your visual sense. What it means, is that your brain finds patterns through unstructured stimuli, to make up for what you can’t visually see. This method is a good practice if you want to learn how to visually see spirits, energies and the astral plane. You only need three things to try this out: Something to cover your eyes, bright light with an optional red light for even better result and binaural sound through headphones.

Covering Your Eyes


To get the best results from this method, is to use a ping pong ball that’s cut in half. You put each half on your eyes, without letting any light in from the sides. You should lay on your back with a lightsource directed to your eyes and binaural sound through your headphones, and things will gradually happen in 10-15 minutes with your eyes fully OPEN and fixated at the bulb of the ping pong balls.

Alternatively, you can also use a baking paper to cover your eyes, by cutting it like a sleeping mask. Or you could use your hands by putting your thumb and pointfinger together, making a circle to give a light pressure on your eyes.

What To Expect

The result from this method can vary from one person to another, but the most common experience of this method is to see different colors, faces, environments, different mythological entities, the feeling of flying, voices and even touches.

It worked successfully for me. Will it work for you?