Three years and counting…

Some days ago, I’ve got a message from this blogsite that I’ve had my blog for three years. The time sure goes fast nowadays.

I remember it like yesterday, and it has been an amazing adventure. Yet, me and my wives have just scratched the surface. I have so much more to learn from my wives. I know a little more than I did three years ago. I know more “by experience”, than by vocal or visual sharing of their knowledge and their life experiences. I know how they are and how they “function” through emotions, but they also communicate by “writing” with their fingers on the side of my head. It’s good to express their love for me that way. More complex communication, like talking and visual gesture, would be easier. I think it’s possible to do that, eventually. Training and patience is the key.

I have getting used to their presence now. At the beginning, they were intense. I felt their darkness, their divinity and their normal personalities. I have experienced astral travel, feeling energies of other enteties, getting married twice and got my spiritual body/soul changed. All that experience was intense in so many levels, and an adventure that still going on to this day.

Like cigarettes, alcohol or other things that creates addiction, you feel it the most at the beginning. The more you using it, the “less intense” it gets. You’re getting used to their energies, their touches and their flow of emotions. That doesn’t mean it’s less intense than it was in the beginning. My body, mind and soul have adjust to them and their energies.

Three years have past, and soon we celebrate our anniversary.


Is alien abductions, really an “alien abduction”?

This isn’t my thoughts about the existens of aliens, but more a thought about misinterpretations of something that could be spirits or entities, instead of ACTUAL aliens.

If I didn’t know better, I’ve could easily fall in the criteria of “alien abduction” when my wives enhanced my soul/spirit and changed my appearence. Their usage of “tools” in a surgical way could be confusing and even frightening, if I couldn’t understand the meaning of it’s purpose. I knew the purpose, and agreed to it. I payed attention to them, studied beforehand – as much as was possible – and then made my choice.

How would the outcome be, if I knew nothing of the encounters with my wives-to-be? Reading about alien encounters and abductions, there are some similaraties. Especially when it comes to their usage of “tools” and their knowledge of human anatomy, mixed with no knowledge of why’s and by whom, blaming “aliens” seems logical to some people.


I think the individual soul and spirit is in constant development, intentionally and unintentionally. And I also think our soul and spirit is interacting with both entities and spirits in an unconcious state. Sometimes the state of unconciousness become concious, creating fear of whats really going on. Either the fear creates “alien encounters” or “malicious” spirits/entities.