The Path Of The Outcast – The Empath Perspective

Have you ever felt misunderstood by the outside world? Have you got these unlimited questions of “why’s” and “how’s” to everything bad happening in the world? Are you emotionally sensitive, and feel the emotions of others? If the answer is “yes”, then maybe you are an EMPATH. Is it a good ability to add and use in black magic? Absolutely! Let me introduce you to the world of the empath:

What Is An Empath?

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

Being an empath is the ability to seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another. Apply that emotional sensitiveness to spirit interaction and magical workings, and it enhances the ability by a tenfold.

Why The Empath Is Considered An “Oddity” In Black Magic

The general view of a black magician is that most of them practice magic to enhance the ego with little, or no emotional attachments to it, since it seems to have too much ethics and morality that “blocks” their ways of ascendance. That doesn’t mean a general black magician is without empathy for others, but the way they approach magic is most likely different than how an empath approach magic.

So, where lies the “oddity” of an empath versus a traditional black magician?

It’s the attachment to emotions that drives them to make a decision within their magical paths, and they usually stand by their choices firmly. Ethics and morality is what drives them. Is that a weakness? Not necessarily. Balance is the key, so the emotional investments must be threaded lightly. Tipping the scale too much, and it might not end in their favor.

What Kind Of Spirits Are For The Empath?


Spirits and deities of the Feminine Current is often considered a strong ally for the Empath Magician. Devotion, trust, making compromises, letting go of the control and the ego. It is surely a challenge for any kind of magician, because the effort of devotion is unusually high within the feminine divine.

Emotionally driven deities such as Lilith, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat and Eisheth Zenunim are good consorts for the empath, because they can easily empathize – and often fall in love – with that kind of abilities. And they have a morbid fascination of something they are not used to in their general approach to humans, which can even surprise them immensely, and to some extent even scare them.

Other female, and male deities that are within the emotional current is considered a good companion for the empath, just because they often understand and can relate to the daily challenges and struggles an empath have throughout their lives.

Being An Empath Isn’t Easy


I always considered myself an empath, and had a few run-ins with strangers with some bizarre sensory occurrences to it. To actually feel others emotions and at the same time see how the peripheral vision changes from color to grey around that specific person, or how their eyes is revealing something about them. Something they don’t even have to say out loud. It comes with a fascinating, and a scary revelation of the fragile mind of a human.

The challenging part is to take distance from the negative flow of the emotional currents surrounding me. Reading the news of wars and violence is a challenge in itself, because it raises these questions of “how” and “why”, and the emotional currents gets unbalanced rather quickly.

Depression and being an empath is often drawn as a common denominator, and a few of us do get caught into the currents of others emotions, without finding something to balance it out. I also think that depression is more common with empaths that isn’t aware of their gifts and abilities, so they end up thinking it’s their own emotions, rather than from someone else.

We’re all have gifts and abilities within us and no matter what our gifts are, we should use it for the benefits of helping ourselves and others.