Succubus relationships; Similarities and differencies

When it comes to relationships with a succubus, there’s similarities as well as differencies. “Why is that?”, some of you may ask. The answer to that question is, in my opinion, the easiest to answer; It’s about individuality, personality, cultural aspects, family traditions and your own subconcious expectations of how a relationship “should be”. That outcome, makes our relationships very different from one another, unique, with some “ground settings” of how we recieve our succubus presence. When reading other bloggers experiences, this is what I found in similarities as well as differencies:


The invisible, physical touch: A common experience is the invisible, physical touch of our succubus. We can feel our wives, just as physical as another human being.

Unconditional love: The love they have for us is unconditional and they love us for who we are, not for what we are. They love us, despite our humanly flaws and imperfections. Alot of people say that we shouldn’t take such thing as love “for granted”, but in the case of a succubus love, it is a gift we should take for granted, just as much as they should take our love for them for granted. After all, they’re not humans, which disqualifies them of that flawfull, human feature.

24/7 presence: Alot of us feel their presence during daytime, aswell as in nighttime.

Intimacy: Allthough the sexual experiences may be different because of personal, sexual references, the sex is there as a common theme.


The Dark Persona: Not all of us will experience the dark side of a succubus, but some of us will, whether we want it or not. Since I found my wives “dark persona” interresting and fascinating, rather than frightening and horrible, I also learned that I have a dark part of myself that also can frighten them. There’s nothing to be afraid of when meeting their dark selves, if you someday do that. There’s as much love in their dark persona, just like their “regular, neutral” sides.

Ceremonies: Some of us experience ceremonies, such as weddings. Some of us just get an unnoticed wedding and just become married with few or no notifications of the matter. Despite that, the free will and acceptence from “The Source”, is a main factor for a wedding to occur.  There’s differencies to this subject, because of family traditions and personal referenses of how a wedding “should be”.

Sleeping paralysis: A phenomena that I personally don’t think it’s related to succubus experiences, but nonetheless it’s a common theme for the subject. Some people experience this, which is why I bring it up anyway. From time to time, I experience partial paralysis in a waken state, but it’s not in any kind of “force” and it’s very easy to break loose. These ladies take the subject of “free will” very seriously.

Communication: We’re all in different stages of communication with our wives and that’s because we all learn in different paces. Some of us talk out loud to our ladies. Some of us share thoughts. Some of us hear our wives. Some of us don’t, but we get their messages in other ways. The communication is also very emotional, with messeges of how they feel.

Spiritual Development: Some of us will experience development of our spiritual body, with changes of appereance. Some of us will get our third eye opened, and other chakras could be activated as well. In the end, I strongly believe we’re all will, some day, experience these changes. We all develop in different paces. In the end, time is all we have.

Ethereal copies…

My wives – aswell as “regular” human spirits – have a special gift, or “power” if you rather call it that instead. That power is to create ethereal copies of objects from our physical realm, such as the food we eat, the water/bear/wine we drink, the clothes we wear and other random objects in our surroundings. My first wife even let me taste her ethereal copy of a cigarette she created for herself, and that tasted just like a real cigarette. Even smoke came out of my mouth.

When we prepared our wedding last year, me and me wives were “windowshopping” weddingcakes, weddingrings, necklaces and partydresses. I also choosed birthdaypresents to my first wife, by pointing at what I wanted to give to her.

How is ethereal copies possible? Humans tends to leave energetic patterns to whatever we physically touch and put our thoughts to, which makes it possible for a spiritual being to interact with the same objects as we do. Allthough the objects is “spiritual copies”, it creates an understanding of physics and make the interaction to our world alot easier.

The concept of ethereal copies makes perfectly sense, when doing rituals and offerings to the gods and goddesses we worship and cherish. Offering food to your god and goddess comes to good use, when they actually can eat that food given to them.