The Building Of The Demon-Self

Having a relationship with spirits and entities sometimes comes with benefits of becoming one of them. It is a transformation of your spirit and soul, rather than a transformation of your physical appearance, and it is preferable to have the ability to sense and feel energies to understand the concept and the actual changes of your spiritual body. These kind of experiences comes in different phases, very similar to building a tall skyscraper.

First Phase – The Foundation


The first phase, for me, was to get used to the dark currents of the energy, which basically means that the spirits manifest in their darker spectrum. Getting used to the presence of darkness is essential to understand it and to accept it as a part of something bigger. That means the darkness is passive and benevolent within the presence, with no intentions to feed off of fear or other negative emotions connected to that current.

Fusing the core and commencing the first sod


With the ability to sense and feel, the process can be very graphic in nature and I was fully conscious and awake during the whole experience. The very first step was to “remove” my left eye – which seems to be connected to the core essence of the soul – and once it was removed, a compact energycurrent sipped out of my eyesocket. After a little while, that energy current went back into the socket and my eye was put back into place.

The next step of the first phase was a blood transfusion from Lilith, and it appeared as a sharp cut on my left heal with some kind of cord attached to the cut. A pulsating stream of blood went into me, and it was like an adrenalin rush that put me in ecstasy the moment I felt it in my body. It was so intense that it’s hard to explain the sensations from it.

The last step of the first phase was the transformation of my spiritual appearance and manifestation. If you ever read the book, or seen the movies of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, I can say the experience was pretty similar to that.

Second Phase – Building The Structure

This part of the demonic construction is extensive. My “succubus” laid the foundation of the demonic appearance of my spirit, starting with the horns. Using a sharpened tool similar to a scalpel, she cut open the upper sides of my forehead. Then she fused the horns to my forehead at the cuts on the sides. I felt an enormous heat where she put the horns, and she started to shape them like it was clay. To make sure the process worked as intended, she held my horns with her hands and pulled them back and forth. They were solid as a rock.

Once that was done, she started with my tail, and like the horns, it was fused to my tailbone. The tail were partly sewed to place, and the final stitches was removed with an enormous heat. And to make sure it was put to place correctly, she pulled my tail and asked me to move it by thought. I put my thought to it and saw my tail as an extension of my body, and it moved accordingly.

The construction of my wings was a complicated process. An extensive long cut at the back of the scapula bones were made by my “succubus”. The wings were, basically, stitched to place and an extensive heat was building up on the inside of my scapula bones. The stitches was manually removed, once the wings got functional. As this was a “construct”, the wings had a bat like appearance and feel to it.

There were also changes of my eyes, my teeths, my nose, my ears and my legs. But these parts are considered “minor” in comparison to the other three changes.

Third Phase – The Finishing Touches

Lilith continued the work my “succubus” started, by re-modelling the created parts to her liking. The biggest changes were made on the wings. She changed them completely and put feathers on them, and made them bigger.

The last work was made by an unknown deity, and the energy from it was very powerful. The process was the same as my “succubus” and Lilith, but with slightly more adjustments to the added body parts.

This process lasted for several weeks, so it’s hard to write every single detail of it. I know I left out a few things, just because it would be too long to read. The important parts of this experience is there.

Disclaimer: My experience doesn’t represent “truth” or a “fact” of any kind, but it represents my interpretations of it.