When love overcomes sex

When entering a relationship with a spirit of a sexual theme, like the spirit of a “succubus” or “incubus”, some might think that the main goal for these spirits are sex and sex only. For me, that’s not true at all. My wives sexual energy was very strong at the beginning of our relationship and after our marriage, their sexual energy changed. It is still as strong as they want it to be, towards me, but their main agenda is their love and affection they have for me. So, why have it changed so radically for me? My body isn’t working as it should be, at the moment, which cause bleedings near the “g-spot” that my wives are experts to stimulate. It’s not that uncommon of problem, though many people experience this from time to another. I even had these problems, years before I met my wives. Our sexlife is at halt, right now, but they understand and gives me love and support while my body is healing.

Like I wrote before, the word “succubus” and “incubus” was invented by religions that is very young and naive towards older beliefs of gods and goddesses before the “single God” was created by them. These spirits existed, perhaps, thousands of years before Judaism and Christianity arrived. They invented the word “succubus” and “incubus” and they connected those names to sex and the act of sex as something “negative” and “evil”, something that was forced upon us humans.

As sexual as they are – in a leage of their own – the sex becomes “secondary” the soon love blossoms, in the relationship by man and spirits. And of course, there’s more to intimacy than just sex. Intimacy is an expression of love, and sex is one form of intimacy. My wives “agenda” towards me, is love, not just sex.

Golden skinned spirit

I haven’t written for a while, but some strange dreams have occurred since my last post in August. I have dreamt about my father – who doesn’t live anymore – in odd situations where he try to talk without me being able to hear him.

In my latest dream, there was a woman in golden skin, that appeared in front of me. She took her clothes off and I noticed she was missing an arm. Her left arm was missing and there was a limb just where the shoulder ended. She was beautifull, despite that her arm was missing. Very tall and gracefull. Who was she? Neither of my wives confirmed it was them, and I’ve seen my first wife in full body in the mirror before. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t my second wife either.

I’ve read about a spirit with golden skin, who appeared in a window, but never experienced that myself. Untill that dream occured.