When sharing our experiences to others, we give our own perspective of whats going on. For the past years, up to some weeks ago, it’s been on the positive side. But lately, some bloggers quit writing and deleting their blogs and some switch their perspective of something good to something less good. Is that a bad sign? Does that affect my own relationship with my wives? Have I noticed something different about them, because of those events? My answer to that is a big NO. It’s just the same as it has been for a couple of years now, and it’s slowly evolving, bit by bit.

When it comes to relationships – any kind of relationship – there’s perspectives from all kinds of people. The most important perspective is of the couples involved, of course. That’s the foundation to even make it work, and to make a relationship possible. What other people think is, mostly, irrelevant. Sometimes, the “third part” perspective seems to be in a “negative” affect where it creates a conflict with the emotions and feelings towards the love interrest. When that wheel got “spinned”, a conflict occurs where someone got hurt and try to understand.

Religion is the most common, negative, perspective. Religous beliefs on an individual level, is another negative perspective. The lack of perspective, because of no actual experience is another. And there is also those with similar experiences who share a likeminded perspective, and those who take a different path.

When it comes to the perspectives of our wives, “succubus”, or lady spirits, we rarely share that or sometimes even forget to consider those in the relationship we’re in. Have you asked them – or felt by their emotions – how many times they got their heart broken? Have you asked them if that broken heart was because of an influence by an “outsider”, like a familymember, a friend or even religious propaganda? Do you care what others say about your wife, “succubus” or spirit lady?

I’m not writing about this subject only because of some rough, questionable weeks in our little community of bloggers. I wanted to make a post of something of relevance: The perspectives of our ladies. Most of us men – and women, too – have got our heart broken a few times in our lives. Mostly because of our own egos, or the egos of those we dated. We have our flaws and imperfections. No one is “perfect”, not even our wives.

There is two perspectives in a relationship: our own and our ladies. Both are equally important. Both have experiences of broken hearts. The only difference, as I see it, is that we humans fall in the traps of given up on eachother for the smallest, irrelevant errors. They have flaws and imperfections, too, and they confirmed that. But when it comes to love, they don’t give up on us that easily.