Why I don’t have a Question-section in my blog

The reason for that is very simple: I don’t have the answers to questions regarding “why’s” and “how’s”.

The experiences of otherworldly realms of spirits and entities is, in my opinion, 99% in reference to yourself. The outcome of it to be positive is also in reference of how you work as an individual and how affected you are of the social indoctrination. That includes your upbringing from your parents and the religious views of the society. And there’s also the innercore of who you really are, that makes you special and unique in your own way.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have theories of “why’s” and “how’s” and some vague answers from my wives about certain things I’ve experienced with them. But that is just a reference to myself, and not to the person asking questions about a subject or an experience. I don’t really have answers to give. All I can do is being a reference to my own experience, sharing these in my blog. Maybe a few readers can relate some of those experiences to themselves, and that’s where the last 1% is. The percentage of similarities, that some of us have in common.

As I see it, given answers to these kind of questions, can build expectations of things that might not occur to that specific individual. And that doesn’t mean that me, or anyone else for that matter, is “more special” than others. Experiences of this matter is very much on an individual level, which makes it unique in its own way.