The advances of physical energies

Our little family of bloggers have different experiences through the ladies in our lives. We communicate differently, we feel the physical energies in different levels from one another, we see them differently, and even hear them differently. All these “tools” of interactions have their shared strenghts and weaknesses. And the more you use that special sense that’s been most enhanced, you learn to recognize differences of what you see, feel, hear, touch and taste.

My strongest sense is my ability to feel my ladies touches, and that is the most developed sense. I’ve learned the differences of feeling energies in the physical spectrum, which is light, dark and neutral energy. I’ve written about those energies before, so I’m not gonna repeat it again.

Physical energies in the astral plane is very interesting, because it can give a physical “vision” of whats going on around you. It’s not easy to explain how, but imagine a blind person touching his/her surroundings with their hands and “visualizing” it with their touches. The energies have a lot of nuances to it, aswell, and it’s not just bound to the three levels of light, dark and neutral. To physically feel a crowded place, makes it heavier to breathe, right? That takes alot of energies to physically feel that. Rainbows have plenty of colors in the visual appearance. Energies works the same way, as I see it.

Physical energies can also, as I see it, reveals a behavior pattern. Feelings of physical expressions, like joy, happiness, sadness, anger, love, to care and other forms of expressions. It gives a resemblance to the classic silent movies from early 20th century.

You can learn alot from your strongest sense, and this is what I’ve learnt, so far. Still just scratched the surface.

A new year, and a period of celebrations again

I haven’t written in a while, for many different reasons. I’ve been sick with cold, fever and a few recurring issues with my stomach. There’s really nothing new to share, regarding my daily experiences with my two ladies in my life. It might have gotten to a daily “routines” in some aspects, but in a comfortable way. Relationships on “routine” usually ends pretty bad for alot of people. Not for me and my ladies, though. For me, passing that threshold of finding eachother to actually be in a serious relationship, is starting with “routines” and being perfectly fine with it. Some new things, nowadays, appears in small fragments in the long run. And thats fine, too. No need to rush things, just for the sake of finding new experiences. It comes, when I’m ready. Simple as that.

When I started this blog, I had been in a relationship with my wives for almost a year. Now we’re on our fourth year this year. January and February are two important months of celebrations for us. Anniversaries and birthdays.

I’ve been listen to a song, lately, that seems pretty good. Especially the lyrics of that song. The song is about love, but more in competition to religious worships. I like the lyrics and the meaning of it.

How would you interpret this song?