Communication – The importance of physical energies

Bodylanguage, in the human world, takes around 70% of how we communicate with eachother. When we communicate with our spirits, the most common way to go, isn’t the physical energies. Instead we’re talk about the visual and the audible. To see and to hear. In my world, that’s very limiting. You use either 15-30% of your actual capabilities when just using those abilities. I’m not saying that it’s a bad ability to hear or to see the spirits, but to rely on it entirely does not improve the communicative aspect in any form of relationship. In the long run, visual and audible communication have the fallacy of getting shallow over time. But if these two common ways of communications co-operate with the physical energies, it will give a more solid ground to interpret the messages we receive from the spirits.

With the ability to feel and sense energies and it’s different manifestations, you can learn much more from it, than with the ability to hear and see. And it is just a valid source for communication like the other two, with the biggest difference that it has much more layers to it.

With the physical energy, you can learn how to:

* Physically interact with a spirit

* Interpret the bodylanguage of a spirit

* Shared consciousness, emotional communication

* Astral travel with physical awareness while being fully conscious and awake

* Experience “visual imprints” of the physical energy/manifestation

* Feel and sense gifts from the spirits

* Be connected to any form of manifestation from the spirits, including dark and divine currents of their energies

* Understand the mechanics and functionality of energies

If you are connected to their energies, you are a more active part of the spirit world, much more than if you just are able to hear or see them.


A year of “spreading the word”

Time really flies by. I haven’t written in here for over a year now. I’ve just been busy last year, getting to know other people with experiences of spirits, entities and demons. Despite these highly experienced people, few if any, knows about “succubus” spirits and just as few knows about physical energies. Either that, or they just don’t share it as openly as I try to do.

This basically means that I’ve been busy over a year now, trying to spread the positive words about “succubus” out there. The interest of “succubus” and “incubus” spirits have been very positive, and quite a lot of the practitioners of magic have asked questions about these spirits. Spreading the word have been a positive experience for me, because these people are just as openminded as we are in our little community here on WordPress.

My relationship with my two ladies is just as strong as it’s always been. It’s been quite challenging in my job over the past year, but I was never alone with these struggles. It’s comforting that way, having two wonderful, loving and caring wives by my side.

It’s been over 5 years now. Time really flies.

An interresting perspective of “demons” and black magic

I find alot of things E.A Koetting talk about in his videos as interresting and more in line to my own point of views. That doesn’t mean I agree with him in everything, especially when the subject is about sex magic or sexual entities. But maybe my perspective is in disagreement because my experiences is longterm relationship and not for the sake of pleasures only.

What do you think?

The mechanics of physical energies

Disclaimer: This is my own interpretation of energies through my own experiences and progression over the years, and should be seen as just that.

Energies is, as I see it, an individual representation of someone alive, deceased or of events from the past. What can energies represent? Emotions of different flavours like happiness, sadness, joy, anger. Sometimes it can be contagious and affect the surroundings in both positive and negative ways. Emotional energies is a strong force and one of many ways to communicate with spirits and entities.

Physical energies and the mechanics behind it:
The “scientific” explanation of how these kind of energies manifest is complicated, but I’ll give it a try. The ground rule of a successfull interaction is that it needs a “giver” and a “reciever”, for example, someone that speaks in front of an active listener. For me, it was an extensive work to make the physical energies manifest in a daily basis. Below is a simple explanation of the work my ladies did to successfully interact with them:

Overhead view of my head


Interaction with physical energies is like putting a “blanket” of your own energy whenever you touch a solid object. This “blanket” of energy makes it possible for spirits or entities to physically communicate with you, and interact with the physical object you touch. Sometimes these kind of energy needs a recharge, especially when the bed or clothes are changed. Sometimes when the energy isn’t recharged, there can be a slight chance that the spirit/entity is getting stuck in the physical object. I’ve experienced that, and I can only imagine the feelings one of my ladies had when that occured.

Ethereal copies:
The concept of ethereal copies makes offering gifts to spirits/entities a possibility. The offerings of food and beverages, and jewelries fits an actual purpose of usage thanks to the ability to energetically copying it. In reverse, their own gifts to us is just as possible to feel physically. I have felt jewelries and different clothes they have given me.

The mechanics of the physical energies is, as I experience it, quite complicated to explain to those who hasn’t experienced it yet. But take note of my disclaimer above: My experiences, my interpretation.

This was originally posted in a forum, by myself, but thought it would fit in my own blog too.

The advances of physical energies

Our little family of bloggers have different experiences through the ladies in our lives. We communicate differently, we feel the physical energies in different levels from one another, we see them differently, and even hear them differently. All these “tools” of interactions have their shared strenghts and weaknesses. And the more you use that special sense that’s been most enhanced, you learn to recognize differences of what you see, feel, hear, touch and taste.

My strongest sense is my ability to feel my ladies touches, and that is the most developed sense. I’ve learned the differences of feeling energies in the physical spectrum, which is light, dark and neutral energy. I’ve written about those energies before, so I’m not gonna repeat it again.

Physical energies in the astral plane is very interesting, because it can give a physical “vision” of whats going on around you. It’s not easy to explain how, but imagine a blind person touching his/her surroundings with their hands and “visualizing” it with their touches. The energies have a lot of nuances to it, aswell, and it’s not just bound to the three levels of light, dark and neutral. To physically feel a crowded place, makes it heavier to breathe, right? That takes alot of energies to physically feel that. Rainbows have plenty of colors in the visual appearance. Energies works the same way, as I see it.

Physical energies can also, as I see it, reveals a behavior pattern. Feelings of physical expressions, like joy, happiness, sadness, anger, love, to care and other forms of expressions. It gives a resemblance to the classic silent movies from early 20th century.

You can learn alot from your strongest sense, and this is what I’ve learnt, so far. Still just scratched the surface.

A new year, and a period of celebrations again

I haven’t written in a while, for many different reasons. I’ve been sick with cold, fever and a few recurring issues with my stomach. There’s really nothing new to share, regarding my daily experiences with my two ladies in my life. It might have gotten to a daily “routines” in some aspects, but in a comfortable way. Relationships on “routine” usually ends pretty bad for alot of people. Not for me and my ladies, though. For me, passing that threshold of finding eachother to actually be in a serious relationship, is starting with “routines” and being perfectly fine with it. Some new things, nowadays, appears in small fragments in the long run. And thats fine, too. No need to rush things, just for the sake of finding new experiences. It comes, when I’m ready. Simple as that.

When I started this blog, I had been in a relationship with my wives for almost a year. Now we’re on our fourth year this year. January and February are two important months of celebrations for us. Anniversaries and birthdays.

I’ve been listen to a song, lately, that seems pretty good. Especially the lyrics of that song. The song is about love, but more in competition to religious worships. I like the lyrics and the meaning of it.

How would you interpret this song?

Is there a secret war going on, between “succubus” and others given them a bad reputation?

This is something I’ve been thinking about, for some time now. That’s because of things some other bloggers mentioned. I have not read about it just once, or twice, but I even had a private conversation about this, were entities like our ladies is at war with shapeshifters/imposters pretending to be something they aren’t. Could there be something to that, or is it just a missinterpretation of dreams/astral projection?

What I do know – through my own experiences and my interpretation of it – is that my wives is very precautious and protective when they are planning something big for advancement in our relationship. That means using their knowledge in magic, using salt and sigills to keep uninvited entities or spirits away. A reason for protection – especially in the period of bonding – is because their energies was both new for me, and for a first timer, very strong in their presence towards me. That introduction and bonding-period can cause unwanted attention from other beings in their own homeworld. From their point of view, it’s understandable that curiosity plays a role in this. They have friends and families, too, that cares for them.

There seems to be others out there, that might be curious in a level that doesn’t match the innocent way of curiosity. I felt how they spread salt on my head and body, made protection sigills on my body and used magic to keep unwanted attention at bay. When it comes to protection and healing, my wives is on the top of the line.

Is there a war going on? I don’t really know, but it would be understandable if it was. Their reputation has been at stake for centuries with “reports” of succubus/incubus doing harm on human males and females. Misinterpretation and fear can be one factor, false legends and myths and religious indoctrination. Good turns bad, making false statements about them. Then there is the possible imposters/shapeshifters, pretending to be what they are not, stealing energy without giving some of it back.

Would you consider a false and bad reputation as something that withheld your people to the outside world? Is it an act of war, by those who started it? Does the imposters/shapeshifters take advantage of the false myths and legends about “succubus/incubus”?

Why feminism isn’t their “thing”

There’s been a lot of discussions about feminism, lately, and it was very interesting to be a part of it. Why doesn’t feminism apply to the women of spiritual or entity nature?

According to the two ladies in my life, there seems to be some kind of hierarchical order in their dimension. There is rules, and some entities and spirits have unique pattern in their energy that “defines” who they are, what they know and can achieve with their presence with us humans. What gender you have is not a matter of significance. There is very powerful males, and very powerful females. The older the spirit/entity, the more knowledge it has obtained and more knowledge makes their energies stronger. Knowledge is power, not gender. But the power of knowledge is useless if it doesn’t pass on to others. It needs balance to work at full potential. That’s why it seems to work much better there, in their dimension, than here with humans. We tend to hide knowledge and truth about worldly matters. For us, hidden knowledge is power, keeping secrets from the public. That’s corruption.

The Lilith Archetype is something many feminists look up too. By not being submissive to Adam, she claimed equality. When he disagreed about being equal, she got banned from Eden. That story is about patriarchy defeating equality. If Lilith was behaving like Adam, it would be a feminist claim of today’s standard. Lilith is an entity that is independent. She doesn’t need to depend on others than herself. For me, I see her as a Goddess of Equality. Raising the ladder a few steps, or lower it, would make her a tougher challenge. But that’s my opinion.

Knowledge is a power that’s on an individual level. Knowledge doesn’t depend on males or females exclusively, and knowledge can be taught to anyone that obtains it, and willingly pass it on to others. Our ladies are well aware of that, in my interpretation of it. When will our world be aware?

Rules of attraction

Have you ever heard the phrases: “There’s someone for everyone“? or “You are not alone“? That phrases is, as I’ve experienced, a common thing to say to those who feel lonely or are tired of being stood up by the opposite sex, again and again.

To find comfort and understanding from other people, when sharing a broken heart or feelings of being alone, hasn’t worked out that good for me. It didn’t work, because I questioned the “normal” rules of attraction. People – or regular humans – have set their own rules to find someone attractive, putting deeper values aside. Shallowness, were looks and money is more important than how you are as a person. The comfort and understanding, turns into blaming. “Maybe there is something wrong with you, and not her?” or the classic where the family becomes the reason to break up with someone. When the same thing happens to them, how will they feel when nobody give them comfort and understanding when getting dumped or feeling lonely?

Most of the mammals on this planets have been categorized as “alphas” or “betas”. Humans, too, obviously. Alpha males is were females falls for. Especially when it comes to sex. The stronger you are, or the more dangerous you are, the easier it is to get laid. And the easier it is to have sex, the bigger chance to spread the genes to the next generation. Being an “alpha” have pro’s and cons. The obvious is the easy way to get laid, right? That’s the pro. The con? The offsprings of alphas might be a reason for lack of intelligence, bad results in school and the general knowledge of the outside world gets pretty low results aswell. It might sound far streched and generalized, and maybe it is. But when looks and bad behaviour is the rule of attraction, instead of who you are as a person, it just makes me bend the rules with thoughts like these.

Does the rules of attraction, as we know it, applies to spirits and entities like our wives/companions? It doesn’t seems like that. They value something much deeper than our skins, and they see us as an individual. They value our thoughts, our questions of “why’s” when we don’t like the rules of human society. They value and sherish openness of feeling joy and sadness, without hiding it in the darkness. When they fall in love with us, they don’t just penetrate our hearts, but our soul aswell. Their love is as serious as it could ever be, and when they find their true love, they hold on to it. Forever.

Why I don’t have a Question-section in my blog

The reason for that is very simple: I don’t have the answers to questions regarding “why’s” and “how’s”.

The experiences of otherworldly realms of spirits and entities is, in my opinion, 99% in reference to yourself. The outcome of it to be positive is also in reference of how you work as an individual and how affected you are of the social indoctrination. That includes your upbringing from your parents and the religious views of the society. And there’s also the innercore of who you really are, that makes you special and unique in your own way.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have theories of “why’s” and “how’s” and some vague answers from my wives about certain things I’ve experienced with them. But that is just a reference to myself, and not to the person asking questions about a subject or an experience. I don’t really have answers to give. All I can do is being a reference to my own experience, sharing these in my blog. Maybe a few readers can relate some of those experiences to themselves, and that’s where the last 1% is. The percentage of similarities, that some of us have in common.

As I see it, given answers to these kind of questions, can build expectations of things that might not occur to that specific individual. And that doesn’t mean that me, or anyone else for that matter, is “more special” than others. Experiences of this matter is very much on an individual level, which makes it unique in its own way.