Does others experiences affect yours?

I haven’t written for a while, but I have been thinking about the topic above, for some time now. To be in a relationship like this is an extraordinary experience in itself and we share both similarities and differences within these relationships. The similarities we have is, often, the obvious touches and the sexual intimacy. Other experiences in between these two “commonly” features is rarely similar to one another, and that made me create a topic like this.

Why is there differences, anyway?

To answer that question is to simple tear down the mainstream stereotype and look at an individual level. We all have different views, different experiences of life, and different perspective of things around us. And since we humans, mostly – generally speaking, of course – chose different paths in life, regarding similarity in life experiences, the spiritual experiences adapt to your personal and individual references. Are you affected by legends and myths about “demons”? There’s a possibility that your perspectives in the matter will be tested. As I’ve read other blogs, it seems like something “rare” to experience. I still wonder why, but that just take me back to the individuality perspective and life experience. Nothing is written in stone, which make every relationship unique in its own way.

So, back to the topic question:

Does other experiences affect your own experience?

A direct and fast answer should be: “It shouldn’t affect you in any way.”

Why? Your experiences, and interpretation of it, is yours and not anyone else’s. It doesn’t matter if anyone experience something you haven’t experienced, or vice versa. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t raises questions of “why”, or that it doesn’t have an impact of a few people who read our blogs. And that can raise questions of authenticity of what people share. Personally, I think is the wrong path to take. Have you ever heard of the phrase: “If it’s good to be true, it probably isn’t true at all!” A statement of contradiction if most of us share these few similarities we have in common.


When sharing our experiences to others, we give our own perspective of whats going on. For the past years, up to some weeks ago, it’s been on the positive side. But lately, some bloggers quit writing and deleting their blogs and some switch their perspective of something good to something less good. Is that a bad sign? Does that affect my own relationship with my wives? Have I noticed something different about them, because of those events? My answer to that is a big NO. It’s just the same as it has been for a couple of years now, and it’s slowly evolving, bit by bit.

When it comes to relationships – any kind of relationship – there’s perspectives from all kinds of people. The most important perspective is of the couples involved, of course. That’s the foundation to even make it work, and to make a relationship possible. What other people think is, mostly, irrelevant. Sometimes, the “third part” perspective seems to be in a “negative” affect where it creates a conflict with the emotions and feelings towards the love interrest. When that wheel got “spinned”, a conflict occurs where someone got hurt and try to understand.

Religion is the most common, negative, perspective. Religous beliefs on an individual level, is another negative perspective. The lack of perspective, because of no actual experience is another. And there is also those with similar experiences who share a likeminded perspective, and those who take a different path.

When it comes to the perspectives of our wives, “succubus”, or lady spirits, we rarely share that or sometimes even forget to consider those in the relationship we’re in. Have you asked them – or felt by their emotions – how many times they got their heart broken? Have you asked them if that broken heart was because of an influence by an “outsider”, like a familymember, a friend or even religious propaganda? Do you care what others say about your wife, “succubus” or spirit lady?

I’m not writing about this subject only because of some rough, questionable weeks in our little community of bloggers. I wanted to make a post of something of relevance: The perspectives of our ladies. Most of us men – and women, too – have got our heart broken a few times in our lives. Mostly because of our own egos, or the egos of those we dated. We have our flaws and imperfections. No one is “perfect”, not even our wives.

There is two perspectives in a relationship: our own and our ladies. Both are equally important. Both have experiences of broken hearts. The only difference, as I see it, is that we humans fall in the traps of given up on eachother for the smallest, irrelevant errors. They have flaws and imperfections, too, and they confirmed that. But when it comes to love, they don’t give up on us that easily.


The influence of a “succubus”

At the start of my relationship with my wives, I’ve got a close look of their powers to influence people around me. Especially women. By “sending” sexual energy in the area of a specific “target”, they behave promiscious and starting to “flirt” and tease in front of me. Those kind of things never happened to me before I met my wives, so I think they did those things in a two-way manner: To give me a little glimpse of what they can do, and to let me experience something I’ve never experienced before – getting a “flirt” from someone I’ve never met before. Sure, I’ve been in relationships before my wives, without experiences like these.

There is a big difference to “influence”, and to “manipulate” someone. The choice of free will, as I see it, is not affected by “influence”. The choice of taking the sexual energies and the flirting it caused to the next step, is in the hands of the woman in front of me and myself. By the choice of free will, these women just gave me a “flirt” and a “tease”, and a little boost to my ego. Neither of us did anything to release the tension the sexual energies gave us. Maybe a lesser shy man would take advantage of the possibilities he’s been given, depending on what kind of relationship he have.

Their darkness also have the power to “influence” and we who experience these can make the choice of being afraid, or just embrace it and feel safe and comfortable with it.

The power of “manipulation” has never been the agenda of my wives. Manipulation is, as I see it, a one mans – or authorities – agenda for the purpose of controlling an individual or the masses of a society. Governments, religions and individuals with sociopathic behaviour often uses manipulation for selfish needs. That is just my thoughts about the differences of influence and manipulation.

Myths versus personal experience

There are several myths about succubus and incubus that has been challenged through my experiences with my wives over the years. Some of these myths is, in some instances, possible. Some are not in the slightest true at all. Just take in consideration that these myths were only challenged through what information I found, and my own experiences afterwards. It doesn’t have to reflect your own experiences and researches about the subject.

Myth: Succubus and incubus are “demons” with an agenda to steal your soul, and to hurt you through fear.

My personal experience and thoughts: If “demons” exist – which I, personally, don’t believe. Not in a biblical way, anyway. – they have one goal only, and that is to do harm without consider the consequenses of their actions towards their “prey”. A simple, singularminded entity, driven by complete darkness. My wives are entities of duality, which means that they share similar behaviour as humans. They can make a choice of doing good, or doing bad. They can feel sadness and regrets from what choices they make in their lives and make up for that. As beings of duality, they have their own fears, weaknesses and strenghts in their personality, just like us humans.

Myth: Sleep paralysis is a part of the “succubus/incubus experience”.

My personal experience and thoughts: The definition of “sleep paralysis” is the inability to move when falling asleep or in a waken state, while at the same time get a feeling of a “dark, sinister presence” around you. This “symptom” even have a medical term, as a part of several sleeping disorders such as obstractive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Several reports of “alien abductions” share similarities to the myths of succubus/incubus experiences aswell. I never experienced sleep paralysis according to the information. The closest I’ve experienced to this is a “partial paralysis”, which means that I have the choice of will to break loose and move out of it, making the experience less exhausting and more comfortable.

Myth: To have sex with a succubus is like “penatrating a flesh of coldness” with a loss of physical strenght. Repeating sexual intercourse leads to “death”.

My personal experience and thoughts:  If that was entirely true, I wouldn’t been able to share that experience with you, wouldn’t I? My sexual experiences has been through different stages with my wives. “Cold penetrations” is one of them, through their darkness, which they have in their duality personality. Even if it is, indeed, coldness to it, the loss of energy isn’t there in the slightiest. These kind of experiences just happened a few times in the beginning of my relationship with my wives, and with no intentions from them to inflict fear or harm me in any way. I rather enjoyed it, actually. Whether that makes me “kinky” or not is irrelevant to the subject. I strongly believe that even if fear was a result of an experience like that, they would’ve stopped imediately.

What myths about succubus have been challenged by your own experiences?

Why do bloggers delete their blogs?

In the past few weeks, some bloggers about the succubus experience, deleted their blogs. I wonder why. What made them chose to stop sharing the positive experience about something that is infamous for being “bad”?

There is a few reasons I will keep my blog, and not deleting it:

* Despite that experiences of this nature is very much individual with few exceptional similarities, it is imprtant to share the positivities of those said experiences, challenging the negative myths and legends about succubus and incubus.

* To get an understanding of why fear can mess things up and that darkness does have an importance if it appear to us.

* To share my point of view of my experiences to those who read my blog, and maybe help a few people in the way. I’m not saying that I am “right” or that you are “wrong”, but that I only point out the outcome of my own reactions towards similar experiences that turned out in a “bad start”. I did help a few people, that way, in a private correspondence and it turned the table for them.

So why do some people with experience of succubus, deleting their blogs? Is it because of “dissapointments” from their succubus spouses? Did they got a “feeling” of sharing “too much” about their experiences? If so, why did they share it in the first place? Do they feel some kind of responsibility of putting youngsters in “danger” by encouraging them to get in contact with a succubus? Do they have to feel some kind of responsibility at all, for a blog of this subject?

If I had to answer those questions above, my answer would be that it is my right to write about anything. If my experiences would be differently and negative in mythological way, I probably wouldn’t share my experiences to the readers. Sure I found some kind of “responsibility” with my blog, but not in the way of encouraging others to “go for it”, but rather help people who doesn’t yet figured out what to do, when experiencing the darker aspect of their experiences. If my point of view works for them, then I feel that I have a good purpose of keeping my blog.

A happy birthday!

It is not just a celebration month of anniversaries of my third year with my wives. It is also my first wifes birthday today. So today it’s all about her, and I will do my best to “spoil” her with my love and affection in many ways possible.

Happy birthday, honey! I love you with all my heart and all my soul.

The F.E.A.R aspect

The emotion of “fear” can mess you up, even if the emotion itself lack any real threat to you. How come, that fear have such an impact on us, even if there isn’t any reason for it to do so? Is it because of religion? Lack of knowledge of the unknown? Warnings from others negative experiences? Is “fear” an emotional response that, instinctively, get to some of us that doesn’t know any other way to express ourself in front of something unfamiliar?

People are afraid of many things. Religious “sins”. Insects and predatory animals. Conflicts of any kind. Fictional horrors. Some people are afraid of something that they can’t explain right away, which make them come to false conclusions that the experience is “malicous” and “evil”.

That last sentence above is the most important one. As I see it, fear of the unknown, can have a “trigger effect”. Since emotions is a powerfull energetic pattern that creates a “need to get more”, fear and love is the most powerfull ones to get. Does the intent have to be “malicious” or “evil” for the emotional respons of “fear”? In my opinion: Not always. Because sometimes the exchange of the emotional energy that “fear” have, can give an “addiction” to get more of it. When the person that was afraid, suddenly flip the coin to accept the “unknown” and choses to not be afraid anymore, he or she, creates the stronger energy that is “love”. The “need to get more” flips to love, instead of fear.


The dangers of NOT sharing

A fellow blogger did an interresting post about the dangers of sharing, and I mostly agree with that. But, as I see it, there is two sides of the coin. Especially when you’ve come to a point where you have no idea of what you’re dealing with and how to deal with it. And when not knowing, fear could be a reaction. The reaction of fear can make the intent of the communication, by the spirit or entity, to get lost on the way. The result of that, could be frustration. Wouldn’t you be frustrated if you reach out to someone, in numerous ways, but the reaction of it is fear? Your intent is lost, from the reciever, that do not understand your way of communicate with that person.

I helped someone, by mailcorrespondance, to not show fear towards the succubus thats been in his life for many years. He couldn’t understand her way of trying to connect with him. After our correspondance, the fear he had is not there anymore. He actually enjoy her company, to the fullest, than on an occasional basis.

By sharing experiences, we learn from eachother. We get another point of view of something, that some of us is unfamiliar with.

I don’t say that there shouldn’t be “warnings” of certian degrees, but to have an entity or spirit in your life and not really know how to proceed, reading posts about the dangers of certian spirits or entities, creates fear and creates frustration from someone who tries to reach out.

Three years and counting…

Some days ago, I’ve got a message from this blogsite that I’ve had my blog for three years. The time sure goes fast nowadays.

I remember it like yesterday, and it has been an amazing adventure. Yet, me and my wives have just scratched the surface. I have so much more to learn from my wives. I know a little more than I did three years ago. I know more “by experience”, than by vocal or visual sharing of their knowledge and their life experiences. I know how they are and how they “function” through emotions, but they also communicate by “writing” with their fingers on the side of my head. It’s good to express their love for me that way. More complex communication, like talking and visual gesture, would be easier. I think it’s possible to do that, eventually. Training and patience is the key.

I have getting used to their presence now. At the beginning, they were intense. I felt their darkness, their divinity and their normal personalities. I have experienced astral travel, feeling energies of other enteties, getting married twice and got my spiritual body/soul changed. All that experience was intense in so many levels, and an adventure that still going on to this day.

Like cigarettes, alcohol or other things that creates addiction, you feel it the most at the beginning. The more you using it, the “less intense” it gets. You’re getting used to their energies, their touches and their flow of emotions. That doesn’t mean it’s less intense than it was in the beginning. My body, mind and soul have adjust to them and their energies.

Three years have past, and soon we celebrate our anniversary.


Is alien abductions, really an “alien abduction”?

This isn’t my thoughts about the existens of aliens, but more a thought about misinterpretations of something that could be spirits or entities, instead of ACTUAL aliens.

If I didn’t know better, I’ve could easily fall in the criteria of “alien abduction” when my wives enhanced my soul/spirit and changed my appearence. Their usage of “tools” in a surgical way could be confusing and even frightening, if I couldn’t understand the meaning of it’s purpose. I knew the purpose, and agreed to it. I payed attention to them, studied beforehand – as much as was possible – and then made my choice.

How would the outcome be, if I knew nothing of the encounters with my wives-to-be? Reading about alien encounters and abductions, there are some similaraties. Especially when it comes to their usage of “tools” and their knowledge of human anatomy, mixed with no knowledge of why’s and by whom, blaming “aliens” seems logical to some people.


I think the individual soul and spirit is in constant development, intentionally and unintentionally. And I also think our soul and spirit is interacting with both entities and spirits in an unconcious state. Sometimes the state of unconciousness become concious, creating fear of whats really going on. Either the fear creates “alien encounters” or “malicious” spirits/entities.