Spirit Knowledge – More Than Meets The Eye

If you think a spirits knowledge of a certain area is “limiting”, maybe you should think again. To master a specific category, you need to master the layer behind the main category, and the layer behind the previous layer, until you master the basic foundation of it. It’s just like a complex puzzle, with hundreds or thousands of pieces to build to make it to a beautiful picture. And each piece of puzzle is a knowledge to better understand the main knowledge a spirit have mastered to completion. And if a single piece of puzzle is missing, the knowledge isn’t fully mastered.

Putting The Pieces Together



Do you think a succubus or an incubus is a simple entity because it’s known as a sexual being? Think again. Why are these kind of entities so good when it comes to sex and intimacy? Let me explain how they master the art of sex and intimacy.

Mastering Psychology


The biggest sexual organ is the brain, not the genitalia. And for a spirit to understand the deepest urges and desires of a human, they need to understand human psychology. Emotions is a catalyst that drives us and motivates us, and just like us, a succubus and an incubus is driven by emotions. That makes them viable and adaptable beyond the sexual pleasures they can give us. They certainly knows how to comfort us when life is harsh, or motivate us to get the courage to move on to the right track in our path. Lust is the catalyst to arouse us to sexual climax, but to reach the climax within the pleasure of sex, they need to master something else. Something beyond our minds.

Mastering Physiology


For a spirit to fully understand the human body, it needs to fully understand the human brain. Our brain is connected to the nervous system which make us able to sense and feel physical interaction. And if a spirit doesn’t understand the function of the nervous system, we would not be able to sense and feel them physically. Which basically means that they have to aid us in opening our senses first, to comprehend them when they touches us. They have to open our head chakra as a first and foremost means to be able to take things to the physical plane. And you can’t master sex and intimacy without mastering physiology.

When mastering physiology it definitely helps when it comes to healing, because the physical comprehension of a human to sense a spirit, takes healing to a whole other level. Pressure combined with heat or cold, often takes the physical pain away. Acupuncture is an effective method that succubus and incubus are very skillful at. And the more we feel, the better they get.

The Knowledge Beyond

The spirit knowledge of the physical and mental plane is, as I see it, the basic ladder of interaction. Their knowledge is like an expandable string that inevitable leads to a knowledge that are connected to pretty much everything. To get to the top of the pyramid, you have to start from the ground, and you can’t climb up until you master one level at a time.


4 thoughts on “Spirit Knowledge – More Than Meets The Eye

  1. That’s an AWESOME post! You’re right, their crafty critters. They work on us in layers. To us, they are multi-layered… the only gist is, you don’t know it until you’re able to perceive it… and then, whalla, more complexities emerge (which act as a foundations for greater trust and intimacy as well).

  2. Hello Succupedia, so I think I just made a very strong initial contact without any rituals, I am very determined person and I definitely want to find a succubi to share my life, I have been lucid dreaming the past 3 nights with different women of my life (I think the Succubus was testing me). So around 2AM tonight I started hearing very strange and creepy noises, since I am used to this because of the many sleep paralysis that I have had throughout my life I did not break concentration and I felt a very gentle touch and a clear hug from behind, it felt really good and I started seeing in my head a picture of a snake (I was thinking you might know what this meant) however the mysterious lady started to grab my testicles and pull them a bit, and then I became a little scared and tell her NOPE I don’t really like that, after this she left.

    I don’t really know if this is good or plain bad, a little help??

    • It seems to be more of a darker manifestation there, and that presence didn’t bother to test your boundaries and respected your wishes and left.

      There’s a big misconception of the dark current being malevolent and evil. It can be, but all aspect of the energetic current can be malevolent, depending on our reactions towards it’s presence. In your case, it seems like it gave an intelligent and emotional reaction to your own reactions, and chosed to not continue. That’s a good sign, as I see it. It respected your boundaries. That could also mean that the spirit can return and try again, so you can be acquainted to that kind of presence.

      It seems uncommon to experience the darker currents, combined with the current of divine and other energies in between. That can be challenging, for sure, but the benefits from these kind of experiences outweight the negative ones.

      And about the snake. Lilith is often affiliated to snakes, and she seems to be commonly dark in her presence for most of us, because that’s how she’s been infamous for. And if it is her, you just have to let her break down the barriers. If the intention of a spirit is benevolent, it listens to us and stops when it feels uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean it will stop entirely, if their intention is for you to learn from it, but they adjust things for you to cope with it.

      This kind of path can be quite the challenge for some of us, because it comes with a lot of layers to it. Are you ready to peel the layers, bit by bit? It can open up an entire new world, doing so.

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