Why setting boundaries is important when sharing experiences

When sharing experiences, some people feel the need to explore and find validation to others experiences. Maybe out of curiosity, or as a remark of their own abilities. Personally, I find validation of the experience as something comfortable and relaxing, as long as it’s within peripherals of an allowance to do so.

The problems can occur when someone take the freedom of exploring others experiences without agreement or permission to do so, because the boundaries of privacy is broken. And when the information is a little more than you know yourself, or haven’t found out yet, for reasons the spirits you work with might find it irrelevant or that you’re not ready to attain, it could be devastating.

The result of a non-agreement exploration of others experience, can create:

* Doubts
* Depression
* Conflicts
* Low self-esteem

In contrast, a permitted exploration have the benefit of strengthen your experiences with positive emotional results, because you will get:

* Validation
* Understanding
* Clarity
* Confidence

Even if the intentions is not to make any harm by exploring others experiences, the result of it can be devastating if it’s done without asking for permission to do so.

I have an example where the permission was partially there, but the person took liberty of digging too deep and used dogmatic views and at the same time used the result of doubts to her advantage. The result took over a year to repair, and luckily the guy have re-established his connection to his spirit again.

To get your experiences validated by others is, sometimes, strengthening. But always, always ask for permission of doing so first. Even if the intention is good and for validation only, the result of it can be devastating.

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