Letter Of Intent – How To Summon A Succubus/Incubus

I’ve been given some thought about doing a post about this for some time now, and here it is. Spirits and entities under the influence of Lilith, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat or Eisheth Zenunim can be in the darker aspect within their appearance. Reading about others experiences of these entities it seems like an uncommon manifestation, but it should be considered a noticed “warning” in case that happens. The “warning” is more of a consideration to be prepared, rather than abort the event and flee with fear. The darker aspect of these spirits is, as I see it, a trial of enduring and actually have a purpose to it with a possible outcome of bonding with these kind of entities. Of those four Queens, Lilith is the attention of your letter.

Before you grabbing your pen and paper, read the section below.

Conflicts And Disturbance

Working with other spirits or entities while summoning a “succubus”/”incubus” or of similar type, isn’t always a good idea. Depending on what you wrote on the letter – your own choices and intentions – and the personality of the spirit and it’s own choice of starting a relationship with you, a conflict may rise against your other spirits. Some people might call that “jealousy”, but I disagree.

Intimate spirits, like “succubus”/”incubus” is often deeply dedicated towards their partner, and that means they can aid you on your own spiritual growth. When other spirits are in their way, the energetic disturbance make ascended workings very hard to do. Rivalry can grow and the summoner becomes an “attention territory” between the spirits, just like a ragdoll tug-of-war between children. That often ends bad for the ragdoll, with limbs and cotton all over the place. That’s why you really have to be certain of your choice and banish other spirits before summoning a “succubus”/”incubus”. Like always, there’s exceptions were it works well between all spirits involved, too.

Preparation Of Your Letter

This part of the preparation is of importance. The purpose of writing a letter is to make your intent known to Lilith. It has to been thorough and well thought of, for the matchmaking of a succubus/incubus to work to your liking. You better ask yourself:

* What personality should she/he have? For example: Loving, protective, sensitive, honest, loyal etc.
* Do you want a short term sexual experience?
* Do you want a serious romantic relationship? (It is as serious as it ever could be, and shouldn’t been taken lightly. You have to be certain before making these kind of commitments.)

When you are certain of what you want, you start writing your letter by signing the words “To Lilith” at the top. Then write your wishes of how you want one of her daughters/sons personality to be, for better matchmaking. Again, you have to be certain of your wishes. Done? Let’s continue!

The Ritual

The optimal time to do the ritual is at 3.am. You need a candle of any choice to be next to your Letter Of Intent. Before you burn the letter you speak to Lilith, either out loud or by thought. You always have to pay your highest RESPECT to her, when you speak:

Lilith, please receive this offering. I give this truthfully and willingly.

After you said these words, burn the letter with your candle, without folding it. When the paper still burns, you say:

May the light of this candle burn brightly and guide your daughter/son to me.

Let the candle burn for 30 minutes. Relax and clear your mind for a while.

The Aftermath

Focus and paying attention is important at this stage, as I see it. Usually it begins with some touches and a sexual arousal. For some people it works shortly after the ritual is completed, but for others it can take days before something happening. The first time you notice the touches and a possible arousal, it is important to acknowledge the presence by respectfully give a “thank you” to her/him, and ask any curious visitors to leave in peace. After your acknowledgement, BLOW OUT THE CANDLE and go to bed.

You have to keep in mind that these entities and spirits have dualism behavior, just like us. There is both light and darkness in their energies and sometimes their darker spectrum is present. I see that presence as a part of an initiation, just before the bonding occurs.

Since reading this far, are you still fascinated? Have you made a choice? Are you certain of this? If you are, then your in for a fascinating adventure.

Here is a video, based on my version of the Letter Evocation Ritual. I think it is a good idea with another perspective and an auditory explanation of this ritual.

Source for this video: Magickal Ascent With Raven

She makes very interesting articles about magic. Easy explained for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any negative result of this ritual, so don’t haste it. Think this through. Not once. Not twice. Be certain, make your choice and then take action.

144 thoughts on “Letter Of Intent – How To Summon A Succubus/Incubus

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  2. Reblogged this on My Life With Lady Spirits and commented:
    Another awesome post. You beat me to it. For anyone interested i do challenge you to research and make sure this is what you want first. This request when honored by the Goddess Lilith becomes a contract a pact if you will. Therefore know what you want and assume any and all risks. However should you have the proper intentions and desire for one of Lilith’s children you are in for a life changing and rewarding result. Notice I didn’t say it would be easy.

  3. I always wonder… I know succubus can have sex with human beings in dreams. However, can these entities have sexual intercourse in 3D reality? If Yes, then how? They have no physical body. Could you say some truth, please?

  4. very interestin, i have do it this way in many try’s, but i havent been succesfully, so i’m about to try summon lililth with goethia spells i hope it works, because i was trying another ways and no result,and perhaps i’m a big noob.

  5. this was an amazing read as has been all of your stuff.wish i had this kind of guideline before. i was a force fed christian child….just knew something was not being told.

    i want a succubus companion.

    after reading here i really want my letter to address realization of ignorance and haste. You really have opened my eye to the measure of intent and truth that must be shown to even be considered and taken seriously.

    these amazing females are funking damn smart and read us perfectly. i do not want to insult their intelligence again.

  6. Hey, succupedia. Could you possibly give me an advice about my succubus? I would love to communicate with my succubus better and I have so many questions.

  7. I have a question. The video you included on the blog mentions that we can ask Lilith for a marriage with a demon. My question, then, is – can I request from her a conditional marriage? Specifically, can I ask her for a spirit husband who will be with me only until I find a human man to marry – in order to ease the loneliness I’m experiencing from waiting for a human husband?

    In other words, is a marriage to a demon permanent – or can it be revoked?

    • I wouldn’t recommend that kind of mindset when it comes to spirit relationship, but sure, it’s very much possible. But the outcome of that is a two-edged sword, and the spirit is often at risk of getting too attached to you, emotionally. That’s how I see this.

      Some spirits tends to be attached and they often fall in love, because of what they actually sees within us. If humans had the same abilities, we wouldn’t be as selective as we are today.

      But like I mentioned, it’s possible, and you could find an incubus for a short term relationship. Don’t forget to mention that part if you’re doing the ritual.

      Regarding a possible revoke; If you’re in for a short term relationship, you shouldn’t consider a marriage.

      • @succupedia ur post is good… i got into trouble once after reading instructions from an pevert named “ryan” in his ritual summoning a succubabe there he creates lots of fear unlike u did

  8. its my first time that i want to evoke a succubus and u highly recommended that to dont do it.
    my question is from where i should start to evoke a succubus.tanx

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  11. Is it possible to ask for more than one? Or is this considered rude? Since jealousy is a thing.

    Another question is that if anyone want to go with this route, does that mean they should not contact any other demons for guidance because of the “ragdoll” effects?

    Or is there a lot of spirits that are exceptions to this ragdoll idea?

    • Yeah, it’s possible to ask for more than one, but you have to mention that in the letter. Never leave out anything of importance.

      Why I recommend to not working with other spirits, is not because of jealousy, but because of ascendance. Interacting with other spirits while they are improving your spiritual growth, can create interruption and that can be a cause for conflicts between spirits. I’ve experienced a dispute between my spirits, and they recommend at least a year before making contact with other spirits.

      There’s always exceptions, though, and that’s why it is important to never forget to mention as much as possible in your letter.

      • I see I see. Thank you very much for your fast respond!

        I also have some trivial questions.

        Does “3am” refer to anywhere in the world? Or was the 3 am ideal for your location? If that is the case, can you please tell me your GMT time zone?

        Another question. I was wondering if the letter has to fit in one page? Since that’s the standard. I was wondering if such standard applies to this letter as well.

  12. I have a question; can other people see incubi or succubi if you’re talking to your incubi or succubi, and they come into the rooom? And can they change their appearances?

    • The candle should be lit when reading the letter, because you burn it after speaking to Lilith. The writing part is just the preparation, and of course you can use a candle at that point too.

      The preparatory part is pretty much limitless, so do it your own way. In the end, it’s your intentions that matter, and that is what gives results.

  13. Hello,

    I did this ritual earlier this morning around 1 AM my time.

    So I am not sure if it worked or not and I want to confirm so hopefully you can help me.

    Anyways, I did everything right, stepwise. I guess the only thing that I did differently was that I wrote “To Lilith” after I have written my letter. The letter was actually long and had many pages.

    Anyways, after I lit the candle, I said the 1st phase, then began to burn my letter, then say the 2nd phase while it is burning.

    Now, I am supposed to wait for 30 minutes and clear my mind. But I didn’t do any of those things. Because one, the room became smoky after 10 minutes and I was forced to stop since my eyes started to hurt like crazy. Because two, after a few minutes of clearing my mind and relaxing, my eyes started to get hurt, though the pain was not as intense but it was still hard to concentrate.

    Anyways, after that 10 minutes mark, I blow out the candle and try to let the smoke out. And the paper was only 1/8 burned.

    I am not sure if I succeed or not. It would be great if you can share some insight on this.

    Also, the only thing I felt during the process was “goose bump” but I don’t think that was them touching me since I didn’t get arouse. I think that was more of me afraid of getting found out by my family members. Regardless, I still acknowledge it and say Thank you.

    Thanks for your time and I hope can I hear from you.

    • It shouldn’t matter if you didn’t succeed to completely burn your letter, but I recommend it to be burnt enough to at least cover all your handwritten text in there. The idea of burning a magical letter is to put your intentions and wishes, forward, to an otherworldly realm and once it’s burnt and vanished, it will get “delivered” to Lilith.

      So, if you still have the rest of your letter, do the incantations to Lilith once again, and burn it properly this time.

  14. I have a Question…for anyone interested..

    What happens when you devote yourself to the Queen ?

    I have done a similar ritual, i tried 3 times and it worked.

    My question is more related to, Lilith.

    I have asked her for one of her daughters and on the same ritual i have exposed to her my true feelings and desires. She granted me them, and the succubi. The succubi served as a ” test ” to what was to come, i now am in a position that i dont really know what happened, so long has passed very rarely i feel spiritual presence but when i do, it is far more complex and harder to understand.

    Ive chosen Lilith, not her children.

    What implications could that bring ?

    • @Kumar dai kumar… kunju kadichidum da succubabe! u should try with “apsaras”…term is not succubus..succubus is lil derogatory word…Actually these beings are some kind of demi-gods but not evil.. there is no evil..evil=illusion…we create evil. At once u fear ur mind mind starts to hallucinate automatically..Get rid of fear first..



  15. Hi sir today early morning I tried as you say around 5:30 am but I didn’t feel touches after that I slept but in dream some what I felt sexual with some one its nice I were unable to move my hands . This is india do am I need to do exactly at 3: 00 am ,please provide Me reply sir …

      • These steps doesn’t have to be followed strictly and 100% accordingly. This is guidelines, that can be stretched a bit. Even I didn’t follow it accordingly, yet it worked for me. You know why? I’ve had the right mindset and intentions.

        What’s important to do after the ritual, is to pay attention to anything new. Pay attention to the surroundings, and acknowledge the changes. If you feel a touch: Acknowledge it. If you see something: Acknowledge it. If you hear something: Acknowledge it.

        And last but not least: Be patient.

    • It shouldn’t crash with your religious beliefs, but there’s no guarantees. In a worse case scenario, it can challenge dogma within your religion, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. It all depends on how you deal with it.

    • Because I want to summon one but my parents are at home so I was wondering if I could summon two succubus at one letter and this is my first time so I just want to make sure I get everything right.

      • Yeah, as long as you mention that on your letter it should work. Remember to be thorough and specific in your letter to Lilith, before burning it.

  16. is it possible to have like succubus only a certain time they can come find me or do I just summon and tell them some rules? Anyways,If I need help,will I still be able to contact you.

      • There is versions of this ritual that requires blood, but not this version. If you decide to use this version, there’s no need for blood offering.

        The size of your handwriting doesn’t matter, so it shouldn’t be a problem there.

      • Thanks Succupedia ,I will try it soon and get back to you,anyways do I need to say like it will not harm me?

      • Do I need to read out all the contents of the letter that I wrote and then start the ritual or I won;t have to read and just start with the ritual?

      • Hey Succupedia,can I write something like allowing my succubus to use my body when she needs too or when helping me or guiding me?

  17. From what I had read on other blogs such as sccubuslove by ryan2k, it is much better to address the letter to agrat bat mahlat than to Lilith. According to Ryan, it is much safer to work with Agrath bat mahlat than with Lilith, as Lilith gets pissed off easily. So sccupedia what’s your opinion on this?

  18. Hello Succupedia,

    I was wondering if there is a “safe” amount or a limit amount of succubus you can ask for?

    I’m talking about for short term relationship. In term of lust, more is better. So would there be any consequences (physically or spiritually) if you were to ask for many succubuses at once? Like 10 or more? Or is this not recommended?

    • I wouldn’t agree about that, because if you haven’t experienced ONE succubus, how would you know if you can handle 10?

      In my opinion, I think you should start with one succubus, to familiarize with the current of lust, and then ask for more afterwards. Because if you don’t know their capabilities and powers, why start with a harem in your first try?

  19. im a member since 2014 post-summoning the succubabe. i neva came back till i recovered fully from fear. i used to sleep with lights on throughout. I learnt a lot.. slowly fear set aside and now i nomore afraid of any kind of darkness…i even went on to the extent to lillubaby-invite via letter and blood ritual. i tried several ways of my own to get lilith itself. When i close my eyes i see a gal sometimes..but then there are other entities too that have become cooperative with me since long time. they do not disturb me….If they do i ask them to fuck off and they leave and come back when i call them…I learnt many many many ways of summoning..These are friendly beings if u are actually not afraid. No need of letter or blood rituals too..u can use “law of attraction” which is most effective ways and sure ways to get one….There is no need of use any BS rituals to get rid of them if u actually want to come out of this and end all process..FEAR is the reason of soo many unwanted things such as possession.. There is no contract while u summon a succubabe via letter-blood ritual. Contract in this is nothing but an ILLUSION. I learnt a lot…i know many ways to summon it, and also end it!


  20. Hi succupedia the video say not to do the ritual if I have no invoke a demon before so I am confuse whether I should do it or not and also the video say something about speak out the letter contents,what does she mean? Is it during writing?

  21. in addition i have another two question
    -first question: is there like a good respectful way to ask lilith for her daughter like my letter introduction must be respectful to her ,how do I write it?
    -second question: what should I write polyamory or non-monogamy which one suits better?

    • I need your reply as soon as possible because I will be doing the ritual this friday or rather a saturday morning

    • I think this video was the absolute biggest waste of my life, the most horses shit that has ever filtered through my ear ever. I hope whoever watches has at least the slightest amount of common sense to not do any thing that this (note I do not know the words derogatory enough to describe him) tells you to do. Period.

  22. Hi succupedia PLZ HELP ME also. I tried all the rituals then i got angry.. I got many entities flying around me. Some times they take shape of woman and most of the time they look like wolf, bear, monkeys, rats etc. Sometimes they look like man. I do not know who they are. I asked them trillions of times who u but no reply wtf dude. I dont knw what to do.. u pls send me some hhhhhHOT & spicy-succubabe my way if u are familiar with some good ones so that even i will enjoy good companions.

  23. Hello everyone (Hi Succupedia) , can anyone tell me if my age can influence the ritual , I am 16 and I am French, can you tell me if the summoned entity will talk french or not (personally it doesn’t matter I am very good in English)

  24. Okay so I did this but whenever I went to burn the paper my smoke alarms went off and freaked me out so I had to put out the candle and the burning paper (it still burnt all the way). But I skipped the mediation part because I was trying to get the smoke alarms to stop. Will be incubus not come because I did that? Or do I have to wait? BTW I literally just did the ritual and then came here.

  25. Hello Succupedia, is there a age requirement for this ritual. One site I was viewing said 14 or above, another said older?

    • Also, that video said not to try this unless you are familiar with this sort of thing, what’s your opinion on this Succupedia?

  26. Does age affect the ritual? I’ve read somewhere that you should be at least 14, while other sources say older.

  27. Hai, I’m curious. How if you want to have a long-term relationship, yet, you already assigned for short-term relation with a succubus. Do you need to make another letter to have a longer term? And will a succubus leave after sharing a one night with you in a short-term relation?

  28. Hey Succupedia, I am somewhat new to all of this. Tonight at 3am I will be outside alone on my patio table completing the letter ritual in blood. I have made my intentions very clear and hope that you could shed some light on how things will start to change in my life. I too was force fed Christianity as a child and was once a religious man however now I am not. Ive slowly started to cut all ties from friends and family and can feel either Lilith or a succubi’s influence throughout the past few days. Ive got rid of many things and have been practicing astral projection and meditations on and off since I was 18, I am now 22 and have been trying out the Ganzfeld method over the past few days. I strongly have always believed in this stuff in general, is there any other ways you know of on how to open myself up to the spiritual realm being mind body and soul other rituals or practices to enhance my spiritual growth and to better myself with what I hope turns out to be a true relationship with a daughter of Lilith’s choosing?

  29. Succupedia I can see why you’ve not responded to the previous comments before me, with ones who post outlandish videos and morbidly senseless comments. Then you have minors on here..i wouldn’t respond neither. I hope your read my briefing just a short bit trying to squeeze my life in a nutshell to say. I talked with Yukshee Summoner and am hoping to get ahold of the guy who is married to Marissa. I at last am eager for your response, then again all is well just needing some reassurance man. I have a few more things to add and hope to get a chance to talk with you soon. Again, my email is waltersnolan19@yahoo.com shoot me a email anytime man. I wish you well with your wives and thank you.

  30. Can a neophyte like myself perform the ritual or do you have to be an advanced magician? I really would like to have a succubus girlfriend.

  31. Hello! I was wondering if I can do this ritual in order of having a relationship with a Incubus, but I’m not interested on the sexual intercourse. What I’m looking for is a caring and loving bond with him, where I can count on him to be around me, enjoy my presence, keep me company, offer me long talks about everything, get emotionally attached to me, etc. Is the sexual intecourse “obligatory”, or the Incubus can actually be with me without all the lust and everything? Thank you for your time.

    • There is a posibility for a non-sexual relationship with these spirits, but I really can’t verify it. All though I’ve had shorter breaks from sexual intimacy for health reasons, with a lot of other ways to maintain physical interaction, there is benefits with the sexual interaction as well.

      You can add a non-sexual “clause” to your ritual letter, and if it works, your incubus will come.

      • Hello Succupedia. I was wondering if the ritual performed by someone who is french will work? Because I am French and it seems better explained in English. Please reply , anyone but somebody who has the answer. Sincerely yours

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