Communication – The importance of physical energies

Bodylanguage, in the human world, takes around 70% of how we communicate with eachother. When we communicate with our spirits, the most common way to go, isn’t the physical energies. Instead we’re talk about the visual and the audible. To see and to hear. In my world, that’s very limiting. You use either 15-30% of your actual capabilities when just using those abilities. I’m not saying that it’s a bad ability to hear or to see the spirits, but to rely on it entirely does not improve the communicative aspect in any form of relationship. In the long run, visual and audible communication have the fallacy of getting shallow over time. But if these two common ways of communications co-operate with the physical energies, it will give a more solid ground to interpret the messages we receive from the spirits.

With the ability to feel and sense energies and it’s different manifestations, you can learn much more from it, than with the ability to hear and see. And it is just a valid source for communication like the other two, with the biggest difference that it has much more layers to it.

With the physical energy, you can learn how to:

* Physically interact with a spirit

* Interpret the bodylanguage of a spirit

* Shared consciousness, emotional communication

* Astral travel with physical awareness while being fully conscious and awake

* Experience “visual imprints” of the physical energy/manifestation

* Feel and sense gifts from the spirits

* Be connected to any form of manifestation from the spirits, including dark and divine currents of their energies

* Understand the mechanics and functionality of energies

If you are connected to their energies, you are a more active part of the spirit world, much more than if you just are able to hear or see them.


8 thoughts on “Communication – The importance of physical energies

  1. A month or say I have felt or seen visions of them interacting with my body, sometimes moving my head in my visions and it affects my physical body…interesting mechanic.

  2. * Shared consciousness, emotional communication

    To me that is the main one.

    You seem to be further along the path than I am.

    When it comes to body language, how is their language different from ours? A lot of it is cultural, at least among different human cultures.

    • So, how is your ability to sense her, physically? You will learn quite a lot through that interaction.

      Their body language is very similar to ours with individual patterns of behaviors to it. Sometimes to an extension of watching a mime artist standing next to you. It’s how they touch you, and how they’re different in their energetic texture. I see my ladies body language as an extensive response to what I say to them. For example, if I say that my stomach hurts, their response is to put their hands on my stomach to make the pain go away. That’s responsive body language and an active form of communication.

      • Weird how you mention pain, just today, my knee was hurting when I put pressure on it. I laid down on my bed and felt pressure being focused on my knee. Some form of good energy was being put there, I don’t know but it felt good when they did that.

  3. This is something I realized very early on in my relationship with Catherine. I longed for auditory and visual communication, but I failed to notice that she had been speaking to me all along through touch and shared emotions. If one takes time to actively listen to what these spirits say through feeling, they’re speaking volumes.

    • I think most of us long for auditory and visual communication, and it’s the hardest abilities to learn. I occasionally hear and see my wives, but the strength is within the physical spectrum through their energies. Some people see the limitations through that ability, rather than it’s actual capabilities. Once you get into their physical spectrum, it expands to something more. It only gets limiting if we’re not allowing us to dig deeper within our strongest abilities. If we do that, there’s no actual limitations in comparison to the auditory or visual ability, as I see it.

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