An interresting perspective of “demons” and black magic

I find alot of things E.A Koetting talk about in his videos as interresting and more in line to my own point of views. That doesn’t mean I agree with him in everything, especially when the subject is about sex magic or sexual entities. But maybe my perspective is in disagreement because my experiences is longterm relationship and not for the sake of pleasures only.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “An interresting perspective of “demons” and black magic

  1. I think basically this was a good video. He took about a half hour to try and get someone to see his point of view, which was a waste of time. But it also was a good illustration on how these people think.

    I’ve known people like that. They claim they aren’t christians, but they keep christian definitions and ideas.

    If he teaches people how to get the information for themselves and doesn’t spoonfeed other people his versions of “Truth”, then he is a rare person indeed. If he doesn’t, he is no different than the christians.

    I am always suspicious of teachers.

    But I think he is overly optimistic to think in a generation or 2 people will advance out of this religious mess and his ideas will become mainstream. That won’t happen because not everyone is at the same level of evolution.

    • I’ve got the impression that he shares his own experiences and what techniques he used to achieve results to dive a little further. In some perspectives, it’s not that far away from what we’re doing with our blogs. The difference is his own forum, where others can share experiences.

      We might not “teach”, beacause I see no point in teaching something that’s individual and adaptable to a single target. But to share our point of view and what we’ve been through is more an obvious point that each experience is unique in it’s own. We get acknowledged by the similarities, and see the uniqueness in the differences.

      Don’t you think others might “learn” from what we share in our blogs? Even if we’re not “teachers”, our opinions of what we’ve experienced and how we interpret it to others, is acknowledged.

      • I’m not that familiar with him, so I don’t know what he does or doesn’t do. That’s why I said “If he” etc.

        I am not predisposed to listen to others, including him. I am wary of self-proclaimed teachers because people look up to teachers and subjugate themselves to those teachers. I won’t do that. I’ve been burned too many times to let that happen again.

        According to that video, he remains dogmatic about Satan, for one thing. He should know that Satan is a title and not a proper name. So what if that title is in the bible? He should appreciate the meaning of that title if he hates the abrahamic faiths like he claims to. That appears to be his main objection to Satanism. Now, if Satanism is not his path, fair enough. I don’t care. But he shouldn’t try to appear knowledgeable about the occult and then make a silly mistake like that.

        We share our own experiences, knowing there will be similarities and differences. But I don’t know any one of us that uses our spirits just for what we can get out of them.

  2. hhmm, well I listened to him while do something else. I like to question at something out of everything in sense. So his site I immediately questioned is it safe for me to share my info with it. I still do it is me. If he wants to bash on the Church that is fine, he provides more then I can and willing to.

    Frankly though I think he might be trying to be shepherd to a herd. Not sure I am not willing to look much into him. Although if he claims to be a teacher, I will listen then question his own approach as appropriate for me. A teacher is similar to a pastor as is a shepherd of sheep which fleeces sheep.

    Again though I am no specialist and just found a group that is open minded and has courage to share there thoughts and what not, which is what I appreciate. So I take his statements with a similar grain of salt.

  3. Re: teachers…… Depends on the subject mater and the teacher whether they are judged good or bad. I personally feel the best way, which is a very old way, is for the would be student to become an apprentice and learn that way. Even if I had to pay though the nose per se” I would love to be an apprentiice for a much experienced apprentice, whether it is say E.A. Koetting or say the hermetic magician Poke Runyon. To learn as an apprentice and grow to a master would be cool. (Andnot sure why this popped in my head…. All I can thin about when I hear master and apprentice is Star Wars and the emperor and Vader. Sorry for th movie reference.)

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