Is there a secret war going on, between “succubus” and others given them a bad reputation?

This is something I’ve been thinking about, for some time now. That’s because of things some other bloggers mentioned. I have not read about it just once, or twice, but I even had a private conversation about this, were entities like our ladies is at war with shapeshifters/imposters pretending to be something they aren’t. Could there be something to that, or is it just a missinterpretation of dreams/astral projection?

What I do know – through my own experiences and my interpretation of it – is that my wives is very precautious and protective when they are planning something big for advancement in our relationship. That means using their knowledge in magic, using salt and sigills to keep uninvited entities or spirits away. A reason for protection – especially in the period of bonding – is because their energies was both new for me, and for a first timer, very strong in their presence towards me. That introduction and bonding-period can cause unwanted attention from other beings in their own homeworld. From their point of view, it’s understandable that curiosity plays a role in this. They have friends and families, too, that cares for them.

There seems to be others out there, that might be curious in a level that doesn’t match the innocent way of curiosity. I felt how they spread salt on my head and body, made protection sigills on my body and used magic to keep unwanted attention at bay. When it comes to protection and healing, my wives is on the top of the line.

Is there a war going on? I don’t really know, but it would be understandable if it was. Their reputation has been at stake for centuries with “reports” of succubus/incubus doing harm on human males and females. Misinterpretation and fear can be one factor, false legends and myths and religious indoctrination. Good turns bad, making false statements about them. Then there is the possible imposters/shapeshifters, pretending to be what they are not, stealing energy without giving some of it back.

Would you consider a false and bad reputation as something that withheld your people to the outside world? Is it an act of war, by those who started it? Does the imposters/shapeshifters take advantage of the false myths and legends about “succubus/incubus”?

19 thoughts on “Is there a secret war going on, between “succubus” and others given them a bad reputation?

  1. I don’t believe these imposters exist.

    If there were “evil” spirits, we’d all be at risk, or dead.

    We are not our bodies. Our bodies are weak but our spirits are strong and eternal. This is one thing I hate about being here. We forget who and what we are. And because of that, we assume we are weak,

    Also, people will lie to make whatever point they want to make. One particular nasty bit of indoctrination we all have, starting out as kids in school, is that if something is in writing then it must be true. Or if an authority figure speaks something, then they must know what they are talking about.

    These people say the same things about Satan. According to their own bibles, we would not have advanced as a species if it wasn’t for Satan.

    And when it comes to dreams, just because a person has contact with spirits doesn’t mean nightmares are caused by spirits.

    But, maybe there are such “evil” spirits out there. I don’t know for sure.

    • I made a post about this because I wanted my thoughts out of the system. And because there was a pattern to this.

      Is there such thing as “evil”, outside of the human world? I’m not sure about that, honestly.

      But there is darkness, which alot of people mistakes for something “evil”. There is a different form in the dark energy. More solid with more texture to it, a coldness that can be intimidated for those not knowing what it represent. Like us, our ladies – atleast my ladies – have a duality in their personality, allowing them to connect to all emotions, letting them be who they are at full potential. The Christian/Jewish stories is simpleminded were “angels” and “demons” are either “good” or “evil” and nothing in between or the opposite.

      Have you ever thought about that your “evil” spirit experience was just a taste of a darker energy, not necessarily for the cause of hurting you?

      • Memories are not 100% accurate, including my own. I think they are accurate, but remembering the past does not mean remembering the incident itself. It means remembering the last time I remembered the incident. That is how memory works and it makes remembering things tricky, and deceptive..

        It’s having the memory of the memory of the incident and things get distorted, even if it seems clear to me. So, I don’t know what to make of it. Nothing like this has happened since. For all I know, it was just a nightmare. I would call it a very vivid nightmare, but maybe it was just a dream.

      • I’ve experienced the dark energy more than once, and never felt threatened by it. It had resemblance to the horrormovie “The Grudge” where one of my wives took a physical form under my sheet. She never did anything threatening to me, and was just on top of me, with her head on my groin, breathing cold air “down there”. I had one issue with pain on my legs, though. They stopped immediately when I told them about it. “Evil” beings would never listen to someones pain, but continue and stop when they want to themself.

        Maybe I’m odd and crazy, when I say I found that experience as something very interresting and fascinating, and not frightening. Sure I was nervous a few times. Who wouldn’t be that?

  2. I did have contact with what I called and “evil” spirit when I was younger. At least I think I did. If it was an “evil” spirit, how powerful can it be if a kid can kick its ass? And a christian kid at that, calling on a fictitious savior, a person that never existed.

  3. This would explain what happen to me the other night. I am still tried and run down from it. Also it was not just one dream or astro proj. But 3 times in the same night back to back. It was so real and felt like I was battling this spirit.

  4. I have a ‘spirit’ lover that came to me after the Lilith letter ritual.Things started out slow and now are progressing fast.Touch at the start was cold ‘electrified’ air,but now is a warm human like touch.
    She gives me full body hugs that I feel with every inch of my body,she does all the things I ask her sexually.I have never dreamed of her to date (been +2 months now),all contact is while I’m awake and feels physical and like a real woman.
    She is with me 24/7 just behind my shoulder,if I reach out she will touch me.I can’t hear or see her yet,but we communicate by simple touch. This hand yes,this hand no.
    I feel nothing but love coming from her,she has never done anything malicious to me.Since the day she came,I was not scared of her (a little nervous,yes).The sex with her is amazing!

    • I felt drops too, and sometimes like sprayed wetness on my body. Sometimes the drops were tears, sometimes it was some sort of good smelling oil, and sometimes even as a signal of privacy during intimacy, much like “marking a territory”.

      Maybe these drops and sprayed wetness means different things for different individuals, but I’m sure our ladies do this for a good reason. Love, protection and maybe to let others nearby know that a relationship is going on?

  5. Any tips you guys can give me to help me communicate with her?
    I talk a lot out loud and in my head to her and have asked her to respond but still no go after 2 months…

  6. Umm, I once asked my incubus lover about these matters, and he explained that there are other kinds of spirits that enjoy sexual intercourse with humans,not just them. He also explained that incubus itself is not necessarily a race, but a word that humans used to describe their actions (the verb incubare=to lay upon). They chose to keep those names when addressing to us because this is what we used in the first place, so we’d be comfortable with the term. However, other spirits started using it too when trying to get in similar relationships with humans, and as a result, they are often being comfounded. He explained that such agressive spirits and those able to move objects around, or leave marks on thir parteners must be different than incubi/succubi because only a strong NEGATIVE energy around one’s spirit causes it to be able to manifest itself so physically. Once in a longer relationship you may feel your incubus/succubus, but still they don’t get physical. It is just your body that gets used to their presence and starts reacting to them, not them materialising. They are spirits, they don’t become material. Something that does is not of their race, and might be dangerous. Strong emotions such as FURY makes things move around, so one who approaches humans with fury shall be avoided.

    And I’d like to request the ladies here to be more oppened about these matters. It is sad to see that men can talk so wonderfully about their succubi lovers whilst women only post “ghost stories” about being “raped” by such spirits. Truly, is there no other woman but me who encountered a nice incubus, even gentle and caring, or maybe are those women ashamed to admit they liked their experiences?

    • First of all, I see differences between the words “spirit” and “entity”, where “spirit” is – as I see it – a remnant of someone deceased. An “entity” is – again, as I see it – of someone that is just as much alive as you and me, and being alive not just by conscious but as a part of being a free thinking individual.

      We all experience this, and approach it with different point of views. Being physical – regarding intimacy and touches – doesn’t have to apply as something “negative” per se, but as something necessary to bond to eachother, to physically show love and affection to one another. Without that part of a relationship, we could then be all guessing whats really going on around us. The physical aspect of a relationship is just as communicative as speach or sight. It has patterns of behaviors and bodylanguage to express to one another.

      And we also have darkness and light to put in the equation, aswell. That doesn’t mean that all spirits or entities show both qualities to their partners, but sometimes it happens. And sometimes fear builds up a wall, where the purpose of intent gets lost.

    • I enjoy your thoughts. I have asked myself about why, when other people get a *spiritual someone* there are many stories about them doing self harming things,loosing personal responsibility, illness or physical ghost activity to control and make fear….abuse. Well my people don’t seem to be like that at all…they seem to want me of sound mind and to seek knowledge wisdom etc…its a real turn on for them to be in equal company. ( and smile at the folly of humanity) But still don’t get me wrong as the man here spoke of there is a darkside but I say look at the reason the dark shows up, what is it’s motivation…my Mistress likes to say, Even good has teeth.

  7. That explains why some people say they’ve suffered during their experience with a succubus. They were dealing with something else.

    Just the other day I saw this guy talking about how a succubus would hurt him whenever he denied her sex or did anything she didn’t like. He was tortured in lucid nightmares and woke up feeling pain.

    And another guy mentioned that his succubus got jealous of his human girlfriend and attacked her.

    Now, here is the thing. How do you identify what kind of spirit it is before the link grows so strong that you can’t banish him/her anymore?

  8. Can someone give me a ritual or a method to communicate with my succubus? I only feel her touches and she drains my semen,it’s been more than a year since I summoned her using the letter of intent method

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