Does others experiences affect yours?

I haven’t written for a while, but I have been thinking about the topic above, for some time now. To be in a relationship like this is an extraordinary experience in itself and we share both similarities and differences within these relationships. The similarities we have is, often, the obvious touches and the sexual intimacy. Other experiences in between these two “commonly” features is rarely similar to one another, and that made me create a topic like this.

Why is there differences, anyway?

To answer that question is to simple tear down the mainstream stereotype and look at an individual level. We all have different views, different experiences of life, and different perspective of things around us. And since we humans, mostly – generally speaking, of course – chose different paths in life, regarding similarity in life experiences, the spiritual experiences adapt to your personal and individual references. Are you affected by legends and myths about “demons”? There’s a possibility that your perspectives in the matter will be tested. As I’ve read other blogs, it seems like something “rare” to experience. I still wonder why, but that just take me back to the individuality perspective and life experience. Nothing is written in stone, which make every relationship unique in its own way.

So, back to the topic question:

Does other experiences affect your own experience?

A direct and fast answer should be: “It shouldn’t affect you in any way.”

Why? Your experiences, and interpretation of it, is yours and not anyone else’s. It doesn’t matter if anyone experience something you haven’t experienced, or vice versa. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t raises questions of “why”, or that it doesn’t have an impact of a few people who read our blogs. And that can raise questions of authenticity of what people share. Personally, I think is the wrong path to take. Have you ever heard of the phrase: “If it’s good to be true, it probably isn’t true at all!” A statement of contradiction if most of us share these few similarities we have in common.

3 thoughts on “Does others experiences affect yours?

  1. I think it only raises the question of authenticity for those that do not have these experiences, because most such people that are interested in these spirits are fixated on the sexual aspects and ignore everything else.

    I have yet to read of any one of us ever questioning the truthfulness of others experiences. Not only do we not question this, but it doesn’t even cross our minds.

    To me, we know we have some things in common with others in these relationships. In the beginning, that helps to validate what is happening. But when it comes to differences, that also validates our experiences (as if we need that validation, which most of us don’t need). For example, if you have 2 eyewitnesses to a crime describe the exact same things, that will immediately raise suspicions of those investigating that crime.

    Like you said, everyone has their own perspective.

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