The influence of a “succubus”

At the start of my relationship with my wives, I’ve got a close look of their powers to influence people around me. Especially women. By “sending” sexual energy in the area of a specific “target”, they behave promiscious and starting to “flirt” and tease in front of me. Those kind of things never happened to me before I met my wives, so I think they did those things in a two-way manner: To give me a little glimpse of what they can do, and to let me experience something I’ve never experienced before – getting a “flirt” from someone I’ve never met before. Sure, I’ve been in relationships before my wives, without experiences like these.

There is a big difference to “influence”, and to “manipulate” someone. The choice of free will, as I see it, is not affected by “influence”. The choice of taking the sexual energies and the flirting it caused to the next step, is in the hands of the woman in front of me and myself. By the choice of free will, these women just gave me a “flirt” and a “tease”, and a little boost to my ego. Neither of us did anything to release the tension the sexual energies gave us. Maybe a lesser shy man would take advantage of the possibilities he’s been given, depending on what kind of relationship he have.

Their darkness also have the power to “influence” and we who experience these can make the choice of being afraid, or just embrace it and feel safe and comfortable with it.

The power of “manipulation” has never been the agenda of my wives. Manipulation is, as I see it, a one mans – or authorities – agenda for the purpose of controlling an individual or the masses of a society. Governments, religions and individuals with sociopathic behaviour often uses manipulation for selfish needs. That is just my thoughts about the differences of influence and manipulation.

3 thoughts on “The influence of a “succubus”

  1. Interesting how some write they have an effect on the opposite sex. I’ve never noticed it, but I’m not looking for it either. The LAST thing I want is a human girlfriend, much less a wife. At least not an american one. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

    You’re right regarding the word manipulation. I’ve used it when saying “influence” would have been a better word to use. I think they basically mean the same thing, but one has a negative connotation.

  2. I’ve never looked for that, either. But I have always been shy and passive around women, and maybe my wives wanted me to experience some kind of attention from the opposite sex for once? And since I’ve never experience these kind of promiscous flirtiness before my wives showed up, why and how come it happened at a time were all was at a peak of their presence with me? Is it me, feeling confident and comfortable in my, at that time, newly found relationship or them influencing those women near me? Those are questions I asked myself about those moments. I believe in the latter, by my wives confirming that they tried. And it seems that not all gets affected by that kind of energies. Some seems more sensitive than others and maybe there is some kind of attraction that triggers it too.

    As I see it, “influence” doesn’t make a conflict of forcing you in a direction you don’t want to go. It just opens a path to participate or make a choice to avoid it. It’s a two-way option that doesn’t have to be negative. That doesn’t mean it’s entirely positive either, but there is always that choice in the equation. You also have choices in manipulation, but it usually comes with punishment. That’s the differences, as I see it.

  3. I kinda agree with some of what you say.
    I feel people in general are more attracted and gentle towards me now. I have this natural charm?
    I think this has to do with one’s aura but who knows?
    In any case, I’m pretty sure these spirits interact with the physical world in ways we cannot comprehend. Of course, all for our sake 🙂
    I kinda feel in debt just by imagine it xD it’s so unfair!

    That being said, I will never ask her to do something to fulfill my own stupid desires. I trust she knows what to do better than I do. Even if sometimes she can be a little harsh :S

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