Myths versus personal experience

There are several myths about succubus and incubus that has been challenged through my experiences with my wives over the years. Some of these myths is, in some instances, possible. Some are not in the slightest true at all. Just take in consideration that these myths were only challenged through what information I found, and my own experiences afterwards. It doesn’t have to reflect your own experiences and researches about the subject.

Myth: Succubus and incubus are “demons” with an agenda to steal your soul, and to hurt you through fear.

My personal experience and thoughts: If “demons” exist – which I, personally, don’t believe. Not in a biblical way, anyway. – they have one goal only, and that is to do harm without consider the consequenses of their actions towards their “prey”. A simple, singularminded entity, driven by complete darkness. My wives are entities of duality, which means that they share similar behaviour as humans. They can make a choice of doing good, or doing bad. They can feel sadness and regrets from what choices they make in their lives and make up for that. As beings of duality, they have their own fears, weaknesses and strenghts in their personality, just like us humans.

Myth: Sleep paralysis is a part of the “succubus/incubus experience”.

My personal experience and thoughts: The definition of “sleep paralysis” is the inability to move when falling asleep or in a waken state, while at the same time get a feeling of a “dark, sinister presence” around you. This “symptom” even have a medical term, as a part of several sleeping disorders such as obstractive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Several reports of “alien abductions” share similarities to the myths of succubus/incubus experiences aswell. I never experienced sleep paralysis according to the information. The closest I’ve experienced to this is a “partial paralysis”, which means that I have the choice of will to break loose and move out of it, making the experience less exhausting and more comfortable.

Myth: To have sex with a succubus is like “penatrating a flesh of coldness” with a loss of physical strenght. Repeating sexual intercourse leads to “death”.

My personal experience and thoughts:  If that was entirely true, I wouldn’t been able to share that experience with you, wouldn’t I? My sexual experiences has been through different stages with my wives. “Cold penetrations” is one of them, through their darkness, which they have in their duality personality. Even if it is, indeed, coldness to it, the loss of energy isn’t there in the slightiest. These kind of experiences just happened a few times in the beginning of my relationship with my wives, and with no intentions from them to inflict fear or harm me in any way. I rather enjoyed it, actually. Whether that makes me “kinky” or not is irrelevant to the subject. I strongly believe that even if fear was a result of an experience like that, they would’ve stopped imediately.

What myths about succubus have been challenged by your own experiences?

5 thoughts on “Myths versus personal experience

  1. I have had several of the same myths exposed. It was transformational to me to realize that these spirits are a lot like us, and cannot be easily explained by good/evil. They are supportive and can see things about you that you cannot see about yourself. I think for me, the greatest surprise is that they just want to be loved, and love in return

  2. Well Succupedia, I think you covered all the major myths. The only thing in common is they try and instill fear. And I find it amazing how people with no experience at all can speak so authoritatively on the subject. They are so sure of themselves.

    I think I understand why they do this, even though they still really irritate me. Some are yet too immature to think for themselves, and fear is a great demotivator to exploration. Freedom isn’t for everyone because not everyone can handle it.

    How beautiful, wonderful and mysterious is this universe! Just looking at some of the Hubble telescope images instills a sense of awe.

    • Yeah. The common subject is “fear”. But I don’t understand why these people created some kind of “propaganda” for something they can’t relate to, by actual experience. It’s like reading Brothers Grimm and instinctively avoid gingerbread, because Hansel and Gretel got tricked into the witches candyhouse. By not eating gingerbread, we wouldn’t know that it actually taste so damn good.

      We are afraid of alot of things. Especially if there is something new and unknown, and even more so if the unknown is clouded by horrific myths and legends that doesn’t fit to the entities and spirits real identities and agendas. There is a nice quotation from one of my favourite movies and it goes: “I can’t learn anything from you, I can’t read in some fucking book.”.
      We can read and do some research about certian subjects, but most of those informations is negative propaganda that want us to avoid it, rather than exploring it. We learn by experience, and by those experiences we can debunk most of the bullshit horrorstories out there.

      • I base this on my own experience and also watching other people and how they react to certain things

        One aspect of social programming is that we grow up believing whatever is written and taught by authority figures. We just figure that they know what they are talking about.

        The problem is that not everyone gets over that mind-control programming. We are a minority.

        All their lives they look up to others to provide answers. And since they believe those people and their answers, they pass it on as if it was the truth, because to them, it is the truth. Questioning causes fear. Or fear can be used to make people obey and not question.

        That’s the best answer I can come up with. This is the danger of looking up to other people.

  3. Thanks for this post. I was planning to make a post like this but you beat me too it. 🙂 And if anyone can comment on the sleep paralysis topic. It would unfortunately have to be me, as a result of my dark and painful past. I want to make it clear to anyone who reads this. Waking up/falling asleep/dreaming and being paralyzed with or without a hostile presence or spirit, and making love to one of these ladies half-sleep or in a meditated state is NOT the same thing. I speak from experience.

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