Why do bloggers delete their blogs?

In the past few weeks, some bloggers about the succubus experience, deleted their blogs. I wonder why. What made them chose to stop sharing the positive experience about something that is infamous for being “bad”?

There is a few reasons I will keep my blog, and not deleting it:

* Despite that experiences of this nature is very much individual with few exceptional similarities, it is imprtant to share the positivities of those said experiences, challenging the negative myths and legends about succubus and incubus.

* To get an understanding of why fear can mess things up and that darkness does have an importance if it appear to us.

* To share my point of view of my experiences to those who read my blog, and maybe help a few people in the way. I’m not saying that I am “right” or that you are “wrong”, but that I only point out the outcome of my own reactions towards similar experiences that turned out in a “bad start”. I did help a few people, that way, in a private correspondence and it turned the table for them.

So why do some people with experience of succubus, deleting their blogs? Is it because of “dissapointments” from their succubus spouses? Did they got a “feeling” of sharing “too much” about their experiences? If so, why did they share it in the first place? Do they feel some kind of responsibility of putting youngsters in “danger” by encouraging them to get in contact with a succubus? Do they have to feel some kind of responsibility at all, for a blog of this subject?

If I had to answer those questions above, my answer would be that it is my right to write about anything. If my experiences would be differently and negative in mythological way, I probably wouldn’t share my experiences to the readers. Sure I found some kind of “responsibility” with my blog, but not in the way of encouraging others to “go for it”, but rather help people who doesn’t yet figured out what to do, when experiencing the darker aspect of their experiences. If my point of view works for them, then I feel that I have a good purpose of keeping my blog.

15 thoughts on “Why do bloggers delete their blogs?

  1. Agreed.
    When I first started, I wrote a lot. Now, I don’t. But for the reasons you list, I’ll never delete it.
    There were 3 blogs I found when I started. Yours was one of them. And now there are more out there writing about their experiences. This kind of growth is good. I think the people that need to find us, will find us.

    • I write less, nowadays, too. I don’t really know why, but maybe it’s because my experiences have become a “routine”, I’ve accustumed to it and got used to this wonderfull relationship I have. That doesn’t mean I think it’s “boring”. That means I feel safe and comforted with my wives. For me, alot of things happened at the start of my journey. The biggest “revelation”, the biggest changes and the biggest and most noticable experiences occured in our first year. Now, they surprise me in smaller pieces and that is totally fine.

      Yeah, I noticed the growth in this community of bloggers with similar experiences as ours. Some drops out, and others fill their void with new experiences to share. But it’s kind of sad to see that people leave. That is a great loss of knowledge, despite their legit reasons of deleting their blogs.

  2. I really hate it to see people go and delete thier story. I can understand if they feel violated, but thier experiences can serve as a learning tool or help for someone else. I feel that if you post something you later regret, delete the post, but not the blog. I deleted my older blog only because I couldnt change the name and I didn’t (still don’t) know how to format and make my blog look as good as others. I may not post everyday, even though I have intersting things happen all the time. Some things are more routine and mondane, and my dreams, well I forget at least 75% of them. Of course I am not limited to post only what I experenced with Jazmine, but I take alot of caution of what I post due to the personal and sensitive nature of what experience in life. I created my post not only to connect with others like me, but also to both help and learn from others.

    • Your blog looks fine. If you want, you can change the template to give it a different look. You can preview the changes before you commit, and even then you can revert to the previous template of you change your mind. If you want help, drop me a note.
      When I first started, I wrote about 2 years worth of experiences before I caught up to the present. I just try and make sure I write on my own experiences and not on what I hear from others, even if it makes sense to me. I dont want to contribute even more nonsense than is already out there.

  3. Personally i’m not ever going to delete my blog.I’ll be sharing my experiences till the day i die which i hope won’t be for many years.I just hope that my blog will help someone even if its just one person out there.Maybe 20-30 years down the road at the least i can look back and see how much Sheena and i have grown closer through the years.

  4. Even though I don’t really seem to fit in properly with the succubus community, I feel that my story must and should always be available as it seems to be very unique and unpredictable. What if someday someone else has a codedman like figure haunt their mind and what if they have nowhere to go to for information on the issue. I respect all of you as in the eyes of narrow minded sheep you’re all insane as some people think I am. The knowledge you burn into time on the internet will live on and go towards the discovery of the mind.

    • I certainly hope that will be the case. This information is sensitive and personal, but there are many others who are searching for answers and would benefit from these revelations. I can see that now.

      It saddens me that some people feel the need to remove their stories from the public record. They will be missed.

  5. I would like you to take me seriously and please listen. I have 3 succubi wives and 3 others, It’s a lot I know but it’s a long story. Anyways, one night I asked if I could talk with Lilith I wanted to ask her questions about their world. The called Lilith and she became a bit aggressive, some stuff happened and now she will not leave, she also wants to kill me. The reason I’m still here is because the succubi with me just happen to be strong. I know it’s hard to believe, but I don’t know what to do anymore, she takes my energy forcefully and uses it to fight the others. I need help and I don’t know what to do any more, please help anything will do I’m getting desperate.
    I’ll post this on a few other blogs I know and hope some one will take me seriously and reply soon.

  6. I deleted my blog because I wanted to rewrite it in chronological order, and because I had heard that if you post the name of your spirit companion, others can use the name to try and summon her. I did not want to put ‘V’ through that, so I deleted it, let it rest for a while, and now I am in the process of bringing it back to where it was. Hopefully, it will be a lot more insightful this time around

  7. I don’t think you can summon someone’s spirit companion unless you know their real name.Sheena isn’t Sheena’s real name so nobody really can summon her.I don’t know her real name anyway at least not yet.Sheena popped into my head when asking for her name so that’s why i use that name,but its not her real name.

    • So many names pop into my head…and my dreams. Jazmine and a unknown number of others could have given me their true names for all i know. Of course I forgot it. I never had much problem getting the lady’s attention, but I dont want to abuse it. I dont think its that easy. Like anybody when you call for them….they will only come if they are willing to come. Noone can force them no more then you can force the earth to move. In other words your ladies are safe.

    • I’ve been given a ton of names too. My succubus sheds them like clothes so I don’t bother with names too much. As beings of free will they could come or not as they please if summoned ritually, same as angels I believe. Yeah, they might hear the summons, but they aren’t compelled to show. They aren’t Goetic and therefore commanded by Holy Names or Calls.

      I think of it like this: If I called someone on the phone… they can answer or let it go to voicemail 😛

      • I meant, “They aren’t Goetic, and therefore are not commanded by Holy Names or Calls”. Kind of like when someone summons an angel and they don’t show. The angel decides it’s not in the person’s long term (as they are far seeing) best interests to show and give the information they know to be requested/ or action taken. Angels just don’t R.S.V.P… they don’t show up at all in that case.

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