The F.E.A.R aspect

The emotion of “fear” can mess you up, even if the emotion itself lack any real threat to you. How come, that fear have such an impact on us, even if there isn’t any reason for it to do so? Is it because of religion? Lack of knowledge of the unknown? Warnings from others negative experiences? Is “fear” an emotional response that, instinctively, get to some of us that doesn’t know any other way to express ourself in front of something unfamiliar?

People are afraid of many things. Religious “sins”. Insects and predatory animals. Conflicts of any kind. Fictional horrors. Some people are afraid of something that they can’t explain right away, which make them come to false conclusions that the experience is “malicous” and “evil”.

That last sentence above is the most important one. As I see it, fear of the unknown, can have a “trigger effect”. Since emotions is a powerfull energetic pattern that creates a “need to get more”, fear and love is the most powerfull ones to get. Does the intent have to be “malicious” or “evil” for the emotional respons of “fear”? In my opinion: Not always. Because sometimes the exchange of the emotional energy that “fear” have, can give an “addiction” to get more of it. When the person that was afraid, suddenly flip the coin to accept the “unknown” and choses to not be afraid anymore, he or she, creates the stronger energy that is “love”. The “need to get more” flips to love, instead of fear.


3 thoughts on “The F.E.A.R aspect

  1. I agree with your point, fear takes controll if you fuel it ,and this can lead to permanent damage, a person that has fear ,is uncertain ,or does not trust a certain aspect

    Not understanding something is no reason to fear it ,but it is a natural occurence in human beings , which is actually very sad indeed

  2. I think fear is hard-wired into our brains. It’s the reptilian brains “fight or flight” survival response. I guess some are more predisposed to the flight response. One reason I see as a possibility is something happened in the past, in this life or in a past life that they may not consciously remember.

    For example, the fear of flight. What are they afraid of and why? A lot of planes were shot down in WW2. That might have happened to them.

    This is why I see therapeutic regression as being so interesting. It works, and the person being regressed doesn’t even have to believe in past lives for it to work. I should have worked in that field. It’s fascinating to me.

    When it comes to our wives/lovers/companions, my belief is that they know us pretty well, and know who is open to this, and who isn’t. There might be an initial fear response, and maybe some resistance, but over time I don’t see it lasting long.

    • Yeah. I’ve seen that in several occasions, especially when it comes to those “prank” videos on the internet. Depending on the situation, most of us is afraid of something.

      I asked my wives about the fear aspect and what they would do if fear was a reaction from me. “We would have stopped, if you were afraid.” That’s were the intention comes to mind. I, once, reacted with physical pain on my leg while my first wife physically manifested her dark side under the sheet. Her presence wasn’t the scary part, but the pain on my leg was. Even if fear was a response, it would gradually fade away and the situation would become “normal” on a daily basis.

      I still think the intent is a factor, and that the response of fear is in the hands of the person who feel that. Beings of duality, like ourselves and our wives/lovers/companions, have darkness and light within us and to fully understand eachother, we have to deal with both emotions.

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