The dangers of NOT sharing

A fellow blogger did an interresting post about the dangers of sharing, and I mostly agree with that. But, as I see it, there is two sides of the coin. Especially when you’ve come to a point where you have no idea of what you’re dealing with and how to deal with it. And when not knowing, fear could be a reaction. The reaction of fear can make the intent of the communication, by the spirit or entity, to get lost on the way. The result of that, could be frustration. Wouldn’t you be frustrated if you reach out to someone, in numerous ways, but the reaction of it is fear? Your intent is lost, from the reciever, that do not understand your way of communicate with that person.

I helped someone, by mailcorrespondance, to not show fear towards the succubus thats been in his life for many years. He couldn’t understand her way of trying to connect with him. After our correspondance, the fear he had is not there anymore. He actually enjoy her company, to the fullest, than on an occasional basis.

By sharing experiences, we learn from eachother. We get another point of view of something, that some of us is unfamiliar with.

I don’t say that there shouldn’t be “warnings” of certian degrees, but to have an entity or spirit in your life and not really know how to proceed, reading posts about the dangers of certian spirits or entities, creates fear and creates frustration from someone who tries to reach out.

11 thoughts on “The dangers of NOT sharing

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  2. Good post.
    In my case, I was flying blind, mostly. I knew very little and most of what I found was idiotic christian nonsense, along with the occasional “occult” nonsense.
    I personally don’t get anything out of writing about this. Just the possibility that I might be helping someone else out there.

    • I personally get alot, by writing about my experiences and share my thoughts about it. I’ve got correspondence with people that share similar experiences. To share an individual point of view that doesn’t fit in to the stereotypes, myths, legends and religions seems to help with issues like “fear” and insecurities about beings like our wives. That makes me feel a little better, than keeping this for myself.

  3. What happened to me is that I reacted in an extremely negative way, as I explain in my blog. This was after reading TP’s blog, however although my situation seems unique to others, I am starting to fix this dilemma day by day, in fact last night I had a visitor that wasn’t just in my dream but who I woke up to, and went back to sleep with. I manage to do this with information from others and sharing thoughts and experience through all this media is really important as we are all insain to the eyes of “normal” people who would just laugh and walk away.

  4. Hello there friend I hope you and your wives are doing well, I have been reading through your posts and find your experiences most enlightning. I have read allot on the net about succubi and find the things said about them are always negative and abusive. I prefer to believe peoples personal experiences over the nonsense other religions spout about them. I am still young being 23 so I still have allot to learn in my life but I have difficulty finding a meaningful relationship with a human woman and I’m always left with an emptiness inside of, like I am incomplete or something. Now let me say that I have had a better life then most people in the world but I don’t have the one thing that many people have and that’s the relationship between two people who love each other for who they are. Maybe I’m naïve in saying all of these things, maybe I’m just a young brat that doesn’t know what life is I don’t know. But what I do know is that your wives and their kind do exist that they do love those they bond with for who they are, they are I believe beautiful spirits and deserve better treatment then what they are receiving. I apologize for the long comment I just wanted to get all of this off my chest. I hope one day I will be fortunate enough to have succubus wive who love me and accept me for who I am, as I will her. If you don’t mind please tell your wives that I think and believe that they and their kind are all beautiful and wonderful people/spirits. I wish you and your wives many more years of happiness my friend, take care.

  5. It sounds crazy but both sides have a valid point. It is the individuals responsiblity to determine if the risk is worth the reward. Just like any relationship, spirit lovers included. Some are great and some are not so great. I have had the unfortunate experiences of having encounters with evil spirits (not by choice) before Jazmine. Trusting your instincts and using good sense is the best advice I can give. These lovely ladies are meant to be loved and cherished. If he can’t commit to them. Then it is not an good idea to go for it.

    • No such a thing as a short term relationship with a succubus, I take it.

      I know nothing about spirits, so the idea still is frightening to me. Even if some of them aren’t hostile, I won’t just jump in without knowing what those are.

      Regardless, I have my own dreams about forming a family and raising kids. I’m a traditional guy like that. Some say that succubi can give birth, but it won’t be the sort of child that goes to school and plays football with you on saturdays.

      • Most of these types of things do not happen on this earth plane. If you want to challenge your fears and liberate yourself be my guest.

        If this isnt for you then so be it. To each thier own.

  6. @ken757 You misunderstand me. I AM interested in being freed from my fears and discovering this new experience. But full commitment requires taking many things in consideration and, in this case, spiritual knowledge I don’t have.

    Maybe this will progress to the point that I’ll get to know her and we’ll be together forever. Or perhaps I’ll find out that I’m not cut out for this. Regardless, I’ve made sure not to mislead her with promises.

    But all this could be moot, because the only thing I know for sure is that there is a spirit with me but not its nature or goal. This spirit often touches me (pressure in specific areas and a light breeze even in a closed space) and it gets a little more intense when I’m laying on my back.

      • I see, but what do you think? Is this a “succubus”?

        I also wonder about the communication issue. There is a blog made by a guy who’s been in a relationship with a succubus for three years, but he still can’t always tell whether the difference between her mental messages and his own thoughts.

        I’vd looked up meditation methods and opening your third eye.

        The former can be done, though it’s gonna take some work. As for the third eye, I fear that becoming more spiritually sensitive would increase demons’ interest in me.

        Anyway, thank you for replying to me. I’ve been trying to contact other people to shed some light on the subject, but none of them responded to my e-mails.

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