Three years and counting…

Some days ago, I’ve got a message from this blogsite that I’ve had my blog for three years. The time sure goes fast nowadays.

I remember it like yesterday, and it has been an amazing adventure. Yet, me and my wives have just scratched the surface. I have so much more to learn from my wives. I know a little more than I did three years ago. I know more “by experience”, than by vocal or visual sharing of their knowledge and their life experiences. I know how they are and how they “function” through emotions, but they also communicate by “writing” with their fingers on the side of my head. It’s good to express their love for me that way. More complex communication, like talking and visual gesture, would be easier. I think it’s possible to do that, eventually. Training and patience is the key.

I have getting used to their presence now. At the beginning, they were intense. I felt their darkness, their divinity and their normal personalities. I have experienced astral travel, feeling energies of other enteties, getting married twice and got my spiritual body/soul changed. All that experience was intense in so many levels, and an adventure that still going on to this day.

Like cigarettes, alcohol or other things that creates addiction, you feel it the most at the beginning. The more you using it, the “less intense” it gets. You’re getting used to their energies, their touches and their flow of emotions. That doesn’t mean it’s less intense than it was in the beginning. My body, mind and soul have adjust to them and their energies.

Three years have past, and soon we celebrate our anniversary.


11 thoughts on “Three years and counting…

  1. ” like cigarettes , alcohol or other things that create addiction , you feel it the most at the begging ”

    i can more than vouch for that , even after almost a year I’m still constantly plagued by that undeniable need for them. I wonder if this is done intentionally , perhaps to keep me interested ? Who knows .

    That’s the thing from one relationship to the next can be so drastically different its almost impossible to compare my experiences to anyone else’s and vice versa.

  2. Hi Succupedia, your right it is addicting I’ve been with a succubus for about 5 years I think it could be longer I’m just not sure when my relationship with her began but I would like to share with you my experiences and get some advice from you if you don’t mind, but I’d prefer email if that’s ok.

  3. I am jealous for all of you guys! I would really like to have something like that in my life, and I have just started taking the steps on my part to try and get these spirits attention, but I don’t feel like I have gotten that far yet. Would love to chat about it privately with you Succupedia by email if that is ok?

  4. I was curious, can they talk to you with an actual voice that you can hear? Is touch the only way you know their emotional state? Since they are invisible, their is no visual, body language cues to go on. So how do you discern their emotions?

    If they mostly communicate via writing on your head, i would imagine that makes lengthy, indepth conversation rather difficult.

    Have you seen them? I guess the real question is, is it possible for them to manifest in a visual, physical way that you can see and feel?

    Thanks for reading my questions, just a curious mind trying to be open.

    • They communicate in many ways and, yeah, I’ve heard them, too. But my ability to hear them isn’t as developed as my ability to feel them physically.

      I’ve seen them, too. Through mirrors and windows, as well as in front of me in a half awake state.

      We shouldn’t depend on the abilities to see and hear them as the only way to communicate with them. There’s a lot to learn through spirit energy and common energies. They use bodylanguage and emotions, which is just as important and viable as hearing them.

      • Thanks for replying. I admit i have very little experience with supernatural things. So you can feel them, which is surprising to me. Do they feel like a person? Do they lay in bed or on the couch with you? Do they enter your dreams?

        So you say we shouldn’t depend on our ability to use our eyes and ears as our primary ways of communicating with them. How is communication via spirit energy and common energies different? I am reading through your blog, and if it is addressed else where, i am sorry for asking a redundant question. Is there a specific post i should read that details communication via those energies? Do you see them as fields of energy?

        I wish i was more in tune with spirit things as you and many in this community seem to be, as about the only odd or spiritual thing i have ever experienced is dreams that are real, that then come true in some fashion months and years later.

        I am sorry for the newbish questions, and appreciate your feedback.

      • Since making my reply, i have re read your comments, and most of your blog as well as other blogs. I understand what you are saying about not relying on our normal senses to communicate with them.

        I do apologize for my dumb questions that i could have answered by just reading. It seems to be that to do this whole thing right, a relationship with one of their kind, that you need to be prepared. Be proficient in magic and energy practices and a strong control over your own fear. It seems that being an open mind is paramount.

        Its funny, i am a fanfiction writer and i am putting together a story that will feature a couple were one of the partners is a lady spirit/love spirit. Reading these blogs and my own research tells me they will be an interesting couple.

        If you are ok with it, i would love to ask you some questions to get a better idea for my story. Would love your ladies input as well.

        Thanks for reading my comments, and i look forward to more entries.

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