What is “The Truth”?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself recently. Not because I’m on a spiritual journey with both my wives, but more because of how the world “outside my safetybubble” works.

Today, I saw a documentary about religions, governments, federal banks and the 9/11 incident. Conspiracy was the theme and the documentary was Zeitgeist – The Movie

This documentary was in several acts, where the first act was the most interresting. It was about religions and how they are connected to the zodiac sign, which originated back to the Egyptians. I found that interresting.

Then what is the “truth”? Is the government trying to controll the masses? Is it greed of money and wealth?
When the answers are vague, nonexistent or contradicted it creates “conspiracies” from some people that question the authorities. Even when some “conspiracies” are valid through historical, documented facts, it’s questioned by someone with “higher knowledge” – often means an academic p.h.d. Why is that? Does those with higher degrees, have lost their critical thinking of historical accuracy been lost?

Alot of people would question a spiritual relationship. Some people – with a spiritual experience – would question some of the experiences in that same relationship. Some people claim “facts” and “rules” of what is possible and impossible to experience. For me, there is a contradiction in statements of “facts”, since the spiritual experience is on an individual level. It’s like someone would say: “I’ve never experienced that with my spiritual wife/husband, so you’re lying!”

I’m soon on to my third year with both my wives. Still, the surface is just scratched. Maybe I wont find the truth in this lifetime, but I hopefully will learn more from them in the long run. As I see it, when they think I’m ready for the next step on the development, they sure will let me know that.

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