Golden skinned spirit

I haven’t written for a while, but some strange dreams have occurred since my last post in August. I have dreamt about my father – who doesn’t live anymore – in odd situations where he try to talk without me being able to hear him.

In my latest dream, there was a woman in golden skin, that appeared in front of me. She took her clothes off and I noticed she was missing an arm. Her left arm was missing and there was a limb just where the shoulder ended. She was beautifull, despite that her arm was missing. Very tall and gracefull. Who was she? Neither of my wives confirmed it was them, and I’ve seen my first wife in full body in the mirror before. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t my second wife either.

I’ve read about a spirit with golden skin, who appeared in a window, but never experienced that myself. Untill that dream occured.


2 thoughts on “Golden skinned spirit

  1. First, good to see you back!

    I’m curious, where did you hear of a spirit with golden skin? That’s new to me. Could she be a mate in another life that lost her arm in some kind of accident and this is how you might recognize her? I’m not sure why she would have one arm? I’m probably wrong, but just trying to figure this out. Maybe your dad is trying to tell you who she is? Do you think these dreams are related?

    • Those dreams are totally seperated from eachother, that much I know. But I know my father was trying to say something. I saw his lips moving, but I couldn’t hear him. In that dream we were in a damp cellar. That was some months ago. The dream with the Golden Lady occured last week.

      There was a “haunting” in the 70’s-80’s in USA somewhere where a “Golden Ghost” got caught on camera, but those pictures were damp and blurry in comparison to the one armed spirit, summoned in my dream. She was just standing in front of me and as soon as she took off her clothes, I noticed that she just had one arm. Another thing I noticed was her height. 7.5-8 feet tall and that is about the same height as my wives. I don’t think she is a “regular” human spirit, but I certainly wanna know more about who she is and why she got summoned in my dream. Is there any connection to her and me? I know I have a Spirit Guide with me and she is easily summoned by calling her name. Maybe it’s her? I have so many questions, right now…

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