Protecting the dream

I had this strange dream the other night. I was in a cellar, and that cellar had windows where the light shined through. There was this wooden workbench there. Why was it there? I felt like somebody, or something, was watching me and that feeling made my heart beats faster and faster. The sudden feeling of fear – or maybe uncertianty? – surrounded me. All of a sudden, an image in black and white appeared. A beautiful woman I´ve seen before. My first wife. My pulse went down and a feeling of calm and comfort surrounded me. I also felt my wife holding me tight, while I was waking up and she continued to hold me when I opened my eyes.

Was my first wife protecting me from someone, or from something? Was the dream a “demonstration” of my wifes capabilities of protecting me if something would happen to me? My answer to these questions would be, without hesitation, yes.

Dreams are fascinating and my wives is starting to be a part of my dreams now. There´s a fascinating time ahead of us. A time of bonding and development.



2 thoughts on “Protecting the dream

  1. “There was this wooden workbench there. Why was it there? ”

    Could it symbolize work? As in work you are doing on yourself? And she is there to support that work?

    I’m no expert in dream interpretation. I’m not even an amateur. But that is the first thing that I thought of when I read this.

    Their level of commitment is way beyond what we can expect from other people. I think they are more committed to us than we are to them, and I think it’s safe to say that we are committed to them. They just take it to a whole new level.

    • I was thinking the same. And maybe that feeling of uncertianty is connected to that workbench. That deep level of feeling has no connection to my feelings for my wife. If there´s something I´m certian of, it´s them. At the moment, my day-to-day life goes by the same pattern, as it´s a repeating cycle of what I do. And there´s unemployment to deal with, and that bothers me too. I have some issues to deal with, at the moment.

      My first wife came to this dream for support and to show me that she will be by my side, no matter how tough the challanges of life will be. No one before my two wives, have never showed me commitment at this level. I wouldn´t know what to do if I hadn´t my wives in my life.

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