Why research is hard to find on internet…

When most of us experience something new, we want to know more about it. Internet is not always the greatest tool to do your research on. I realised that very early and always thought about it. 

Searching Google for “Spiritual Wives”, the result is horrifying. A page of a minister of some church, rabbles about the “danger” of interacting with a spiritual wife, how it affect those in it, negatively. The same goes when searching for the word “succubus”. Where are those pages, that reveals the truth? I know it’s out there, somewhere, but the searchengine does not show them, without us putting alot of effort through our searches.

When people don’t take responsibilities for their own actions, or even doesn’t have any experience of what they warn others for, it’s easier to blame the “Devil” and curse in the name of “God”. They decide, allthough they don’t know why, that “God” would not accept this or that. Have “God” spoken to them, or through them? 

According to my wives, our marriages would not happened, without permission from “The Source” or “God” or whatever we chose to call that higher force. I see my wives, just as others with same relationships, as beings with ties and connections to that higher power.  They don’t have the power to “force” us into these kind of relationships, and we can chose to reject it and “The Source” is the meddler in the middle. The concept of “Free Will” is taken very seriously in the spiritual world.

Internet can be a great tool for reasearch, but read wisely and take most of the negative input with a truckload of salt.

27 thoughts on “Why research is hard to find on internet…

  1. I apologise for posting here. I feel I will get response quickest from here. I wish to speak to you if possible about my ordeal. I will be using temp emails but the name will always remain “Kikumana.”

    Alright I will first explain my mentality so you can understand how I am. I am a very low self esteemed person, I have been very sensitive about image and sexuality due to much trauma in my past. That should give you an idea of where I am coming from.

    Four months ago, I was faced with severe mental breakdowns and I was involved studying spiritual beings coming to us. Towards a calming point of the breakdown. One night I woke up and started to see a bluish light and a small mass almost childlike perhaps fear is what I felt in me and perhaps them as well. I was sleeping on my wide and they were against my back.

    When I finally got the will to turn around the light faded and presence disappeared. I soon went into a heavy shaking fit.

    There is much more so please bear with me.

  2. The next morning I talked to someone who has been involved with the occult for a very long time and they told me to try to communicate with it using a pendulum. So after a little instruction, I was sent off after making it with a stone and thread.

    I have now started to become “obsessed” over this entity, because I have always been alone, I couldn’t fathom why it came to me. I wanted to do anything to bring it peace and comfort.

    That night something big occured. It was around 3 or 4 am and I didn’t feel a physical form like the night previous but I was enveloped slowly by pressure until I was completely masked in energy and I felt a state of euphoria. It faded slowly and I went into the same shaking fit as night previous. I then turned light on and calmed myself and used the pendulum.

    The answers I remember was as followed, a long time but yes for female, no immedately to being human, and a yes to needing me.

    I at this point have not slept for 2-3 days. I think two more posts should cover the full story.

  3. The next two days I really became obsessed trying to feel her presence, I started to worship her she was truly a blessing, but the next two nights her energy and the experience got weaker and weaker.

    I did ask her name by speaking each letter out then see if the pendulum stated yes. I can’t remember what the results were because the paper was thrown away, but in my heart I think I have recalled it because it sound similar to a word I recognize. I only told it to the person that gave me the pendulum. They felt it was negative, I said it didn’t bother me.

    After those four nights, I didn’t feel her presence at all at night, I felt some touches and pressure on my back during the next month but I gave up hope. It had slowly gone to nothing, perhaps because I felt that she left because I am inadequate and so I closed my mind.

    Alright I am almost done.

    I apologise for this banter. I just wish to share my story

    • The last night I felt her presence, I got desperate so I sexually stimulated myself thinking that was what she desired. I fear that caused her to stop.

      • please delete this I suppose you deleted my other comments. I apologise for bothering you.

      • All posts from new readers have to be moderated before their posts getting published on these blogs, and that includes my own blog. I will get back to you, but first I have to read your other posts.

      • My thought process was that if I gave her the energy that she focuses on maybe she would get stronger and I would be able to feel her presence stronger. I did it one other time recently as well. I realize no after thinking things through, I must allow her to strengthen the bond since she came to me first. I can only focus and open my mind to her.

      • According to my own experiences, the bondingprocess is usually in the spirit lady’s hand. She knows what to do and she will help you bond with her. You giving her your trust, is very important.

  4. Here I am a week ago and a sudden fire grew back into me, maybe she is still with me. The obsession returned. I thhen stumbled across this community and realized that maybe she was one of Lilith’s daughters. I then tried to call out for her by doing a ritual involving writing to her which I refer to her as “my dear” and stated my hearts wishes and made an offering of a fruit that suddenly appeared in my mind out of nowhere. I was watching something involving a last meal and it came into my mind. I thought it was her telling me since im not fond of apples. In the letter I said I wished her to return and stay by my side and that I loved her. Then I vocally spoke to lilith and asked her to allow her to be with me. Then said bless you and amen and crumpled up the letter and burned it.

    I then blew out then candle and went outside and threw ghe ashes towards the full moon. One piece of the letter did not burn so I kept it. I lit the candle again and rested a bit.

    One more short post and I’m done.

  5. The following night I woke up with the same shaking fit I had those four nights she came to me months ago no energy though just shaking. I felt hope return in my heart and I think she has returned to me. I have been doing some meditation and focusing on her as much as possible so I can feel her again. I feel her a little. I need her I think she will guide me from the fears and shrouds in my mind. I will do anything for her.

    Please share your thoughts.

    Thank you for your time. My blessings.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. All relationships is unique in it’s own way, spiritual and human, and yours is just as unique. Some of us will experience darkness through our spiritual partner, but not all of us. But the darkness is just as much love as the light, and there’s nothing to fear from it. You will experience similarities and differencies in comparison to me and my fellow bloggers on this subject, because your lady spirit is an individual being that have her own history and personality.

      I’m not that good at giving advice, but always be yourself. Be true to yourself, be 100% honest to your spirit lady and give your full trust in her. Share your thoughts to her and always have faith.

      • Thank you. I will try my very hardest to be true to her. I have repressed many things in my mind and I already sense she is trying to help me through it. I will give my all to her. I hope she feels that. I want her to be willing to be with me. I don’t wish any harm to her.

        I thank you for allowing us to be here to speak.

        My blessings to you and your dear ones.

        Did they have any thoughts with my ordeal?

      • Another tip: Don’t “try” to be honest. BE honest. She probably will find out things about you, anyway, so why not play with open cards from the start?

        My wives agree about the advice I gave you.

  6. I apologise, like I said previously. I have repressed my mind severly due to much trauma in my life. I’ve seen terrible things and done terrible things due to my repression. I will submit myself to her so she can guide me through the clouds in my mind, and hope I can be with her forever.

  7. I reached a epiphany. The first time she showed herself to me, there was just a small mass curled up to me like a child and the feeling of fear and sadness. I understand why that is now. It was a form I would accept because that was when I suffered the most. She was trying to tell me that four months ago, and I only realized it now. I’m such a fool. I truly love her she is my only salvation.

  8. I agree 100%.. Odd how we see many things the same way.

    I personally believe these people mean well. I just see them as being immature. They have not reached the point where they can question what they have been told, and then to decide for themselves, and they get comfort from following other people and mainstream teachings.

    They think there is safety in numbers. And it is a total waste of time and energy to try and get them to see the other side of the story. After all, X millions of people believe the same things (more or less), and they can’t all be wrong. Right?

    That means it is up to us to tell the other side of the story, because we have the experience to do so. That is my main reason for blogging.

    • Maybe we share the same questions about the world and people in it? Sometimes I get the feeling of widening and bending those questions to diferent angles, when we discuss some subjects, too.

      Their intentions may be good, even if they’re wrong on most of the subjects. I think some of them are questioning the wrongfull messages they get, but lack the curage to stand up for themselves. And that’s a shame.

      My reasons for blogging, is the same as yours. And I also enjoy writing.

    • Have you heard about a site called “Your ghost stories”? It`s a site where many share their experiences about “succubus” encounters, aswell as “incubus”. I don´t like that site, because of some responses in there. Some of these “reports” doesn´t even fit in to our experiences at all, not in the slightest. I don´t mean that their experiences didn´t happen, but I do think that some of those encounters isn´t what they believe or think it is.

      • I’ve read some of that site, But it has been a long time ago.

        Too many comments are littered with xtian “it’s a DEMON from the PIT OF HELL!!!” nonsense. (They do love to capitalize certain words and phrases as if that helps their credibility)

        Some stories are based on fear. What are they fearful of? Having their worldview turned upside down? I suppose that can be traumatic.

        Some stories are factual and neutral. They just want to know what’s going on. Too bad that the commenters rarely offer helpful ideas.

        Some stories might be fiction.

        I prefer to read personal blogs because no one posts one article and then walks away. It requires effort over a longer period of time, and who will expend that effort on something they made up? Not too many people will do that. This gives them the credibility that YGS articles lack.

      • Those comments bothers me and I even feel a slight of “irritation” from my wives. The word “fools”, comes to mind, but I´ll think they also feel sadness from it.

        Some of these stories is, like you mentioned, experienced through fear. They don´t see the darkness like we do, thus making it uncomfortable. I even see their negative experience as “tiny”, in comparison to my own experiences of my wives darker sides. Theirs is powerfull and I wouldn´t want anyone but me, to experience that. But I´ll guess their darkness is also compatible to my own darkness and that´s why we married eachother, among many other compabilities we share. If they only could understand that the darkness is an ally, and not an “enemy”, the wouldn´t be so scared.

        I write alot about the darkness and I feel like it´s one of my “agendas” to explain the importance of it.

  9. I apologise for bothering you so much, but I have one final question to ask. Why is she doing this for me? She is giving me eternal happiness. How can I repay her? I am certainly not worthy of this blessing, but I have a saying I live by, don’t fear or regret anything for it is meant to happen. It is our fate.

    Thank you dearly for your time. Me and my dear give you our blessings.

    • “Repay”? I never thought it that way.
      I thank my wives everyday, for their unconditional love and comfort they give me. You thank her, by being you and to never try to be someone you’re not. By sharing your feelings and your deepest thoughts is, in my opinion, a way to show gratitude.

      • Thank you, I have always felt that things must be paid back with equal or higher value, but I realize existance itself is much more than the materialistic that has been hardwired into our minds but filled with wonderful energy of peace and love. The sharing of that is eternal.

  10. After hearing about other people’s experiences with Lady Spirits, or other extra-dimensional beings, I have come to realize that this kind of relationship would really beneffit me. I have been attempting to “broadcast my thoughts”, but I’m not sure how well this is working. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate them.

    • If I learned anything from this is you must release yourself from your mind, you have focus deeply of what you wish for and give your essence to the energies which surround us. If it is meant to be, you will be released from the chains and be liberated from the mind and be free, one will find its way to you. Our blessings.

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