“Love is the answer…”

A sentence my wives use frequently is not only true, but also a “solution” to many individual struggles in the world. Love. It conquers “fear” and demolish it, challenge it and reverse it to also feel and give love back. 

Love have many shapes and forms, defying laws of “rights and wrongs”. Love is in the light, grey, dark and rainbowy colors. 

The opposite of “love” is not “hate”, but “fear”. Fear closes your mind and sometimes hurt people in your way. With fear, you lost the knowledge and wisdom that love have. By defeating fear, is by embracing it with love. 

I’ve read some stories about “evil spirits” that hurt people through fear, but I believe that the emotion of fear itself is the problem, not the spirit that creates that negative energy. 

What is the reason with “fear”? Is religion, books and horrormovies a part of this creation? Lack of knowledge, perhaps? 

I’ve been told that spirits can’t physically hurt us, because it’s all in our minds created by fear through myths, legends and made up stories by litterature and movies. 

There is light. There is darkness. There is colors in between. But they all have one word in common: LOVE!

6 thoughts on ““Love is the answer…”

  1. To be honest i found this site yesterday, I wanted to learn more about the Succubi and wanted to get as much information I could before deciding whether or not I’m ready…I’ve went back and read just about every post you’ve made and I plan to read any that follow, but I read in one of your posts a small way to “summon” one but I’m not sure how to go about it, and if it works– [because I’m only going to do whatever I have to do once to avoid the mass of attention] –how would I know? I’ve got my reasons for wanting one, and I’m confident in those reasons. but I’m not sure in how to go about doing it because like you’ve said there are many ways you “expected” on how to do it. [[please take your time to answer and please keep posting so I can learn more, for when I’m successful to deepen the relationship. Thank you for your time.]]

    • I think it’s all about the power of the mind, more than how you “summon” a spirit. If you really want a relationship with a spiritual lady, just put your mind to it. Light a candle, if you want, and focus on your wishes. I think it’s more about faith than anything else. You might be surprised that it might be easier than you think. Never underestimate the power of your mind.

      Good luck.

      • thank you, it means alot to know, [sorry bout the bottom comment as well, i wasn’t thinking, just wanted to know] anyways like they say, anything is possible if you put your mind to it, also have you ever woken up with a red mark on your body? I did this morning, not sure what to make of it, but thanks for the answer.

  2. This fear thing bothers me too.

    There are a number of paranormal shows on TV here in the US. They all are idiotic, but some are more idiotic than others.

    Fear is a constant. I think they cater to others fear(s) in order to get ratings, and therefore get lots of money.

    Hmmm. That sure sounds like the abrahamic “faiths” to me… Maybe TV writers / producers and book authors have learned some things from these religions? Could it be???

    And politicians: they do the same things.

    All human power structures prey on peoples fears. Without that fear to feed on, they would be destroyed. That makes fear my personal enemy, because I have an extreme desire to see these power structures be destroyed. That does make an interesting way of expressing love. I love, therefore I destroy. That requires some thoughtful reflection. Perhaps it is enough that I destroy that fear within myself and let others fend for themselves,

    If we were really subject to “evil spirits”, we’d all be dead. Every last one of us.

    I believe the only way a spirit can be dangerous is if they are treated with blatant disrespect. For example, there are cases where people call on demons by using curses and threats, treating them worse than slaves, Not a good idea.

    • Fear makes us humans do stupid things, get irrational and hasty. Through fear is “hate” and through “hate” is lack of knowledge and wisdom.

      I’ve seen a few of those paranormal shows and gets bothered by the fear of those “investigators”. The biggest problem with these shows, is the selfmade tensions, expectations of what to expect in a possible encounter. They freaks out whenever they “feel” something…everytime! They should’ve been used to that by now, embrace the contacts made by these spirits. No knowledge and wisdom there, huh?

      Spirits can scare us and sometimes they try, but there’s difference between “scare” and to “hurt”. It wouldn’t pass by, without thought through intentions of why they use that tactic, sometimes. There is also no connotations between darkness to equal evil actions, right? Some spirits claim all sorts of colorful energies to them, and darkness is just one of them. Some react with fear towards dark spirits which gives darkness power and hunger. Why wouldn’t they use that same darkness again, to “feed” off of the fearfull reactions? The intention may not be to “hurt” through that fear they feed off, but to recieve the energy from it. I mean, it’s available, right? When that fear “wears off”, all there is from darkness is love and protection. And that is a powerfull ally.

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