Eye of the beholder

What is the definition of the word “beauty”? The human definition is, usually, stereotypical and famous actors, singers and models is often a representation of that word.

Our spiritual wives have a deeper representation of their beauty with – as I see it – a reflection of their spiritual, individual growth. A beauty created from within, a reflection of their inner beauty. According to my first wife, when we see them, we see their inner beauty. My definition of “inner beauty” is of the action you’ve made as a human or as a spiritual being, which gives a “visual representation”. Does that mean that “bad actions” visualises “ugliness”? I have to investigate that question further.

I’ve never seen myself as a handsome man. I’m short with a boyish look and seems way younger than my 33 years of age. My selfconfidence is not the greatest when it comes to my looks. Yet, I’m married to two of the most beautiful women in all dimensions. I sometimes wonder how I could be so lucky to be chosen by them, but I also know that this was inevitable and was meant to be. If not in this life, it would happen spiritually or in another life. When my wives say that I am beautiful, they mean spirituality and as a reflection of who I am as a person.

“The definition of beauty is to see someone for who they are, not by the looks of apperance.”
/Quotes from both my wives

13 thoughts on “Eye of the beholder

  1. Good post!

    Physical beauty is overrated anyway and is usually a function of their skill in using cosmetics. I’ve known a few physically beautiful women, Not worth knowing. I see it as a handicap.

    In my opinion, it is both fortunate and unfortunate that we forget who and what we are. They see us for what we are, but we cant see ourselves that way. And if we are here to learn, through experience in the physical, I think it’s for the best that we forget who and what we are.

    It’s a dilemma. If we knew what we are, we wouldn’t learn. If we don;t know what we are, we make this a much more difficult school that it otherwise would be. Just looking at the world situation tells me that this is true, because not too many people even consider these things.

    This planet is an excellent karma generator.

  2. Hello, My name is Angel. I have always thought I was abnormal or weird things would happen to me with out me knowing why? I have had several friends come to me (with out me telling them I am into learning all about variety of creatures) And they tell me that they are either a vampire, were wolf, shape shifter, lyke, hybrids, or psychic? I move around a lot and so every one of those creatures that my friends have listed off they were all in different towns. And my reasoning for coming on this site. Through all of my research I had to find out more about this particular race. My friend who claims he is a hybrid mix. ( And repeating they all come to me and confide in me about what they are?) Of course when someone comes to me about something like this my interest is peaked to the highest. When I asked my hybrid friend if he thought I could be something, he simply looked at me and said ” I sense little human in you, so, yes there is something.” I asked if he could tell what It might be and he said ” Could be that you are a Succubus…..” He name off 2 other races that I hadn’t heard of as well as never hearing about a succubus. He said what ever I am he could not help me discover what I am or how to transition in to it, it would go against a code to help me. I need to know ( if you can help or not) if I am a succubus or have the signs of such. Or if I have any other possibilities of somethings else.

    -Thanks for taking time to read my comment-


    • Hi Angel, and thanks for your post.

      I’m not sure if I can help you with your question about finding out what you are. But I can only speak for myself, since I’ve become an incubus through spiritual transformation through my wives. I haven’t felt the incubus form in a while, though, but I know it’s there, resting.
      What is your experience in the spiritual realm? Through spirits, we can get answers to questions about who and what we are, and I know for sure that finding our own identity is important for us to grow individualy.

      But what I think is more important is to be who you are, and not define yourself of what you “might” be. That can be a tough path to walk, and even confusing. Wether your spirit is “human”, “succubus” or of other origin is not a definition of your personality, because you will always be you.

      I might not have the answer you’ve searching for, but I hope you will figure it out somehow.

  3. My experiences I have had since the age of 13 never really before then, I have seen black figures in a human form, I have seen little black shadows dart across the floor, I have has small objects such as pennies thrown at me, I have heard voices of either male and female one was crying the others seem to call my name when I am alone, in my pictures there will be plenty of orbs ( when taken at night. Or with the flash) there was one particular picture of- when I was on a tree swing out side and as I was swinging my sister snapped a picture as I was level with the ground. There was a white human formed skeleton coming out the ground, it was half way out of the ground reaching up with its hand with its mouth open, I get feelings of presences being in rooms, and I have dreams when sleeping of random events that may or may not involved that come true in everyday life. I also get ticklishly butterfly feelings into stomach when something good or bad is about to happen.

    • Those black figures? Could that be, what most of us refer them to, ´shadow people`?
      I deeply hope you´re not feeling fear towards these experiences of yours, because there´s nothing to fear. You certianly have a gift!

    • I think you better ask yourself one question:
      What does the word “succubus” mean to you?
      Does the word have a sexual connection, as the myth and legends describes it?
      Do you “fit in” to that description?
      How do others “react” of your prescence?

      The word “succubus” have it´s origins from 12th century, created by church, but the true origin is way older than that.

      • Guys of all ages are attracted to me. (Not to sound self centered, cause I don’t think to highly of myself, this is just what others say) always getting comments from guys of my looks and other females give me he’ll…I assume out of jealousy….(in all honestly) I some times think I have a sex addiction with males and females…..I mean that’s the only things I can see at this point that would relate?

    • Sounds like a “mythical” description of a succubus, but a “succubus” is more than the legends and myths. Stereotypical behaviour take often away the truth of the individual aspect of what we actually are.

      A succubus is wrongfully connected to sexual, negative, behaviour – it`s there and it IS strong and powerfull, but positive – acting out of “selfishness” towards those she encounter. The sexual interaction is, actually, the other way around. It`s an act of love, that gives energy to herself and her man/husband. That type of intimacy bonds and bounds to eachother at a deeper level.

      Have you ever felt your spiritual body? That`s another way to investigate your origins or what you`ve become.

      • How do I look into my spiritual self? The only thing I can think of is meditation. I have been doin meditation for almost a few years. I need to know how to be able to find what I am?

      • Meditation is one thing to do, and that is what I do aswell. But I always have the support of my wives, when doing this. They also “activate” my incubus body, so I can feel those features. My wives make most of that “work”, to help me feel those things they gifted me. But I´ll guess I could feel it by myself with training.

        If you have a spiritual partner, maybe he/she could help you with this part of your identification?

      • No I do not…not that I know of….I am in a relationship but I do not know if they are any thig themselves

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