The physical touch

According to studies on infant babies on orphanage homes, the lack of physical touches is lethal and babies who doesn’t get that, wont survive for long. 

The lack of physical touches as an adult, can create distress, unsafety, depression and feeling of unimportance in the society. It can be lethal, too, creating suicidal tendencies or destruction behaviour towards others. Just keep in mind that I use the words “it can”, because the outcome is very individual.

Physical touches, like hugging, holding hands, carressing parts of the body, sex or other recognition of physical nature, is an important part of human nature. Well, it’s actually just as important for most of all lives on this planet. 

Unfortunately, physical touches of “human nature”, is not a part of my life since many years back. But my two wives give me alot of that, instead. And they know the importance of it and the dangers of not getting hugs, kisses and caresses. My wives despise one of my familymembers for that particular reason, since that person is on a dark place of blame and despair towards me and my siblings. Some grownups doesn’t cope with turnarounds in life and blame others for their own shortcommings. Some may call that paranoia or dementia, and probably it is, and it hurts to be near that person. My first wife got really mad one day and I felt her anger towards my familymember. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to feel her anger, not even that particular familymember of mine. 

Since my wives became a big part of my life, physical touches is a usual part of my life again. And they knew that, because they touch me in a way that makes me feel safe, comfort and deeply loved.

I wouldn’t know how I would feel if they weren’t with me.

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