Looking beyond the word “succubus”…

The translated meaning of the word “succubus” means: “To lie under”. A late Latin word, that originated in the 14th century. Myths on top of myths about that word still lives off of fear for many people around the world, to this date. Why is that?

One of the main reasons for this is the creation of the new religions, such as Christianity and Judaism. But that is just one aspect: The Christianity/Judaism point of views of older worshippings of gods and goddesses before them.

The second reason is the lack of individuality and firsthand experience. The individuality of the word “succubus” is very unique and the meaning of the word fades away, the more you know her.

The more you start to know eachother, the less meaning has the word “succubus”. You’ve found eachothers strength and weaknesses, those little treats that differentiate us from another.

My first wife presented herself to me as a “succubus”, but I don’t see her as that anymore. She is, simple speaking, my beloved wife. She has her treats, that truly makes her unique and special. For instance, she likes to squeeze my nose, when she’s in that kind of mood(joking type of mood), and caress my forehead, down to my nose. She loves music and enjoy dancing to it and I even know one of her favourite bands, which I also enjoy listening to. She’s very sensitive and have a big heart. A great listener that understands me, without judging my shortcommings and “failures” in my day-to-day life. She have fears, like the most of us humans have. But I would never let anything happen to her, like she would never let anything happen to me. Our relationship have become much more than sexual, allthough it’s still an important aspect for her and for us. I know, because when I “fail” on the intimate moments, she understands and always say: “It’s ok. We have all the time for another try.”.

My second wife is the “motherly” type of persona and she is just as special and unique as my first wife. She is, litterally, a “mother of many children” in her realm. Her blood is in my veins, and I am a part of her, just like we are a part of eachother. She is a proud woman, who cares for us humans. She loves animals and care for them. She is just as sensitive as my first wife, and sometimes she cries of joy and happines for the love she have for me and for the love I have for her. She have a great sense of humor, and never judge on the shortcommings I often show to her and my first wife. She also understands and never show any signs of “given up” on me. Whenever I ask them about that, they answer: “Never! We are forever.”

When looking beyond the word “succubus”, or “incubus”, we gain so much more than the mythical aspect of that particular word. We gain individuality. We gain strenghts and weaknesses of that individuality. And we learn to love and be loved for who we truly are, not for what we are. That’s were the love is. Not in the outside, but from within.


7 thoughts on “Looking beyond the word “succubus”…

  1. My wife is an animal lover too, I can feel her pain when there is animal abuse. It’s more intense than what I feel, and I don’t like it either.

    I dont like the words succubus and incubus either. I dont like the words or their origin. But these are the words people are most familiar with, so I use them. I think they understand.

  2. I have been tempted to completely remove the word “succubus” from my blog because of it’s negative connotations. That word just doesn’t fit the spirits I have come to know and love. But as mentioned above, I use them for the sake of others looking for this information.

    I believe this is an important clarification to make, so I will be reblogging your article.

    I have a “motherly” succubus as well. I’m not sure who is who anymore, and frankly, I don’t think it matters. Maybe it’s all one spirit expressing different personalities. This motherly spirit has claimed that I have been “reborn” through her; intimately connected in a way that feels very maternal. I know that sounds incestuous, but that’s not how it is. Being connected to a spirit like this is the exact antithesis of abuse. This bonding has set in motion a gentle and gradual healing of my lingering traumas from childhood and self-destructive religious conditioning.

    I’m not sure if I would be able to continue as independently as I do now if it were not for this special bond.

    • It’s hard for me, sometimes, to tell which of my ladies touching me, too. The important thing, I think, is to always refer to them both, when communicating with them. Giving them equal time. But they have the differences in how they interact with me and when that occurs, I know which it is.

      The word “succubus” is limiting their personality, their potential to be who they really are. And its easy for them to “fit in” to the stereotypes of legends and myths about “succubus” and “incubus”. Why? Because most of us is expecting that to happen, when we get that first contact. I sure did that, too. But I did it with fascination and curiosity, and I looked beyond the myths and found individuality and uniqueness. As time goes by, their personalities blossoms to their individual potential. Those “succubus” myths and legends is not only affecting us humans. It’s affecting them too and they adept and behave, according to those myths. It’s like a “programming” for spiritual entities. We will easy overcome this if we see each other as individuals. That’s what I think.

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  4. I completely agree with everything said here. I find using the word succubus to be derogatory and have regretted using it as part of my handle and blog site name since it’s inception. My reason was sound: I want people to have a starting off point to work away from.

    Sort of like “Here’s what you think you know, now, here’s what you should know…”

    That being said, I still think that my use of the term for that purpose is offensive. Obviously, my wives know that I love them and consider them to be outstanding representatives of their people but I still will carry the burden of using this name in my heart.

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