Spiritual healing CAN affect physically, too…

Your physical body is a mere representation of your spiritual body, meaning it can affect physically in a positive way. My wives is highly skilled healers, and they often use their proven skills on me, when needed.

Some of us have body “imperfections”, some which makes a daily life hard to pass by. I am one of those people, allthough not so severe, but it’s affecting me in some instances. My wives know about this and they do their best to heal when it aches and when they do that, it positively heals my physical body.

Imagine how a microwave heat up the food: It starts from the core, spreading the heat from inside to the outside. The concept is just the same with spiritual healing, starting with the “core” – the spiritual body – which spread to the physical representation of yourself.

My wives even have medical skills and they, sometimes, use “tools” to enchant the process of physically healing. Some of you may ask: “Why do your wives use tools? Their spiritual and thus unnecessary.” My answer to that is that it works for me, and they probably adapt those “tools” as a placebo-effect to make myself heal faster when I’m physically hurt. But those tools is based on actual medical tools, different in shape for different medical purposes. For me, a “proven knowledge” of their skills as healers.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual healing CAN affect physically, too…

  1. I believe they do this out of love, to teach us about love.

    They help us the same way we’d help a worthy human female, giving up our own lives if needed, and do it willingly. The trouble is in finding a worthy human female. Just having standard issue body parts is not enough,

    And what makes us “worthy” of our lovers help? Unless they are showing that “worthiness” is not a factor when it comes to love.

  2. I don’t like the meaning of the word “worthy”, because it doesn’t fit in to the unconditional aspect of the love our ladies give us. It’s like when we mentally hit ourselves with low self-esteem and find the flaws and weaknesses, instead of our strengths. That’s my impression of the love my wives give to me.

    From my wives point of view, we’re all worthy.

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