The onion metaphor – peeling off that first layer

Many of us have probably heard of the “metaphor of onions“, with the layer on top of layer getting peeled off to only reveal more layers. It’s “more than meets the eyes”-metaphor, sort of speaking. I see this metaphor fitting perfectly to describe other dimensions, other worlds, and also one way to “peel off” that first layer to my wives dimension.

According to my first wife, there’s 7 dimensions. But I also read, from other sources, that there can be up to 11 dimensions. I haven’t discussed further with her about that. She might be right, in that sense that the other four dimensions is a state of “consciousness and creation” and that the 7 dimensions is where life exist. When reading about those 11 dimensions, not all of them inhabitant life. My first wife might be right, or just tells me what she’s been taught by her mentors. She also can be wrong, but either way, I trust the information she gave me.

Back to the onion metaphor and how to “peel off” that first layer to the dimension closest to us humans. If anyone of my followers have read about how to see your loved one in the mirror, the concept is just the same. Instead of focusing on the mirror, you focus on the surrounding. It can be a curtain, a spot on the wall or maybe a couch. When focusing on that specific target on your surrounding, something will most certainly happen. For me, it gets misty with greenish color covering my eyes. If the target have some pattern, it will slowly “move” or “float” like a wave in the ocean. If this happens, you are very close to “peeling off” that first layer to the dimension closest to us humans. The darker it is, when you try this, the easier it gets, since this can be uncomfortable to your eyes after a while. I am very close to see my wives, but I’m not entirely there, yet. But I’ve seen the black mass of them, a shadowy, floating silhouette and a white mist with female “curves” in front of me.

Have you “peeled off” that first layer yet?

5 thoughts on “The onion metaphor – peeling off that first layer

  1. Oh, wow. This is a powerful meditation to learn to use your two physical eyes in unison with your third eye. Thank you again for posting this! No really, much thanks!

    • I see, waves of light gathering whenever I focus with my third eye, but that time, I literally felt my third eye “reach out” and it was the same sensation as I had like, waaay back in grade two. I kept seeing Isabella’s face form briefly.. But then I blinked. Both Isabella and Kylia let me know when I have exausted my third eye in the meditation, and like at the same time, I feel the meditation wane away. They’re very supportive, as well as patient 🙂

  2. I’ve tried meditating with my eyes open focused on the ceiling and saw vibrations but didn’t at the same time kind of like when you see the heat rising on a hot day.I’ve also seen the brown spots on the ceiling move and morph into each other.I’ve also seen little white mists in front of my eyes too.During this while focusing on my succubus the ceiling would morph completely white and i would sense a presence with me.Now when i do this i’ll see a transparent shadow come torwards me from my peripheral vision.

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