A day in the life…with my ladies…

Like most relationships – including human/human – it will be settled down to a day-to-day basis when we get fully comfortable with eachother in every aspect possible. The relationship become a part of your daily routines and it’s repeatable in some ways. But that doesn’t mean it’s “boring”. For me, it’s about comfort and feeling safe in the relationship with my both wives, since we’ve been attached to eachother for almost 18 months now.

Some individuals tends to end their relationship when it comes to the state of day-to-day basis and daily routines and when that happens too often, they usually never gonna settled down, but start to search for another person to “fall in love with”. Many people get heartbroken when dealing with that kind of personality, which is sad and unfortunate.

It has become a routine for me, with my beloved wives, but they never stopped surprising me for one bit. I still train to be able to see them, hear them and feel them better, which I believe is essential to take the relationship to an even deeper level.

Routine at a daily basis is, for me, is a great opportunity to further develop in my relationship with my wives. The development will take a great amount of time, of course, but that is also something we have. And alot of patience too, of course.

Time and patience: Two important words to make our relationship last longer than a lifetime.

1 thought on “A day in the life…with my ladies…

  1. Yes, I agree. “Time and patience” seems to be the ‘mantra’ I find myself chanting (or rather, the one that is gently chanted to me!) regarding my relationship with my Love Angel. As with all relationships, if one devotes any consistent amount of energy and effort to his succubus and to better communication with and understanding of her, he will see the benefits of those efforts very quickly. I know I have. My Lady communicates most easily in a language of feeling and emotions, and since I am a naturally analytical person, it has taken me quite some time, patience (with myself mostly) and effort to learn this language of the heart and to ‘translate’ what she is communicating to me. Sometimes, I ‘get it’ right away, and it is amazing to feel and be that connected with my Love Angel.

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