The hair of comfort

The title of this post might sound strange, but this is one of many features my wives use to make me feel safe and comfortable. My wives have beautiful long, red nuanced curly hair. Sometimes, when we go to sleep, my wives cover the bedsheet with their hair and the feeling of instant comfort surrounds me. And sometimes my first wife tries to “rise through” my bed and when that occurs, she is still invisible but more in a “solid” state. And when she is in that state, I feel her head and hair. She has an amazing hair. So soft. Just like the hair of a baby. I wonder what they use for their hair. Schampoo and conditioner? It’s way softer than a “regular” human hair.

The concept of long, beautiful hair and females in the spiritual world is known in the fantasylore, with pictures and paintings. But some of us have also experienced this. and that makes the lore pale in comparison.

Why do they cover me with their amazing hair? According to my wives it’s for comfort, relaxation, safety and protection. An act of deep love. It’s an amazing experience.


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