That intimate experience…

Intimacy with a spiritual female – like a succubus – is an extraodinary experience, a pleasure beyond the physical aspect of sex. The feeling is just the same, but the appearance is where the difference is, just like the part where climax starts and ends. And when experience the intimacy in a waken state it’s – speaking of my own experience – with invisible touches. The touches of arousal is growing to become more and more physical as the intimacy goes on. The more physical it gets, the more of your succubus body “physically appear” since the arousal grows higher and higher. And when that arousal starts peaking, that intimacy part gets instinctively “automatic”. The highest climax is, of course, the orgasm, which in my case is an imploding experience, rather than an exploding one. Yes, the orgasm is dry, but way more intense than the wet version.

Does it get intensive everytime?”, some of you may ask. My answer to that question: No, it’s not that intense all the time. Sometimes the intimacy is weaker, with no climax at all. Sometimes it doesn’t work for different reasons. The reason for this can be because of:

Low self esteem: If you lack positive self esteem, because of bad sexual experiences from the past, the intimacy reflect that to your succubus. Low self esteem can cause erectionproblems, from time to time. That happens to me sometimes, unfortunatly. But patience and comfort from my wives, slowly builds up my self esteem to make our intimate moments better again. They know this. They understand. They don’t judge and they never give up on me.

Sex isn’t their main agenda: I try to make myself sexually available to my wives, at least twice a day. But sometimes they don’t put much effort to arouse me. Sometimes they prefer to cuddle instead of having sex. That doesn’t mean sex isn’t important, though.

Your health is of higher priority: Cold, fever or any other diseases, wouldn’t make the intimacy to work that good. They understand that. Or if you have some dysfunction with your body, they take precaution to not make it worse.

They are NOT sexual predators: A sexual predator is forcefull and prey on a specific target, that will be a victim of something sexual they don’t want to participate in. A sucubus does NOT fit in that description. They are INDIVIDUALS, that sometimes don’t want sex, or someday less sex. The mood for intimacy is not always in the hands of us humans, and we shouldn’t take it for granted 24/7 whenever it pleases us. The intimacy will always be there, and there’s more to intimacy than just plain sex.

Love is the inner core for these kind of relationships. Lust is one of many expressions for intimacy. Some days, the “will” weight much more than “lust”. That can be one reason for it to not work sometimes. But with the inner core of love, patience and understanding makes it worthwhile. When a succubus fall in love, she nourish that love beyond a human lifetime.

13 thoughts on “That intimate experience…

  1. Wow i never even thought that low self esteem could effect the relationship and now i understand why her touch was so much stronger today then it was last night i was doubtful that i could satify her if she did decide to grace me with her touch and get physical and she was probably hurt by that and didn’t feel as close to me so the experience was not very strong thanks! this post is very insightful i do however have a question? if they were to get intimate with you to the point of climax , would they feel pleasure to ? Would it be physical or more feeding off your emotional pleasure you would get ? If that makes. any sense heh

  2. Thanks for your post!

    I really don’t know what to answer on your questions, to be honest. The term “feeding” feels, to me, misleading and wrong. I would prefer to use the word “energyexchange”, because the act of intimacy both gives and takes energies to both sides, not just her. Atleast I get energy from that, just like my wives do. And, yes, they do feel that same pleasure as you. It would be noticable, if you try to pay attention. It’s always hard to pay attention in the beginning, but you eventually get there. Why be inimate if you lack the feeling of pleasure?

    And also one thing for you to take note: Don’t see my experiences as something everyone will experience. We are all individuals, just like our ladies. There IS similarities and there IS differences. Even on the intimate side of our relationships.

    • Oh i aplogize i didn’t mean that they literally feed on your energy, more so what i meant was for lack of a better word “share” in the feelings you would convey during intimacy but your response answerd my questions anyway, many thanks you see i havnt had much experience or time with the spirit i contacted and was,unsure why they enjoy having sex with humans, but now realizing that its more of a give and take type activity i inderstand a little better. and one more question last one i promise haha is it possible to annoy your lover by calling her to much. cause I’ve literally tried calling and bonding with her as much as possible and feel I’m getting to the point of annoying her haha any advice is helpful again thanks for responding.

  3. ” Yes, the orgasm is dry, but way more intense than the wet version.”

    Mine is dryer, but not dry. But I don’t want to fall asleep afterwards.

    One obstacle I had to overcome in the beginning was to not just go for the orgasm, because the pleasure came in waves and I wanted to catch that wave before it died down. I had to learn to just enjoy it as it happened. Now I just don’t care. In fact, if it doesn’t happen, I know it will build in intensity until it does happen.

    I agree with you in that it’s not always intense. But over time, the average intensity increases.

    • For me, the intensity goes in cycles, but since my own self esteem isn’t always the best, I apology for the lack of intensity on my part. Which I shouldn’t do, because that’s the way it is sometimes. They always say, when that happens: “It’s ok.”. It IS ok, because that’s what love is about. There’s always a next time. And, like you mentioned, the intensity increases.

      I actually do care, which does affect my confidence, to that point that I apology for the lack of intensity from my part. That is something I have to stop doing, but my wives understands and shows no signs of dissapointment. I also have to overcome my past, with bad experience of intimacy.

  4. That’s the thing about unconditional love. We know they aren’t going anywhere AND we are not the type to take advantage of that because of our love for them.
    They know we are not perfect and they literally work with us. I think they know us better than we know ourselves. They are “daemons” in the original sense of the word (and not in the christian sense of the word)

    Over the 3 years we’ve been together, the bad moods are almost gone. I’m basically not the same person I used to be. Looking back, it’s like looking back on a different lifetime and a different person.

    The changes are so gradual though that I only see them by looking back in time.

    But sometimes I wonder what’s in it for them. If anything.
    I don’t know.

    • I often say to my wives that I’m not perfect, and their answer is: “Niether are we.”. We all have flaws, that differentiate us from eachother. Perfection is dull, lame, like a wall that pushes us back, instead of pushes us forward to development. They wouldn’t have that great knowledge and wisdom if they were “perfect”. They’re “daemons” in that sense. I strongly believe that.

      I think, what’s in it for us, is also in it for them. That wasn’t really an answer to that wondering, but mere a reflection of the unconditional love they have for us.

  5. Hmm. I find myself in a tough situation here. I want to say something I feel is important but I need to do so extremely delicately, for many reasons which I won’t go into.

    If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the past few months is that making absolutest statements (even if it’s done positively is, in the end, as potentially harmful to their reputations as the “demonizing” propaganda that they have been plastered with over the past, well, 1600 years or more.

    So, I have to respectfully disagree when it’s said that there are only perfect and blissful relationships among humans and beings like the sort we may be involved with. Mostly because I truly believe that there are many different “types” or “races” of beings that may have the commonality among them of being interested in entering physical and emotional relationships with humans. Due to that belief, I think it’s important to qualify to those who are seeking these relationships that each one will be unique and may very well present unique challenges as well as the good that may (or may not) come with it.

  6. succunation:

    Where in my post is there any indications of “absolute statements”? I am speaking for myself, with my own experience, and what I’ve read about others experience. Likewise in the discussion with “spiritsex”.

    There are differences in what to believe and what to actually know, too. But I certianly agree with you about them being different in “types” or “races”, and even “origins”. I also think you misinterpret the word “perfect”, because I used that word in the meaning that nobody is “perfect”. Even my wives agree with that.

    The problem occurs, when we’re pointing fingers at eachothers experiences and telling eachother how and what we should write. I don’t think it’s the right path to walk.

  7. You definitely didn’t say anything is stated as an absolute fact, so my apologies as I chose my words poorly based on this specific post and all of your posts in general.

    If anything, I’m upset with the way I have been presenting information on my blog in the past. I keep writing about how wonderful my relationship is with Heather and Aurora and am afraid that the readers I have who are considering entering these relationships will believe that because mine is going so well that it’s a far gone conclusion that all of these sorts of relationships must inherently follow suit.

    I’m deeply sorry if I allowed my own personal issue to spill over here, it was inappropriate and disrespectful.

  8. That’s why I reacted to your reply, and I gave it a long consideration, before I had to answer what you wrote. It made me a little bit uncomfortable, too.

    Why being upset about your view of presenting information about your experiences with your wives? It’s YOUR experience, and YOUR choice of how to present it, while writing in YOUR blog. That’s the only “responsibility” you should give yourself. Not how other “might” experience their encounter with a succubus/incubus, or the prefered lady/gentleman spirits. If you never encountered your wives “dark persona” – if they have that kind of energy, that is – you wouldn’t know how that experience could be. Lack of experience, is a “statement of falsely”, if you can’t relate to that. I just trying to give an example of my view of “statement” and “facts”.

    We have these experiences in common, with few similarities and more differences. Do you agree with me about that? We’re also in different stages with our relationships, and I’m not only referring to the lenght, but also in what we’ve experienced.

    Since our experience is in the most personal way it could possible be, we shouldn’t lock ourselves in the “statement/fact”-corner. And I even think we can’t, since those experiences is very personal.

  9. Hey man, listen. Honestly, please don’t ever feel uncomfortable with anything you might say to me. I may not have the thickest skin in the world but I am very comfortable with accepting criticism from people I respect such as you.

    Please don’t ever think that a harsh comment or comments in response to anything I write will be regarded in any way but as a wake-up call to, in the very least, look over what I’ve been saying more closely and if needed, fix those statements to the best of my ability.

    In other words: it’s all good on my end man. Please don’t ever hesitate to tell me if you think I’ve erred in any way, I will take it in stride as I deeply respect you.

  10. I deeply respect you too, which I sincerely hope you know.

    My reaction might have been fast and direct, but I just felt I have to mention that I didn’t fully agree with you on that subject we discussed.

    No harsch feelings, my friend. I see we came to a conclusion of the matter. Now, let’s focus on creating new posts to share and discuss.

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