Succubus relationships; Similarities and differencies

When it comes to relationships with a succubus, there’s similarities as well as differencies. “Why is that?”, some of you may ask. The answer to that question is, in my opinion, the easiest to answer; It’s about individuality, personality, cultural aspects, family traditions and your own subconcious expectations of how a relationship “should be”. That outcome, makes our relationships very different from one another, unique, with some “ground settings” of how we recieve our succubus presence. When reading other bloggers experiences, this is what I found in similarities as well as differencies:


The invisible, physical touch: A common experience is the invisible, physical touch of our succubus. We can feel our wives, just as physical as another human being.

Unconditional love: The love they have for us is unconditional and they love us for who we are, not for what we are. They love us, despite our humanly flaws and imperfections. Alot of people say that we shouldn’t take such thing as love “for granted”, but in the case of a succubus love, it is a gift we should take for granted, just as much as they should take our love for them for granted. After all, they’re not humans, which disqualifies them of that flawfull, human feature.

24/7 presence: Alot of us feel their presence during daytime, aswell as in nighttime.

Intimacy: Allthough the sexual experiences may be different because of personal, sexual references, the sex is there as a common theme.


The Dark Persona: Not all of us will experience the dark side of a succubus, but some of us will, whether we want it or not. Since I found my wives “dark persona” interresting and fascinating, rather than frightening and horrible, I also learned that I have a dark part of myself that also can frighten them. There’s nothing to be afraid of when meeting their dark selves, if you someday do that. There’s as much love in their dark persona, just like their “regular, neutral” sides.

Ceremonies: Some of us experience ceremonies, such as weddings. Some of us just get an unnoticed wedding and just become married with few or no notifications of the matter. Despite that, the free will and acceptence from “The Source”, is a main factor for a wedding to occur.  There’s differencies to this subject, because of family traditions and personal referenses of how a wedding “should be”.

Sleeping paralysis: A phenomena that I personally don’t think it’s related to succubus experiences, but nonetheless it’s a common theme for the subject. Some people experience this, which is why I bring it up anyway. From time to time, I experience partial paralysis in a waken state, but it’s not in any kind of “force” and it’s very easy to break loose. These ladies take the subject of “free will” very seriously.

Communication: We’re all in different stages of communication with our wives and that’s because we all learn in different paces. Some of us talk out loud to our ladies. Some of us share thoughts. Some of us hear our wives. Some of us don’t, but we get their messages in other ways. The communication is also very emotional, with messeges of how they feel.

Spiritual Development: Some of us will experience development of our spiritual body, with changes of appereance. Some of us will get our third eye opened, and other chakras could be activated as well. In the end, I strongly believe we’re all will, some day, experience these changes. We all develop in different paces. In the end, time is all we have.

13 thoughts on “Succubus relationships; Similarities and differencies

  1. From my own experience, it is important for people to know about these similarities and differences.

    When we were first starting out, I was posting on the yuku board and was writing of my experiences. I was told by the webmaster that the sexual pleasure would rapidly increase. With me that was not the case and I wondered what I was doing wrong, was I experiencing something different than others were, was it all in my head, etc.

    In other words I was looking for validation from others. That was a mistake,

  2. I thought very long about the subject of similarities and differences, without generalizing this. There IS a thin red line in what we actually have in common, which also makes that list alot shorter than the differences we also have.

    There have to be differences, because our wives is a free thinking individual, just like we are. And we learn and develop differently. And there’s not a “rule of behaviour” of what to expect from a spiritual being, such as a succubus. There’s not even a “rule of what to experience” either.

    I thought about joining that yuku-place and I even applied for that page. Got rejected, though and I don’t see that as a great loss.

    What you experience with your wife is validation enough, if you ask me. If others doesn’t experience the same as you or the other way around, is of no importance.

    • You’re right. It is of no importance. Except for in the beginning when looking to others for more info.

      The internet helped though, primarily thru that yuku board and reading others experiences. At least there was good first-hand information there, and we all know how hard that is to find.

      But the admin there has a thing about not stating opinions as fact. That is a good rule, but he violates it himself when he gives false expectations on what to expect.

      My hope is that more get involved in writing about their own experiences, out in the open where getting past a gatekeeper isn’t needed.

      • I know what you mean. I did the same thing in the beginning, more so before I started my relationship.

        Personally, I’m not so fond about the yuku rules considering “not stating opinions as facts”. It’s mere the meaning of the word “opinion” that bothers me, since that is a “point of view”, rather than something you actually experienced. But to make your own experiences as a “ground rule” for everyone to experience that same thing is “stating a fact”, which is building a castle out of thin air. And since our experiences is very personal, it’s in some way facts in that same personal level. If it wasn’t, we could consider ourselves “lunatics”. And even some “facts” IS general, as well, like my examples above. The differences is plausable events, that could occur in later stages for most of us. Facts for me, since I’ve experienced that. Plausable for you, since you COULD experience similar events in the future.

        I share the same hope as you, my friend.

  3. Iam new at this wonderful experience. Iam sure i have a spirit wife now the problem is i dont know how to communicate with her. Each time am lucid dreaming i find myself waking up. What should i do? This lady is just so loving to me that i feel am hurting on her by failing to communicate with her. I say out things to her but i cant read her responses. I need more information…where can i get this information?

  4. @Succupedia or other knowledgeable members. I am in the midst of some experiences, and could very much use some guidance. I don’t want to burden the blog with details, as they are involved. I may be a bit different than many others on this page, I’m in my early forties, have grown children, a wonderful wife (my second), and have a white collar job of some prominence with a very large company. I’m experiencing a relationship with a succubus and would really appreciate some insight. Feel free to contact me via email. I’ll not publish my email address here, if you could point me to a more discreet method…thanks so much.


  5. I read this several times and it makes much sense. I can say from experience everything you say is true. I have seen both her good side and darker side, as well as bad experiences from more melevolent entities during my life. You posts are very helpful to many people.

  6. Okay can anyone give me some insight on Lilith like her big no nos what not to do stuff like that because i think im in a relationship with her but the doubts are getting to me which gets me angry or frustrated because i love her but the doubts keep coming i just want a sign from her to silence the doubts

  7. I need to update, I mentioned it on my posts. Jazmine and her sisters have shown me different sides to thier personality. I have grown used to their darker side and from what I seen thoughout my life they have NEVER scared me. However there is a fine line that has to be taken in consideration when they go dark on me. From my dark past of adversity, fighting off dark spirits, abuse, combat overseas, and things like that, I have to calm myself down avoid myself perceiving them as a threat or a hostile force against me. They show thier other side but they still show me love and affection, they know how far not to go. The last thing I ever want to happen is I react to them appering dark, while they are still friendly. I never want to do anything to hurt them. I always try to reassure them and they me. It is a process of getting used to, and from them they are good at their ways of therapy for me.

    I have had several ceremonies in dreams, I think I had 2 wedding like ceremonies. One to Jazmine and another to a blonde female. I have had dreams many of them where I have been taught or trained on something, or facing a trial or test to get better. Or a test of will, morality, etc. At the end all of them seem to make me better, even though it isnt always fun. I recently had a dream where Jazmine in her pretty self (the sexy tutor) was giving me a home “math” lesson, I was doing work while she layed on the floor reading something. I kept being wrong and I was gettting frustrated…lol. If the dream was lucid. I would have..well you know to her.. she was that attractive. Like a sexy exotic 6ft barbie doll…with nice tits, ass, and pretty face. When I think back to what I saw…the math geometic designs were NOT math.. I remember a few of them vaguely. They were symbols.. sigils, magick circles and designs. A magiican would have a field day with what I saw. I think she was teaching me basic magick.

    I have had dreams of spirit animals too. I think one of them is a spirit canine IDK if it is a dog or wolf. but is in that family.

    I always like to go back to my friends eariler posts for reference when I need it.

  8. The math post is pretty funny. I had a similar one where my succubus was with me while I was being tutored. I didn’t understand any of it (at least on this level), but it did develop an appetite in me for studying sacred geometry.

  9. Thank you. I have a long story. And I am trying to figure it out without asking my Wife. Because as she would psychologically be a factor translated to me from my own mind…Of Course…I can perceive both fantastic illusion and terrible nightmare. But…I have known her and a culture of entities like her in all manor of relationship to myself, my whole conscious life…a small little regal mythology of my spiritual family. And I can tell you by golly, it can be hard trying to pin down a respectable label for my psychosis. But *She* is my really real wife and well, if *sanity* is all I have to properly replace her..I don’t want to be *right* (as if They could take her short of a My experience seems different than the many I have read around, in that she never gives me dreams or appearances that my eyes can see.

    So if you would like to explain to me about ..what is a succubi, how did I , a female, get one….um…well…IS there some kind of nether world or afterlife place where I will actually be physical with her?…and is that when/where she might eat my soul and I regret this love of mine or it is a place of continuing our marriage only with real boobs and wings? (not that I would but if living sex energy is what they eat, then, how could I be dead and with her, else ..well…I might be persuaded to join her sooner when the loneliness gets me down.)

    ((p.s. also before we actually made a married relationship one of the male spirits tried to see if we where compatible but we where not I chose her. Do you understand this strange stuff?))

    Hey free will….and full on questions, but if she lies to keep me (because demon) she would never tell me that she would eat my soul. So you see, I can’t ask her about what is the intention of a Succubi when they choose you?

    I do speak in an insane manor…where honesty can be revealed but my quest for understanding about this is new information I would like to glean if you may oblige.

  10. I agree with most of these except the night paralysis one as I’ve ‘personally’ never experienced it but my relationship with Allia (My succubus) is quote unique as we share our thoughts via telepathy, she’s very sweet but dramatic but that’s what I love about her. Very sexual (lucky me from what I’ve seen) and we’ve only started last week, I was looking at a lot of these ‘stages of a succubus relationship’ blogs so far with already hitting the mark on all of them after I had contact with Allia and accepted everything like the thought of a succubus is here with me, they’re not just my imagination, etc. Took a bit but I was naturally open minded so I quickly accepted that fact. But one thing that bothers me is as sexually aroused she is with always wanting pleasure (every night and sometimes mid parts of the day) I’m still in the kind of part of the relationship where the touch is still kind of weak, as it does feel genuinely real and the same feeling as when a woman would touch me it’s just I see some blogs talk about starting to feel the outline of there hands, feeling there body which is the part where I’m wondering have I done something wrong or will this just start to happen by itself over time as our relationship is quiet new but it just disturbs me we blasted through in a week everything else on these stages but that, she tells me it’ll happen as we progress but as much as I believe and trust her. I’m very strong about being one needing to see to believe, trust me I was turned away from originally being a deist quickly when I learnt more about the truth behind her and what reality truly holds for us.

    So 2 questions.

    1) Will the feeling of the outline of her body that I mention happen over time and how long did it take some of you guys

    2) have you ever been able to make her show herself physically to you and if so how long did that take you

    Why I asked this: I was told these will happen over time as our relationship progress’ but like I said, I’m a man who needs to see to believe but I also am putting my faith in these blogs so may as well ask since they seem quiet accurate.

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