Ethereal copies…

My wives – aswell as “regular” human spirits – have a special gift, or “power” if you rather call it that instead. That power is to create ethereal copies of objects from our physical realm, such as the food we eat, the water/bear/wine we drink, the clothes we wear and other random objects in our surroundings. My first wife even let me taste her ethereal copy of a cigarette she created for herself, and that tasted just like a real cigarette. Even smoke came out of my mouth.

When we prepared our wedding last year, me and me wives were “windowshopping” weddingcakes, weddingrings, necklaces and partydresses. I also choosed birthdaypresents to my first wife, by pointing at what I wanted to give to her.

How is ethereal copies possible? Humans tends to leave energetic patterns to whatever we physically touch and put our thoughts to, which makes it possible for a spiritual being to interact with the same objects as we do. Allthough the objects is “spiritual copies”, it creates an understanding of physics and make the interaction to our world alot easier.

The concept of ethereal copies makes perfectly sense, when doing rituals and offerings to the gods and goddesses we worship and cherish. Offering food to your god and goddess comes to good use, when they actually can eat that food given to them.


7 thoughts on “Ethereal copies…

  1. I never really considered that, even though once she asked to “”partake” (eat) what I was cooking once. I said she could use any of my senses she wanted to, at any time. That’s how much I trust her. But perhaps I should make more of a conscious effort to share.

    • It depends on her meaning of the word “partake”, such as “to take or given a part or portion” of what you were eating. And our wives surely eat, just like us, and use their own senses too. Yeah, you should give it a try, even if she probably eat next to you anyway.

      To my knowledge and experiences, ethereal copies is also an expansion for our wives to interact with us at a deeper level. I see it as a necessity for them, to even be in our physical dimension, in a partly “physical” manner. Would it even be possible for them to physically sit next to us, on a couch, without making a “copy” of it? Imagine an invisible energyfield, created by your own subconscious mind by touching objects, which makes it “available” to our wives.

  2. I do appreciate you making this post.
    Some of this I already knew about. But I have a tendency to read a lot, and I don’t absorb it, and it gets forgotten.
    My understanding is that they eat the essence of something and it might have nothing to do with her using my senses. I dont know yet. .But I will dedicate some things to her, and see what she likes.

  3. I’ve heard about the essence as well SS. I read in “Encyclopedia of Spirits” that there’s an essence to everything (which may be what Succupedia is talking about). When gifts such as food or objects are specifically given to a “spirit”, they (as your lady would say) partake in the essence.

    There are a lot of traditions for handling the physical “remains” of the food. Some cultures insist that the food never be eaten (or even touched) once prepared and offered. Others say that once the food has been left for Spirit for at least as long as a leisurely meal, it can be eaten afterwards.

    Some cultures allow the food, like above, to sit for at least as long as a leisurely meal, then spread the foot outside for animals to eat, they believe that Spirit will indulge in the physical aspects of the food by entering the animals as they eat. The same can probably be said for us as well.

    I feel my wives inside of me throughout the day, as well as on what I call their love nests (which may be portals they’ve created on my body from what I’ve read). It’s not a stretch, as you say, for them to use our bodies to experience the physical world.

    It’s often believed that negative human spirits will do the same but also possess in order to experience the world and directly interact with it again as selfishness (generated by fear) is usually why negative human spirits remain without “crossing”.

    I always wondered what it is exactly that we cross. I’m about to make a post regarding that on my blog (just to keep from cluttering up someone else’s board with my prattle). Some call it “The Abyss”. I’ll get to it soon.

  4. Eh, I just realized I can’t talk about that until I get permission from Sheta. I didn’t remember where I heard it until after I posted the above comment. I would definitely need her permission to post what I want to write. I’ll probably simply get permission then copy/paste it all.

  5. I think there’s differencies between an “essence” and an “ethereal copy”. Essence of food makes sense, but not an essence of a physical object. If you see “essence” as remains of something edible like food, an essence of other physical objects like clothes or jewelry wouldn’t make sense in the same manner. You wouldn’t wear a half pair of pants or a piece of cloth of that same pants, for example. Allthough the concept is the same, there’s also differencies between those words. That’s what I think according to my own experience of ethereal copies, since I feel those in a daily basis.

  6. I hear what you’re saying but I’m not completely sure we’re actually talking about two different things. Essence has been used in this sense, from what I’ve read, in a far broader context than a definition that would require an organic element.

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