Patriarchs of destruction…

Before religions, like Judaism and Christianity, took over from the old beliefs of gods and goddesses, women had a different impact and importance in family and in society. The older the woman got, the more important she became with wisdom and knowledge about everything consider children and family.

Time goes by and the old gods and goddesses got “demonised” by some Abrahamic fellow who wrote a book about a single “God”. That religion became Judaism and quickly made patriarchs of men, while the importance of women slowly faded away to almost nonexistence. And it will get worse, when the “Testament” became “old” and got replaced by “The New Testament”.

Christianity and “The New Testament” was written and created by a bunch of fellows in the path of  Jesus. The views of women changed drastically downwards when the Vatican got established with a Pope to “rule them all” and the new religion to conquer and overcome all the other religions in the world. Inquisition was established to some success in most countries, with exception for the Arabic countries.

Then there was accusations of women being “witches” and in pact with “Satan” with all kind of perverted sexual acts with the entity. Knowledge of the old, passed to the young, when it comes to herbs and plants as medication to the sick in villages was classified as an evil act. The witch hunt in Europe and in some parts of USA (Salem, Massachusetts), was a shamefull act of evil, created by fantasies of brainwashed men in the name of the new and very young religion called Christianity.

When the meaning of religions is getting weaker in todays western countries, the women is slowly getting stronger again. But there is still a long road to walk. Will we, someday, get back to equality like the “good old days”?

6 thoughts on “Patriarchs of destruction…

  1. No, it’s cool man. Honestly, the United States was created from and built upon the original thirteen British colonies, so it’s not really not a huge stretch to say that pre-colonial and post-colonial America were essentially one and the same (albeit with a new central government of course).

  2. You’re right. It bothers me to hear christians say how much better women have it thanks to that religion. It’s a lie.Their own scriptures in the OT and the NT prove otherwise.

    now they are on the way out. Very very few christians take their own bible seriously anymore. Now they concentrate on 1) cherry-picking which scriptures to acknowledge (i they even bother readiing it in the first place) and 2) their churches doctrines which are not always based on scriptures.

    Most of them are like my mom. She goes there to visit friends. SHe knows that christianity is all based on controlling the population. She told me this herself.

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